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  1. Don't even try One Shot? That's all I use for rifle loading. It works if you follow the directions.
  2. Is the redding die a bushing die? If so, what bushing are you using? Sounds like a lube issue, but I have had issues with dies before as well. I had a Lyman sizing die that I could never get to work with 308.
  3. Has anyone had a sight tracker top end build for a 2011-style pistol? I have an Edge and I am kicking around the idea of getting a sight tracker top end built and fitted to my current frame. I understand the slide would have to be fitted and machined and that the barrel has to be fitted and a front sight added to it. I am wondering more about reliability/compatibility and downfalls/risks associated with trying this. Also, if anyone has any info on what I should expect to pay for machining and fitting, that would help my decision making process. Thanks
  4. I imagine you're referring to the stage with the bag on the shooters head? I'd so, I would say that is unsafe, even if there is an opening for the shooter to see though, especially since the RO has to hold it on his head.
  5. Yep, I know. I was responding to Mads post #97. I really thought having Vogel blow everyone else out would be good enough for limited to count ad a classifier match. Guess he's falling off......lol.
  6. I shot limited and only have one classifier show up for the match, not two.
  7. Not worried about rain, just lightning. Bring extra clothes, shoes and a garbage bag to throw it all in after the match.
  8. At the time of this post, the weather shows scattered thunderstorms for Saturday. What is the contingency plan for Saturday shooters if the weather does not cooperate?
  9. There are a lot of great lines from that movie that could be used. 'Littering aaannnddd....?' 'The monkey has a butler?' 'The Louisville Smuggler' 'And that was the second time I got crabs.'
  10. Honestly. its all preference to what the gun/shooter combo likes. I suggest buying a few different springs from your preferred vendor and trying them out. I have a 12# spring in my Edge with a PT grip. Can't remember what the main spring is, maybe the 17#.
  11. Um...they're not shooting against each other. Or was this a troll post?
  12. A short look at Glock's website shows no threaded barrels standard from the factory. No barrels offered in the Glock website store are threaded. The USPSA rules state aftermarket barrels are allowed provided they are the same length, contour and caliber as original factory standard. I don't think threaded is the same contour as the standard barrel. Not legal for Production, but play in Limited, L10 and Open all you like.
  13. The way they fell, I would say some heavy duty hinges.
  14. A few years ago there was a major match that hada stage begin by shooting a mounted SAW automatic. Can't remember where it was but the photo in Front Sight showed Jojo Vidanes shooting it.
  15. When I got my HP Edge, Bob told me to just go out and shoot it for a while. The particulate build up will act as a lapping compound and help smooth everything out while you shoot. I didn't clean anything until I had about 500-600 rounds through it. Of course, make sure it has good lube, I use Mobil 1 motor oil.
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