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  1. Factory Gun Classic Registration will be open on Friday from 7 am to 8 am (Friday shooters only!) 4 pm to 6 pm, Saturday from 7 am until 3 pm and Sunday from 7 am until 8 am. First shots are at 8 am each day. Awards and raffle winner will be on Sunday after the match is completed. If you cannot make the award ceremony and win a plaque, we will mail it to you. Reminder- Lunch will be served from 12 am to 1 pm both days. Lunch is included in your match fee. Stages looking pretty awesome. Weather the same. See you on the range this weekend.
  2. Match info posted on the WAC main site- http://www.wyomingantelopeclub.org/ Round count is coming in at 190ish rounds.
  3. Howdy, Apologies for the late notice. We are holding the 2014 Factory Gun Classic on Saturday 12/6 and Sunday 12/7. 10 Stages of shooting awesomeness Revolver, Single Stack, and Production Divisions 175-200 rounds Trophy Match Sign up is at- http://matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=224 We are filling up quickly on Saturday. Please contact me with questions- Charles Kibert- ckibert@yahoo.com Match Info/Updates/Etc will be on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/312316162307186/
  4. Final match info posted here-http://www.wyomingantelopeclub.org/ First shots are 0800 both Saturday and Sunday. Stages and schedule can be found above. Stages look good. Weather... we shall see. See you on the range!
  5. Oh.. I will give ya'll a hint.. There will be a classifier. It will be a 24 round course. It will feature the joys of Strong Hand/Weak Hand shooting.
  6. Weather is looking awesome for the weekend. Stages are going to be challenging. BBQ is cooking. Looking like another fun Factory Gun Match. Reminder- Registration is open 7 am until 3 pm on Saturday and then 7 am to 8 am on Sunday. We have a small number of walk up slots available on Saturday and room for more on Sunday. Please contact me at ckibert@yahoo.com or 813-545-2932 if you are planning to show up and register so we can make sure we have balanced squad numbers. The round count is 194 rounds. We are going to go the Single Stack Nationals route this year and not post the stages in advance. Don't worry, they are all the traditional Factory Gun style.. Simple.. not easy, but simple Due to Facebook being a PITA, we have posted the schedule and a shooter briefing on the WAC website. Please contact me with any questions about the match. See you on the range.
  7. Online registration is closed. We will have some space for walk up registrations both days. Please contact me (ckibert@yahoo.com) if you are planning to walk up so we can ensure we have enough squad room. The squad schedule is posted at http://www.wyomingantelopeclub.org/ Weather looks awesome! See you on the range.
  8. There are roughly 20 hotels within 5 miles of the range at all price ranges. Lots of folks stay at the Courtyard Marriot or the La Quinta Inn (both are less than a mile from the range.) The match is filling up, the stages look awesome. We have some match information up on - http://www.wyomingantelopeclub.org/ for those shooting the match (schedule etc.) See you on the range,
  9. Great match as always. Awesome to shoot and fun to work. Too bad the world ends before the next one...
  10. We still have plenty of slots each day. Stages are looking awesome. It will be great match to wrap up your year.
  11. We are pleased to announce the 4th Annual Factory Gun Classic held at the WAC on 12/1 and 12/2. Single Stack, Production, and Revolver divisions 10 stages Shoot all day either Saturday or Sunday December 1st and 2nd $99 for entries before 11/10/12 $125 after 11/10/12 Signup- http://www.matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=13 ROs needed. Please contact Charles - ckibert@yahoo.com if you are interested in working the match. We have setup this event on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/events/316057105160140/ Please keep an eye on the facebook page for announcements, etc regarding this match. (Yup, we are going to go down the facebook route for this match.)
  12. All, We are working on the Stage 6 Production problem. There is a bug with EzWinscore and the website upload. Please be patient. We will get it resolved and communicate the results as soon as possible. To be clear- The stage has NOT been thrown out. Thanks!
  13. Online registration is closed! We will have a limited number of walk up slots both Saturday and Sunday (more on Sunday.) If you have not signed up but plan to show up and shoot, that's cool, but please contact me ahead of time- ckibert@yahoo.com The stages look awesome. Food will be tasty. Weather will be.. Florida in August. It should be a great match. Thanks and see you on the range!
  14. That is exactly the weather we expect on Sunday. Like Smitty said, the storm should not be a big factor until Monday or Tuesday. Still.. bring rain gear... It's Florida in the summer!
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