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  1. Bought mine July 20. It shipped monday. The problem for me it's shipped FedEx needing a signature. I cant be there to sign for it. Fedex can't redirect, and no help from SW. They will try to deliver 3 times then send it back. I can't get SW to call me back.(multiple calls). I past the information on to the store where I bought it from. He's going to contact his rep. Because of the run around, this will be the SW I buy.
  2. I need mag holders for my 34. What are you using?
  3. I bought a SP01 nonshadow. I need some option for production legal left handed holster. Thanks
  4. FYI I bought it today.$579. Im happy
  5. Never mind.I found used CZ SP01 for better price. I really wanted one for along time. Thanks
  6. I found lnib 34 with 4 glock mags. It looks like $600+taxes. I'll be leaving town in 2hrs thanks
  7. I like it, and have done they cycle 2x. The hardest part for me is dieting. 3 weeks ago I started "The Shred" plan, it's really working for me. I've lost 13 lbs and finally made it below 200. Now I'm mixing in running, when my legs need a rest I grab a P90X DVD. The other thing I add is a heavy bag. I use the striking reps from Kempo x on it. Nothing else it's big stress reliever. When it warms up I'll be on the bike most of the time. I would try crossfit there no gyms close to me.
  8. My fault, your fault, nobody's fault, I'm going to blow your head off. Big Jake (I think) John Wayne
  9. I need thread size and length. I know I can order one from SVI, I should be able to find it local. Thanks
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