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  1. Hey, just kicking tires here, but on the 9L, who fit the barrel and what would be a price on it?  I have magazines galore, but might could use the southpaw holster.  

    Thank you ,

    Brent Barbee

    Amarillo, TX

    1. open67


      Wish I could remember but it was probably 3 years ago and just don't recall. It was someone I did some research on and was recommended at the time. I usually keep records on that stuff with the gun but we moved 2 years ago and things got shuffled and can't find anything. Maybe it will come to me but it's pretty foggy at this time. I liked both but the 9L was my favorite. Just liked the way the slide was designed better. Just a little racier looking IMO.  Would like to get 500. The barrel was close to a couple hundred and the Apex trigger adds another 100. Figure that is pretty fair considering it's coming with extra mags and holster and mag pouches and I'm paying for shipping. I guess if you didn't want any mags I could lower it to 450 figuring I'll be able to get the extra from the magazines.

    2. sheepdog


      I understand, no problem on the info.  I'm really tempted at that price,  but I've got one gun coming that will spend up gun money for awhile and I have a 4 inch M&P gathering dust.  I'm going to keep rolling around in my head, 450 is a good price if I can just see a way to get to it here at tax time.  I really appreciate you taking the time to respond, thank you.

      Brent Barbee

      Amarillo, TX

    3. open67


      No problem, my pleasure.

  2. What's the best or best value camera to wear when shooting?
  3. Can a slide racker be mounted on a STI Trubor ( 10.5" overall length with the slide lightened in the rear with the top cut down as shown on there website?
  4. Hope everyone has a peaceful Christmas. Hopeing it finds you in good health and with loved ones. Let's hope for a little more peace in the world next year. Thanks to all the service men and women, police, firemen, all those that serve when things get tough. Hope this is OK with the mods.
  5. Flash hider on a DPMS rifle set with rockset. DPMS said to use heat. Vortex ( their flash hider ) said deffinately not. Requires to much heat, immerse in water overnight. Thought I would try the collective knowledge. Thanks.
  6. Is there a prefered distance down the rail to mount a red dot ( vortex strike fire ) for best target aquisition and transitioning? Have been mounting mine as far rearward as possible with the mbus sights still on but wondering if farther down might be better. Going to use these on a carbine at a couple of rifle stages at local match that usually doesn't have much distance over 100 yds. Just looking for a little insight. Thanks.
  7. Btt. Just thought I'ld run this up again to see if I can get any more feedback on this.
  8. Anyone with experience with this and a production load. I am using MG 124 jhp's. Have plenty of n350 for my super loads and a little n320 which seems to get good reviews. Have been using tightgroup but had a catastrophic failure using this powder and am shying away from the faster powders because of this. Am finding a fair amount of feedback on the problems both encountered and potential using the faster powders. Thanks.
  9. Reason for the post (and I will try to make a full post with pics later is I had a catastrophic failure 4/6 that blew the gun and barrel to pieces. luckily I or no one was hurt other than my hands felt like they got hit with a ball bat for about 15 min. Loading 4 gr. TG on a 650 with powder check and am pretty diligent about it.
  10. Have been using 4 grains of tightgroup but have gotten leary of this powder as it is fast and if extra gets by in a case am worried about something bad happening. Loading on a 650 with powder check but have gotten so info that pressures can go way up with even extra small amounts. Looking for options. This is for production.
  11. Would like to have the extended ones listed above ( the left side isafetylhs.aspx ) but was told by a CZ tech. that these are not legal for production. Looked it up and it appears this is correct. Looks like the safeties on the EAA type are somewhat different. I find the ones on this one very difficult to notch off on the draw without consciously doing so and therefore slowing down my draw. He suggested the ones that are higher ( part no. 0420038418 ) . The ones on this pistol ar like the first one listed above by cz85combat.
  12. Can you tell me were I can find some ambi extended thumb safeties for a SP-01 Shadow. I just purchased a used one and the safeties have been shortened for the previous owner and are hard to deactivate for me. Thank you.
  13. Yeah, they should have kept the 9L slide over the Pro. Wonder why they went with the Pro.
  14. How does a SP-01 Shadow rate that's been done by Angus? Is there much of a difference between one a couple years old and a newer one?
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