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  1. Unless something has changed recently you are correct, he will only sell with a complete pistol. I have not seen anyone else with a similar product.
  2. I don't think I have ever seen a magwell for a 21SF??
  3. If you've spent any time on the fusion forum you've seen the beautiful pictures of customers weapons and read the raves from customers. I had been really wanting a 6 inch SS in .45 for a long time. The options have always been limited: SA made one for a while, STI Trojan/Rangemaster/Eagle 6.0, and the LB PII in 6 inch round out the production options. Anyway initially I thought I could get a Fusion 6 inch for something like 1300 USD, which was the retail price initially. By the time I had selected the options I wanted it turned out to be over 1600, should look at the receipt again for an exact amount. It seemed like I was purchasing a custom gun with exactly the features I wanted. Wait time was much longer than anticipated but Bob Serva was always readily available so it was no big deal. Bob did a great job seemingly of asking me what I wanted and sent several updated excel spreadsheets outlining the build. Upon receipt, opened up the case and immediately knew there was a problem. I had specified a flat topped slide and this slide was a normal contour. More importantly I had paid extra for a flat topped slide. After clearing the weapon I proceeded with a safety check. The thumb safety didn't have full range of motion, would not fully engage the slide notch, and had no tactical of audible click. Handled a lot of 1911s and I have NEVER seen or felt a thumb safety like this. Trigger was 3 lbs as specified and acceptable, no creep, clean break, but again I paid extra for premium trigger work. Looking over the slide and front sight I noticed a sizable gap between the bottom of the dovetail and the sight. Frame and slide fit was pretty good but nothing spectacular and nothing approaching the average Baer if one was looking for a hard fit. Called Bob and he told me that a gap underneath of the front sight was normal, send the pistol back and he would flat top the slide as specified, and the thumb safety wouldn't fully engage the slide on the 6 inch guns because of how the slide was fitted to the frame and that all the thumb safeties passed a safety check and that some people didn't prefer a tactical or audible click when either engaging or disengaging the thumb safety, even though in the thousands of 1911s I've never seen an example of one set up like this. Asked for my money back and Bob did the right thing and let me return it, unfired, on my dime. So I spent 100 bucks at the time sending it back UPS next day. As always your mileage may vary and I'm sure there are satisfied Fusion customers out there. I don't know if someone assumed that I was 22 year old student by the .edu at the end of my email address and wouldn't know any better and think that I was actually getting a 1685 dollar weapon with a slapped together gun. Called Benny Hill and spoke with him about getting a STI Trojan6 inch fat free'd. Yes, after hard chroming it turned out to be two hundred dollars more but the weapon I received is FLAWLESS. Wow, I would not have accepted that either. Have any pics of the 6" Trojan?
  4. I use the same basic grip with 1911's and Glocks. Nearly identical to what you have posted.
  5. I have two sets of the "straight eight" Warren sights on my carry guns. I just bought the Sevigny Competition set for me G34. So far I really like the Warren sights. They do seem to shoot a little high though....
  6. If it were me: Ed Brown ambi-safety S&A or Dawson magwell Ed Brown mag release Dawson front sight 10-8 solid trigger
  7. I like the "before" better, but it still looks good!!
  8. My buddy owns a range, I help him out once and a while. Let me know if you need any more info...
  9. Unless you are in the market for a dropped holster get the Comp-Tac. I've used them both and the Comp-Tac is a better rig IMO. Given two belt holsters they will be very close in height.
  10. I did the searches and asked around, same info that has been stated in this thread. I ended up getting the Taylor extensions and they have been excellent.
  11. I'm amazed at the amount of lightly used G17L's that have popped up on some of the sites.... I'm in the market for one as well, I'll let you know if I find any.
  12. The OEM Recoil Spring is 17 lbs; most people leave it stock. I played around with 11, 13 and 15 lbs and settled on the 13 lbs. Call it personal preference... So a 13lb recoil spring is not too light to use with a stock firing pin spring?
  13. I've used them in the past, they are solid red dots. They use Docter mounts so thats a plus.
  14. What is the recommended recoil spring setup given the rest of the gun is stock?
  15. I like the Stingray better as well, didn't know they changed it. I need to look into that as I'm about to buy a DOH for my G34....
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