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  1. i reload 12 ga. but i make my own shot. i bought a James Stewart shot maker. it makes about 80 lbs an hour and i buy the lead from a local guy for .75 per pound. i load 1 1/8 oz of shot with 19gr of clays and it gives me 1225 fps. if you want to soup it up a little you can use 33.5gr of longshot and push 1 1/8 oz at 1500 fps but the recoil is a little stronger.
  2. Give me a call. 800-387-4045

  3. yes i will take it. i will call you tomorrow if thats ok. i have a long day tomorrow and it starts a 3:30 am. what is a good time for me to call?

  4. If you want to purchase the chromed STI, you can contact me at 505-480-8079. You will need to pay for the shipping to your FFL. Thanks.

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