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  1. I absolutely loved it and am glad they are releasing a second season. I heard the 1st season's rating was so high that they sped up the release of season 2.
  2. Check out tacswap for those old 1-4's. I have seen a few on there from time to time. Leupold scopes are tested to withstand .458 win mag recoil so their optics are solid it is just the lower magnification like others said will give you a wider FOV for up close stuff unless you put on offset irons.
  3. Chucky

    Knife Snobs

    Here are a couple of my Tom Mayo knives. These are a couple of skinners that he did for my wife and I.
  4. Blanton's is my go to. I picked up a bottle of Blanton's straight from the barrel the last time I went out of the country. The problem with Blanton's is all of it except the 1 version is sold internationally.
  5. The Lancer stock is actually 2 different lengths. The A2 is actually a longer stock ad the spacer just goes inside the tube to take up play between the receiver extension and the buttstock. You would have to sell the A1 length of carbon fiber and buy the A2 to get it to be longer.
  6. I don't believe in barrel break in. If you search you can see the old article where Gale McMillan said that barrel makers and gunsmiths came up with that idea so you have to get a new barrel sooner. A quality barrel is a quality barrel and I have a pile of sub-moa guns in my safe and a lot of them 1/2 moa guns or better that never had the barrels broken in.
  7. I have had good luck with Lothar Walther barrels with both 1/8 and 1/9 twist shooting the cheaper American Eagle and other 55 grain stuff.
  8. I have a 10.3 inch Daniel Defense and it is really accurate and quiet suppressed. I am shooting the Fiocchi 150 ammo and I think I am going to start cutting down 5.56 to make a bunch more ammo for this. There area lot of videos if you do a google search of guys using a cheap Northern Tool chop saw to cut them to length. They are fun guns and for 100 yards and in they hit hard. I would definitely say buy one if you are on the fence.
  9. Water is the way to get it off. I use rocksett on almost all of my guns. I run the water till it gets as hot as it is going to get out of the faucet and then I fill up a bucket. I put just the barrel in the bucket and let it soak for a few hours. Usually it only takes a few hours to get it to break down enough to unscrew it. I have put on and taken off countless adapters using rocksett.
  10. I shoot a Surefire SOCOM762RC on my 18 inch OBR with the adjustable gas block that Mark ships on his rifles. I have a 1/4 MOA shift with the suppressor on using the same POA. An adjustable gas block is necessary a lot of times with a .308. I use fireclean on the adapter and the inside where the suppressor goes over the quick detach mount and it allows the carbon not to build up on the mating surfaces as easily.
  11. I really like the 18 inch for a .308 gas rifle. I have around 7k rounds through my OBR 18 inch and I can do just about anything with it. Out of my 18inch with M118LR I have a MV of 2527 and even after 7K rounds this rifle still shoots 1/2 MOA. I shoot a lot of suppressed and the 18inch still has minimal shift with my suppressor on it but I can shoot all the way to 1K with it as well.
  12. Thanks for all of the info guys. I am going to install the Taran lifter in my Benelli then and not worry.
  13. It was good not great. I don't want to ruin it for anybody but I was kind of disappointed.
  14. For precision work I shoot 1 inch black pasters on a piece of printer paper.
  15. It hasn't been sent out for the work yet and I already have a Taran Tactical lifter I just haven't installed it yet. So I was asking from guys that use the Taran Lifter if they had to modify it at all to work or if it was good from the start and I will just install it and not worry about spending more money on having my old lifter welded and tuned.
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