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  1. I'd certainly rather be pointed in the direction I want to go, as opposed to the opposite direction, so I agree with your friend on that one. Try some wide transitions with moving box to box (transition to left then go right, as opposed to transitioning right then going right), and see how that goes. I bet you'll see a bit of difference on the timer.
  2. I agree! I've been using range pickup brass for over a year in my SV doing that, never case gauged. The only ones that haven't gone into battery are the ones that I forget to crimp. I just use the standard dillion dies for every other station (in a a 550).
  3. Wow, congratulations! That's an amazing accomplishment. I've just started crossfit. Hope it works out as well for me as it did for you.
  4. I just started doing crossfit myself. A little tough with all my various joint injuries, but seems fun so far! I'll see how it's worked out in a few months...
  5. The striker spring pushes forward on the trigger, so a lighter spring will decrease your pull weight (and possibly cause mis-fires, as well as weakening your reset). The trigger spring pulls back on the trigger, so a stronger spring will decrease your pull weight (and make your reset weaker)
  6. Well I could FIT 21 rounds in my Glock 20 mag (with arredondo extensions), back when that was my limited gun, but this is what happens when my buddy tried to use it in a match: (at 29 seconds)Not so good!
  7. You can do pretty well in limited with a Glock 35 without many mods on it. I'd try to spring for at least 1 extended mag if you really wanna be competitive. Check out the gun BJ Norris got 4th (98.38%) at the 2011 limited nationals with No magwell on there!
  8. I shot this one in 3.27 yesterday in production for a 100% classifier, apparently. O_O
  9. I'd try to at least get your gun sighted in before you shoot a match. There's nothing more frustrating than having a gun that doesn't hit where you're aiming, and knowing it's not is a real confidence killer too.
  10. That's on of the reasons why I use all stock springs... On my 34 a weak striker spring alone will cause the trigger safety to not engage if let out slowly.
  11. I say neither of those options are particularly great. Fast As are the best, really.
  12. Honestly, I would not call that a decent grip. That guys weak hand is rather low, and not cammed forward very much. Notice the angle of his weak hand thumb? I've attached a still from the Todd Jarrett video you just linked to. Notice who's grip looks more like his? I don't know where this re-gripping stuff you're talking about comes from. I know I don't do it, and I'm pretty sure Sperman doesn't either.
  13. I'm betting that Sperman's grip is pretty close to mine, and I can tell you my strong hand is in the exact same place when I am holding it with one hand or two. The only difference is that the thumb sits a bit lower without my left hand to bump it up, but the thumb isn't really a very important part of the grip anyway (IMO). Why would you think the gun would fall on the floor?
  14. Are you guys suggesting attaching 1911 grips to my 2011? Is that something you can do? Also, I used to shoot a G20 in Limited. This is the gun I switched to. Advantages and disadvantages both ways I guess...
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