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  1. Just FYI, the holster we produce is not the same holster that is made in Finland. Our holster is made in house at our facility in Florida. The MRH is based on the Manny Brag design, but we have fixed a number of the issues it had and improved the fit and finish significantly.
  2. All of our sales and specials are sent out with our newsletter which you can sign up for from the main page of our website. Make sure you are signed up and you will be notified of any Black Friday or Cyber Monday specials. Thanks.
  3. Awesome. I think you will be happy with it. Thanks.
  4. Spacing on the hanger is for a 1.5" belt. I haven't tired it on the Safariland belt, but I don't think it would work without modification.
  5. Thanks. I'll look into getting my hands on those guns to see if I can make it work.
  6. Can you guys educate me on the CZ platforms that are most popular? I don't have any experience with them. Do all of the different models use the same trigger guard/frame dimensions in the area where the holster holds the gun? If not, can someone make a list of the different models that competition guys are running so I can go about trying to get my hands on them? Thanks.
  7. Not at this time. What particular gun were you interested in using with the holster? Thanks.
  8. The gun does not really rock when it is locked and you cannot access the trigger when the gun is in the holster. It works with every 2011 grip we have tried. The lock is slightly tighter with the metal grip (PT, Lonestar, Cheely, SV, STI Plastic and Limcat have all been tested) than the plastic grip, but both work just fine. The lock is very clearly shown in the last two pictures of my second post. We have tons of these holsters out to shooters and safety is not an issue. 5 guys on my squad last week at A6 were using this holster and there has never been an issue with any of them that I'm aware of. I'm not really sure what your concern is, but please explain and I will try to help.
  9. We do not ship outside the USA. I have previously explained why this is. Unfortunately I don't know where you can see one. Thanks.
  10. I'm sorry we can't ship to Canada. We have to follow the US State Department rules for the business we are in and the contracts we have. Good luck with your decision on which holster to get.
  11. They aren't sold in Canada because we cannot ship any of our products to Canada. No thanks on the barter offer. If you have questions about the lockup I would be happy to answer them. We have been producing these holsters for over two years with retail sales of about 18 months. In that time I haven't has a single complaint or return request. I'm obviously biased, but I have tried every 2011 race holster and this is, by far, the best available. It holds the gun securely and draw stroke is effortless.
  12. We haven't received any complaints with the holster functionality and have a number of guys that have switched to ours from the DAA. If you have any specific questions let me know.
  13. It is a press fit on a Super 1050. You will need to press it in there using the force of the press and a socket or something similar. On a RL 1050 the OD will need to be turned down for it to fit. This fitting information is listed on the product page of our website. If you have any issues let me know.
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