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  1. It has been a few years since I shot uspsa, and the rules and divisions seem to have changed alot. Is a zev omen slide legal on a glock in carry optics? Also is the zev mag release legal? I have searched these topics but found conflicting answeres.
  2. The rts2 is a newer cmore sight. It seems to have some nice features, and the window is a little bigger than the rmr, but I don't see any reviews. At this point I am leaning toward the rmr02.
  3. I want to setup a glock for unlimited in gssf matches. I don't know which optic to go with. Whatever I choose I would like to have the slide milled for it. I currently have a 17 with a rmr dual illuminated milled into the slide, I don't care for the dual illuminated model, but I don't know how much better the led models are. I could mount a led version in its place, or could leave it as is and build another. I don't care which way I go with it, I just want to be happy with the gun when finished. The drawbacks to the current dual rmr I have are: - The dot is blindingly bright in direct sunlight, but washed out in certain conditions - the window is very blue, and distorts the image a little more than I like - I don't care for the yellow dot color again, I don't know if the led models are better, or how they compare to the deltapoint or rts2. any input would be appreciated.
  4. I would like a very good glock 34 airsoft, something that is well made, reliable, and has a trigger similar to a vannek. I know that I cannot simply buy an off the shelf model. But after seeing some of the custom steel challenge airsoft guns, I assume someone could build me a similar quality glock. I would of course expect to pay a premium, does anyone know of a smith or company that can take care of this?
  5. I just used a GSSF certificate that I won to purchase a gen 4 19 for ccw, and am wondering if it is as reliable as the gen 3. Mine was tested in the end of jan, and has the came with the 04 spring assymbly. Is it good to go, or should I sell it and buy a gen 3 and not worry? Also, the finish seems different than the gen 3 finish, anyone know how it holds up by comparison? I do like that it isn't as slippery anyway.
  6. Should I go with a C-more STS or a leupold delta point 7.5 min? The leupold has a triangle shaped dot which is a bit different, but seems to be a good product. Also, I can get a delta point for the same price as a STS, so it's really a toss up.
  7. How do you lighten an ar gold trigger? I would like to be in the 1.5-2lb range. It's going on a LR paper puncher.
  8. How much tite group do I need to make 168ish pf with a 180gn zero? Also, is 1.12 too short (generaly speaking) to run in an STI?
  9. I posted a topic earlier about a tuned, lightly used Brazos SC (10-12k rounds). I can now get that gun for $2400 with 10 mags, 4 of which have been tuned. Or, I can get a used Edge that has just had a lot of work done on it: accurails, accutrack barrel (looks like the infinity sight tracker barrel), and has been Ion bonded. It has about 3K rounds through it since comming back from the smiths. I can get that for $1750 with 4 mags. Or, I could buy new which is the best value?
  10. I am looking to buy a used limited gun, it is a Brazos SC 5" .40 that has been tuned by a knowledgable smith, and includeds 4 tuned mags. About 12,000 rounds through the gun, good chrome finish, and I know the owner has properly cared for the gun. About how much is it worth?
  11. Kind of an odd request I know, but I am red green color blind. The only one that pops for me is amber, and it dosn't do much in overcast weather, so I thought I would try blue. Who sells it, I thought I saw them at DP before, but I can't seem to find any now?
  12. Looking for either a percentage calculator, or just a list of the 100% HF's for the new series classifiers.
  13. I tried someones glock that had a .70 wide front sight, and I really liked it, but I can't remember where they said they got it from. Anyone know were these can be found.
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