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  1. Goal: steel silhouettes at 50yds (practice with 8" steel swinger) Pistol: 1978 Colt's Combat Commander in 9mm (my EDC) Modifications: Barsto bull barrel conversion by Ken Lloyd Powder: W231 and CFE Pistol on hand. Bullets: 115gr FalCoated bullets on hand, but can buy other bullets for accuracy. Brass: assorted once-fired range/practice Primers: Winchester SP, Remington No. 5 1/2, CCI 500 Reloader: Dillon 550B, RCBS Rock Chucker I do have a chronograph, but no Ransom rest Considering shooting some spring matches with my Commander for a change of pace Anyone have suggestions for
  2. I'm guessing DC Ammo is no longer selling ammo to the public? thanks
  3. plug repaired shot it today most accurate 1911 I've ever shot pinged 6" steel at 50yds
  4. He's deceased. Well, I tested today out to 50 yds. It shot the lights out. Then it shot the end of the spring plug out! Gunsmith is repairing the plug this afternoon. Hope to shoot it some more tomorrow.
  5. cliffs: incompetent gunsmith fitted a barrel bushing by removing material from the slide inexperienced owner (me) was puzzled by multiple bushings becoming loosey goosey master gunsmith machines a threaded sleeve over the Bar-Sto match barrel, then machines an Officer-like spring plug problem solved not so pretty, but it's a shooter, so sue me 9mm Commander with bull barrel before the fix
  6. To be clear, Larry is a decorated combat veteran. I'm just a friend who missed the draft by 12 lottery points.
  7. Both humbled and honored today when my friend, Larry McCabe, surprised me with his Dak To (Hill 875), North Vietnamese, battle flag and militaria he's had since he was seriously wounded on that awful hill. Larry took two, through-and-through AK rounds but after rehab insisted on returning to his squad instead of taking the ticket home. It's the most significant gift a friend has ever given me. I will keep and treasure them until I draw my last breath on God's green earth. May God bless and keep ALL soldiers and patriots.
  8. Thank you, gentlemen. That's just the info I was looking for. I'll adjust everything when my new tool head arrives.
  9. Thanks The sizer die on the left doesn't have a keeper nut (on the adjusting ram) like the seater die in the center..
  10. Just purchased this three die set and have a couple of questions: 1. Are they carbide? (not marked anywhere on the die) 2. Should the sizing/decapping die have a keeper nut on top similar to the seating die? Anyone using these old style dies in their 550B? thnx
  11. I'm not experienced enough to answer that. I use 44mag brass because it was more plentiful and the cylinder chambers are easier to keep clean. Maybe a veteran reloader can add more info.
  12. THE BE book. Beyond Fundamentals. Buy it. I have it and obviously need to re-re-read it again.
  13. Tguy, is that from a particular BE book? thanks...great stuff
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