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  1. @12glocks I've since purchased an RCBS lockout die and I'm going to roll with that indefinitely. Unfortunately, "error tends...teacher" is usually true. No chance for complacency now early on, and I will hopefully remind myself everyday what can and does happen...
  2. I appreciate the kind words and sentiment. As a new reloader, I knew and understood my limitations from the get go. I sought guidance and "training" from fellow shooters at my club and studied and researched for months before jumping in and STILL made a catastrophic error. I have been overwhelmed by the positive and constructive support from the Benos "family" and I know that no matter how long a shooter has been reloading there is always something to be learned.
  3. Been considering this option for sure. I just bought 1000 147gr FP Precision Bullets and the recommend against using Lee FCD because they say it will swage their Bullets. So, I think I’m going to replace that with the RCBS lockout die just after powder drop. We’ll see...
  4. @Grandmastah Apologies, poor choice of words. I give it one full "press" and then toss/flip them around in the plastic container with the lid on. It does say that it "will not contaminate powder or primers."
  5. For those keeping score, my first two batches of 100 each (loaded “single-press style”) were fine. Round #326 went kaboom! And I found two more double-charges in that batch. None in the 300 rounds since, with 100 left to go. Bullet pulling definitely sucks. On a related note, I’ve discovered two things during my bullet-pulling party. My Lee Auto Drum was spot on with Titegroup. Been pleasantly surprised at how accurate it has been. Secondly, I’ve noticed In some of my cases The powder is clumped and stuck to the sides. As a new reloader, I did what my friends said — 100rds in a large Tupperware dish, a full pump of One Shot, lid on and shake’em all up. I’m guessing the clumping and sticking is from the case lube, but I did let them dry before loading. Any problems with shooting the clumpy powder?
  6. Thanks very much. In a way the cost is worth learning a valuable lesson.
  7. @Farmer yes sir makes perfect sense. And my understanding (could be wrong) of leading is that it's generally not an issue with subsonic rounds.
  8. Thanks again. I appreciate the help big time.
  9. Good deal. Thanks. Quick question- no "scratched up coating exposing lead" because...? Once again, new to reloading.
  10. @s2000red I appreciate the kind words. And I really appreciate the way so many people chimed in to help me and advise me. Every single comment was constructive and helpful. I'm hoping some other newbie can learn from my mistakes. Great forum.
  11. @Cherokeewind it's an actual collet/die type that fits into my other Lee single stage press, you tighten down on the bullet, lower the handle and it pulls the bullet. I would just be using it for match practice drills. They all look like the one in the photo. Thanks for the reply, I wasn't sure.
  12. I wanted to update everyone because I have received an enormous mount of advice and expertise from so many people. In any case, I have some pertinent news. I started my bullet pulling project yesterday and the first 200 rounds were on point -- 3.0gr, almost all of which were exactly that. These first 200 I loaded using my Lee Auto Pro as a single-stage press. As a beginner I wanted to learn the process and not make any mistakes. (Footnote- I'm REALLY happy with the consistency of my Lee Auto Drum). That said, I moved on to the first case of 100 that I did when I first started using the press as an actually ammo maker -- set up the case feeders and started setting bullets with each pull of the handle. HOWEVER, what I kept doing on a regular basis (because I was a little too OCD) was stopping the press after a powder drop, pulling it, dumping it, weighing it, setting it back in the press, etc., etc. But what I think happened is, even though I was stopping to pull cases from time to time, the shell plate still had cases "waiting in line" and at some point I pulled the handle, wasn't paying attention and double-charged a case. I know this for a fact now because in this first batch of 100 that I made in "full auto mode" I found TWO case with 6.0gr! TWO out of 100! I totally f****d up the process and, as several of you have already mention, I just didn't trust my equipment or the process it was designed to implement. So, something good (IMO) has come from this accident. I now know for certain that my issue was caused by a double-charge. This doesn't mean that the over-pressure event didn't inadvertently create an OOB as well, maybe it did maybe it didn't, but I know with 100% certainty that I caused the problem. I have another 300 hundred to pull, can't WAIT to see what I find. On a related note, please see my photo. Should I just throw all of the pulled bullets away (they all look like this from the collet on my RCBS bullet puller)? Or can I re-use them? Remember I'm green as grass... ??
  13. @Farmerhas to be the lighting. Not at all sloppy.
  14. @AHI sorry it took me so long. Looks like the photo on the left. Here is mine...
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