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  1. Gotta recommend the XX2i France1 glasses. Clear and sharp.
  2. Aaaand we're back. I love that Apex trigger so much, I put it in the gun. Which makes me illegal for Production (Until May I hear). So after a bit of a time off after the 2015 Florida State, buying a new house, etc. I'm back in. And I'm using that trigger and stuffing my mags full and everything. Yep, Limited Minor. I don't care if it's a competitive disadvantage. I'm already at a disadvantage because I'm not good as the guys that are good. (Silly sentence but you get my point). I want to have fun and not think about reloading every three steps. So I tweak the locations of the stuff on my belt and off I go. I have already improved substantially. My last classifier put me at 50% which is solid C territory, and next weekend's match has two classifiers in it. I'm hoping to bust C by then. I learned it's time to think about speed now. I think my accuracy is there. One stage from a club match told me the truth. I got 22 As, 8 Cs and one D. The GM who won that stage also got... 22 As, 8 Cs and one D! But he did it eleven seconds sooner than me! So I now enter into a new phase of my game, doing everything more efficiently, sooner and with less time wasted. I'm not trying to think "faster" because I think that has baggage with it. Here goes...
  3. I was thrilled to be a part of this match. My first major and it was a blast! Not a single no-shoot and only one major brain fart all day!
  4. Which is why southpaws dread the stages where you do the opposite.
  5. I've switched to Production. I now have a Smith M&P 9 standard, with Apex innards and Warren Tactical black sights. My rig is all Blade Tech, holster pouches and belt. The last couple months have been affected by the drills in Steve Anderson's first book "Refinement and Repetition", which have given me much meat for practice. The daily dry fire is good for me. After years of working a 1911 trigger, I needed quite some adjustment to the M&P trigger. I'm only now starting to come to terms with it, after nearly 1K rounds through the gun. The last match had me deliver stage HFs in the high 3s, which are all time bests for me. I'm committed to Production, but will attempt to class a C in Single Stack on the next classifier match. I'm happy as a C Production guy. I realized something: It's just a letter. How you do in an actual match is what matters. Getting a plaque for being high C is better than having a card that says A on it. I just want to shoot well. So here we go.
  6. When I practice my reloads, especially using the drill in Steve Anderson's first book, I notice something. At the moment my off hand snatches the mag from my belt I will think one of two things: "Fast reload" or "Back on target". Whenever I think the former, I manage to bobble the reload to comedic levels. Funny how hard it is putting a box in a hole designed for that box. Whenever I think the latter, the mag slides in effortlessly and the sights reappear on target. I don't consciously remember the reload. My best stages at matches were those when I don't remember even reloading. Sometimes I can't remember where the magazines are to pick them up. Funny, that.
  7. OK that's cool how you embedded that into your post.
  8. Heading up to Fredricksburg to see family over Turkey Day. I was instructed in no uncertain terms: "Bring all your guns". I'll need a bigger car.
  9. At least in Production or Single Stack, we reload so much, we could almost cover up an error like that! :-)
  10. I sharpied the A zones on my USPSA and IPSC turtle targets. Also inside, I put a dot where my POA should be. Now whenever I look at a target on a stage, I still see the dot.
  11. I get a kick out of Steve's crazy laugh and the dogs losing their minds. Hey good shooting advice too!
  12. "I'll wait in this place Where the sun never shines Wait in this place Where the shadows run from themselves."
  13. Hopefully I'll run into you tomorrow at the club match
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