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  1. 18 on left, CGW center and 19 on right.
  2. Will this work? Heavy spring from CZ Custom. https://czcustom.com/cz-75-trigger-return-spring-heavy.html
  3. Does it matter? I have two TSOs in 40. A 2018 and a 2019, at least the way I understand the markings in front of the triangle before the serial numbers. The rod in the 18 TSO is Shadow 2/SP01 length and can’t be seen from muzzle end as you can on the S2 and SP01. The rod in the 19 is about half inch longer and is visible from the muzzle. Both are SS, not plastic. I’ve had no issues from the 18, apart from a broken slide stop pin at about 15k rounds, and it shoots just fine. Totally reliable. It just struck me as odd, and OCD, I ordered a new SS guide rod from
  4. After several thousand rounds, I’ve settled on the shorter length and 4.5gr of Sport Pistol. 180gr Blue Bullet 4.5gr Sport Pistol WSPP 1.125” COAL Mixed brass 173-175 PF Also, dumps brass nicely about 6-7’ away with a 14lb recoil and 15lb hammer spring.
  5. I’m working with the primer pro with V2 plate and Winchester small pistol primers. Spent probably 45 minutes fiddling with it. Broke out the pledge and sprayed it down. So far it’s working well. Slowish, but beats hunt and peck for me. Needs to have 200 primers or more in it for sure. I’ll be trying some CCI later. If I need to switch, I will. I do want to try a PAL for smaller loading sessions and as an option.
  6. Just the silver toothed piece and put the screw back in.
  7. I built a 2x6 bench with 4x4 legs and 2x6 frame. Two sheets of 3/4 ply glued and screwed. Lagged to the wall. It fits a 650 and RL1100 but may need more space for the AmmoBot. Next one will be one of these, or at least the top. https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/H-1137-MAP/Industrial-Packing-Tables/Industrial-Packing-Table-72-x-30-Maple-Top-with-Rounded-Edge
  8. I tweaked the lead thread with a file and put some oil on it and ran it in. Works well now. Primer slide is working better, the knurled nut was to tight on top of the tube.
  9. Works great with Blue Bullets 40 caliber.
  10. I’m very interested in the primer slide polish. Out of 200 or so rounds I’ve had three not get primed. I too removed the ratchet. It seems common to do so. It’s loud and can make it hard to clear the press if there is an issue with the toolhead partway down.
  11. It’s probably not officially recommended to remove the ratchet but the noise and feel bug me. It’s been recommended a few places and if you have an issue, you can’t raise the toolhead to clear it. I had a primer end up sideways as something was out of adjustment. It prevented the toolhead from lowering all the way to be able to raise it back up and I couldn’t clear it.
  12. Got it running and it is worth every penny! I like the 650 I have but this priming on the downstroke is awesome. I plan to add an auto drive of some sort and then maybe add a CP2000. It was all setup from Dillon, dies, swage and primer depth. I tweaked the seating depth a touch and took off the ratchet. Put the bullet feeder on, the die was very hard to install. Fit fine on the 650 and the size die from the 650 threaded in just fine from the top and bottom. All good now. I only have one issue, I’ve had 3 out of 200 or so rounds end up not getting primed. Messy and wastefu
  13. Riley

    CZ TSO .40 OAL?

    I load at 1.130 with a 180gr Blue Bullet, much longer and it won’t feed reliably. Over about 1.145 and a loaded round doesn’t eject well.
  14. I just spoke with LOK about that, he said just order Shadow 2 grips cut for the mag well. I put the LOK palm swells from my S2 on the TSO without the mag well and they fit fine. This will get you the thinner upper portion on the grips.
  15. I just picked up a P01 with the alloy frame, 91194 model with the NSN number. It needs some better sights, black rear and Tritium front. Any suggestions? I’ll be doing a little polish and springs but this will be a carry gun so not a lot. It shoots well now so I don’t need to do much.
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