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  1. Matt Cheely always in the tech sections helping people diagnose problems and help people get the most out of their gun, loads, runs, techniques.
  2. God knows if I tried to keep any shooting trophies at work I would be called "creepy" and asked to remove them.... stupid government jobs...
  3. Can't wait to see how my new one turns out!!! Sweet pistole Adarn!!!
  4. and STI is the grip only, no MSH or anything, just the grip a roonie...
  5. shoulda hooked her up for reckless driving!
  6. word on the street is there are few in the whole wide world that do a finer trigger than Rich.... The only downside I can see is the slightly shorter sight radius
  7. If the grip is too small you could build it up with some clay or something??? Saul Kirsch does that to get the right grip shape for his hand. SVI offers one plastic grip size, they do offer different size grips in the metal type but they are nearly half the cost of your shiney new edge
  8. I have that whole video on my puter at home. It is either Czech or something, I forget who. The dogs that they train are on the hairy edge the whole time. At one point during a training excercise the handler exectues a successful OUT command and then the K9 turns and starts biting him, it is pretty nuts.
  9. absolutely! A custom gun does a couple things for you. First of all if you have one built by a reputable smith then it gives you the piece of mind to know that your shiz is going to run like a hose. I have found in the very short time I have been involved in this sport that it is similar to other physical/mental sports like tennis, golf and things of that nature, 99% mental and 1% other shtuff. So, if you have a high-quality custom that runs then you don't have that extra facet of your game to worry about, you can focus on the sights lifting and calling your shots. Pride in ownership is a little one for some people but I like showing stuff off. I work hard and like to spend my money on stuff that makes me feel good about all the work. Custom guns do that more for me than a stock gun. You can make GM with a bone stock Edge I would bet but it is more fun to do it with some bling in your hand. These guns aren't tools for me, they are art and they represent the fine people that build them and I like to rock the cool shiz!!!! You can't shoot a cowboy with a bent arrow so it about the arrow, sometimes as much as it is the injun. isaac
  10. the trojan will feed long ammo just fine.
  11. edgerat

    Maku mozo!

    today's was/is dynamite!!! When you're betting for stones in an archery contest, you shoot with skill. When you're betting for fancy belt buckles, you worry about your aim. And when you're betting for real gold, you're a nervous wreck. Your skill is the same in all three cases - but because one prize means more to you than another, you let outside concerns weigh on your mind. He who looks too hard at the outside gets clumsy on the inside. -Chuang Tzu
  12. a used one with two mags just went for 700 on arfcom, now that the supply is about 200k guns behind the demand the prices on glocks are going up up up.... I wish I had my 34 back....
  13. or just buy the 5" caspian that Jim Anglin is selling on USPSA classifieds. 1650 with 5 mags, chrome, full custom
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