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  1. I have a Ruger 22/45 Mark III. I don't shoot too much steel but I would like to. What optic would be a good starter for me? Also, is CCI mini mag 22lr ammo good for steel challenge? Are there any rules geared toward optics in 22lr steel shooting? Thanks, Jason
  2. jkatz44

    Which one?

    PS3 CED 7000 or Pocket Pro?
  3. jkatz44

    Which one?

    Summer Ready Tactical or Comp Tach mag pouches
  4. jkatz44

    Which one?

    Oregon. Adidas corner blitz or adidas turf hogs?
  5. at our club, the first time you shoot there it is free
  6. could you post some pictures of you equipment including your backup gun?
  7. Agreed, but there is one exception; folks who have a hard time hearing higher frequencies can't always hear the CED 7000 well. I have a CED 7000, CED 8000 and a CE Pocket Pro II. They all have some neat features (like the headset option on the 8000) but none of them seems to be perfect for everyone. I don't particularly care for having to keep the 8000 open while using it, but the larger display is handy, it has a good, lower frequency tone and two volume settings in addition to the headset option. For most folks I say get the 7000 and be done with it...small, light, works great and the battery goes forever on a charge....unless the frequency thing is a problem and then the Pocket Pro II is a good alternative, although the display is a bit smaller. R, what is a cheap decent timer for dry fire
  8. Does anyone have a old timer that they don't really use anymore?
  9. can you guys tell me all of the dry fire targets you guys use and where can i get them
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