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  1. LSI OUTLAW grip is made one off as per the frame dimensions you supply...so that saves the DIY and gunsmith guys fitting time.
  2. the Lone Star Innovations grip is coming made as per your frame dimensions when ordered.....so that mines little to NO fitting.
  3. This is why i like the STI tribore barrel blanks and I mill my comp design ...... so you don't have this problem....
  4. That LOOKS really nice Andrew in the 2-tone...... here's 2 extra pics..
  5. Dude, you took it to a new level.

    I did not know you were building your guns off of an 80% frame.  If possible, I'd like to watch you mill one from 80% to 100%.

    Called yesterday when I was out and about. Just want to know when is a good time to drop off those Pmags.  I'll bring a Gen 3 - 40 rd mag, Gen 2 - 30 rd mag and a Gen 2 - 10 rd mag.  Looks like I left the 20 rd mags in Oklahoma with my daughter.





  6. I don't make the frames I'm getting them from L-10 in the 80%. I'm having good luck with them, seems like most of my builds are custom serial numbers, the L-10 allows me to do my own numbers. I've used the PT for a few years and had good success with them, so in a nut shell ... witch ever one you pick should make a good build... that's my 2 cents worth of info..lol
  7. I use a 9/64 and the CZ dovetail is 3/16 x 15deg. or 30deg (included) you'll have to move side to side a little and recut the sides.
  8. Tormach makes a awesome machine and tech support is the best, I have 2 of the 1100 .
  9. Looks nice Eric I like the front butler cut....
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