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  1. how is the 625 golden clay?
  2. Hey guys with you help last year i got a 391 semi now im looking for a good over under for clays what are the good ones to look for? thanks
  3. matthewbas

    best semi

    looking for a good semi for shooting clays. Want to see what people thing are the better semis on the market. I just shoot at camp now but only want to buy once so as i get better i dont want anything else
  4. i know it tough to answer but i am very new. If you were going out today to buy a new rig what would you try
  5. If you wanted the best rig what would you get? Belt holster mag holder
  6. lol thank ok will do thanks for the quick reply
  7. Getting in to 38sc what dies should i get is one better than the other. Also what is the best brass for it?
  8. i was thinking super
  9. i reload so the 38 would be the one to go for? i also want a gun that i could maybe use in matches if i ever got the itch
  10. matthewbas

    What gun

    Looking to get into shooting n have been looking at the Sti matchmaster n steelmaster and any other ones that you might recomend. What caliber should i go with the gun is just going to be for fun dont plan on doing any comps just want a fun gun thanks
  11. something along the lines of the sti steelmaster
  12. Looking to get a race gun what are the good ones for around 3k?
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