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  1. How often do you have to trim a .40 case?

    I've also never trimmed .40s&w or any other pistol calibers I've reloaded. I've only trimmed rifle cases. My reloading was for IDPA initially then USPSA and 3 gun shooting matches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I'm interested. How do you prefer payment?

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    2. Kmarsh1966


      Good afternoon Albert.   I never heard back from you & then another buyer contacted me and closed the transaction.   


      I do have another WRS holster for the SV with full dust cover, and a mounted flashlight.   Unless you have the flashlight mounted , it will not stay put.   Let me know if you have any questions.


      Thanks for following up and sorry it didn't work out.

    3. Albert


      Hey Kyle,

      No problem. I figured as much, that's why I thought I'd check.

      Does that holster for the SV work with a 5" STI? Also, is it just the streamlight or will it work with the Surefire x300?


    4. Kmarsh1966


      I would think SV and STI would be no issue.  The light is what is holding it in place.   I had a guy in Alabama Offer to take it if it would work with the Streamlight TR-1.  I have shipped it to him for testing right now.  I dont own either type of light so I just had the manufacturers spec sheet to compare for the 2 items.   If the Alabama guy doesnt take it, we can check the specs to see if you think it would work.

  3. Hello Emery.

    I just need your paypal address to send payment for the SV 9mm 2011 mag

    You can also either text me at 206-818-1101 or email me at albertbrosas@gmail.com

  4. According to a conversation I had with a Blade Tech rep, if they have made a holster for the pistol then they can make any holster they have as they already have the mold. I'm confident they have a mold for the CZ 97
  5. Homemade 3 gun carts

    I was looking at putting something like this together that can be taken on and off easily that would go on a folding cart that folds flat and not as robust as what is in this picture. Did you make that frame or recycle it? I've also wondered if there is anything in the golfing stores that might work as well.
  6. Thanks I'm going to the book store Thursday to check it out. I'm currently practicing for the MGM Ironman June 5th. Not shooting much USPSA right now. I'm figuring out my shotgun patterns and slug aiming. Sighting in my M1A for long distance. Good luck in Oregon. I'll be in Oregon for the N.W. MultiGun in July. Nice to here from U.

  7. Hey Dan,

    I believe the title is "The Art of Racing in the Rain". Going to shoot the Single Stack Championship in Oregon this Sunday, how 'bout you?

  8. Whats up Albert, saw U had a Enos profile. I was interested in that dog book, what was the title ?

  9. Who Tunes SV Mags

    I've had Adrian at Mag Blueprinting also tune my mags. My most reliable is a tuned SV tube with Bolen spring, follower and basepad. Although Adrian mostly tunes with Bolen parts he has also tuned mags for me with Grams springs, followers and Dawson basepads.
  10. SV Single Stack Trigger bow question

    I just had one installed on my Single Stack, a Dan Wesson PM-7 10mm, and according to my gunsmith it had no issues with fit like the double stack triggers (SV/STI). Most of it would be at the base of the shoe (width), at least that was the case when I bought a supposed fitted double stack SV trigger and then had to fit it to my STI grip. Give me a call and I could meet up with you to give you a closer look. -Albert
  11. SP-01 Tactical for ESP?

    With just switching out grips to really lightweight grips, I've had an SP-01 Tactical make the 39 oz. weight limit using the 19 round magazines. If you have the 10 round magazines to use you should be able to make weight with it in SSP division. The SP-01 Tactical I had was a 3-slot rail model. Very accurate gun, wish I still had it.
  12. Trojan 9mm ejector loose

    I had a Springfield 9mm 1911 with this same issue but it was not pinned. Had a new ejector pinned in and the problem went away.
  13. SP-01 Sight Choices

    I've had one break as well at the same spot of the rear sight as well as witnessed another USPSA shooter (local GM) have his break, but you should be able to get some help from CZcustom.com or where ever you purchased it. There was a bad batch that were made. I haven't had any trouble since. Sounds like you found a few of them.
  14. SP-01 Sight Choices

    Great post ck1! I was thinking of doing the same with my CZs and since you already have, I'm going to place my order on Monday.
  15. Nice looking pistols Chris, can't wait to see them in action at the next local match. Bringing them to Paul Bunyun?