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  1. This is why i like the STI tribore barrel blanks and I mill my comp design ...... so you don't have this problem....
  2. That LOOKS really nice Andrew in the 2-tone...... here's 2 extra pics..
  3. Dude, you took it to a new level.

    I did not know you were building your guns off of an 80% frame.  If possible, I'd like to watch you mill one from 80% to 100%.

    Called yesterday when I was out and about. Just want to know when is a good time to drop off those Pmags.  I'll bring a Gen 3 - 40 rd mag, Gen 2 - 30 rd mag and a Gen 2 - 10 rd mag.  Looks like I left the 20 rd mags in Oklahoma with my daughter.





  4. I don't make the frames I'm getting them from L-10 in the 80%. I'm having good luck with them, seems like most of my builds are custom serial numbers, the L-10 allows me to do my own numbers. I've used the PT for a few years and had good success with them, so in a nut shell ... witch ever one you pick should make a good build... that's my 2 cents worth of info..lol
  5. I use a 9/64 and the CZ dovetail is 3/16 x 15deg. or 30deg (included) you'll have to move side to side a little and recut the sides.
  6. Tormach makes a awesome machine and tech support is the best, I have 2 of the 1100 .
  7. Looks nice Eric I like the front butler cut....
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