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  1. Thanks guys. I'am getting the feeling the M2 is the answer. I checked out the Vinci on Benelli USA and due to the fact that it is so new there are no mag extensions available yet. For hunting doves you'll need extra shells, I use to shoot with my friends over and under and thats just plain annoying having to break and reload the gun the whole time. Jadeslade, in South Africa if you shoot from a truck or Jeep the farm owner would probably ask you to leave. I just hope I can get the M2 with the longer field barrel.
  2. I think he is looking for one for hunting and clays. I would think a longer barrel is better for that....like 26-28" Yes I would like to use it for dual purposes. Honestly speaking, my heart lies with the SBE2 and financially with the M2.I know that in the States Phil Robertson a.k.a "The Duck Commander" loves his SBE2 but if I want to buy one I have to pay full price. The gun is imported directly from Italy and the agent will only order the gun if I pay full price no re-fund if I don't like the gun, they don't keep stock. Do you guys now understand why I need to know specifics? I will not get the opportunity to shoot the gun before I buy it. I'am skrewed aren't I?
  3. You are fast, I wait two days for a reply in S.A. Well thats not a major difference considering in S.A we don't really get 3.5" magnum shells.
  4. Hi all, I have question whether the M2 is better for hunting and clay shooting or is the SBE 2 better. If you think these guns are expensive in the States you should see the prices in South Africa! You will pass out guaranteed! I do not want to make a hasty decision so I would love to hear from you guys first. I do not want any other type of shotgun other than a Benelli. I have posted this question before in a South African forum and no one could help me due to the fact that the guns are so expensive and scarce. Please help!!!
  5. Will do. Thank you. I am 25 and I'am doing this forum thing for the first time, sad I know.
  6. Hi I am from S.A, obviously. I want to know as much about Benelli Shotguns as possible.
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