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    Competition Shooting ( USPSA ) ( Multi-Gun ). Glock Pistols, Mossberg Shotguns, DPMS Panther Rifles, Reloading ammo, Firearms History, Military History, US History, Northwest Section: Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club, Mason County Sportsman's Club, Custer Sportsmen's Club, Marysville Rifle Club, Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsmen's Club, Renton Fish & Game Club. AREA 1 : Washington State , Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada.
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  1. Thanks I'm going to the book store Thursday to check it out. I'm currently practicing for the MGM Ironman June 5th. Not shooting much USPSA right now. I'm figuring out my shotgun patterns and slug aiming. Sighting in my M1A for long distance. Good luck in Oregon. I'll be in Oregon for the N.W. MultiGun in July. Nice to here from U.

  2. Hey Dan,

    I believe the title is "The Art of Racing in the Rain". Going to shoot the Single Stack Championship in Oregon this Sunday, how 'bout you?

  3. Saw the video of U at Inland Empire, How'd U do. The weather looked awesome ?

  4. Whats up Albert, saw U had a Enos profile. I was interested in that dog book, what was the title ?

  5. "Stores who sell ammo in bulk are all shady"

  6. Anyone want to commute to AREA 1 Multigun ?

  7. Anyone one want to commute to the NW. Multigun ?

  8. Anyone want to commute to AREA 1 ?

  9. Looking for people to train with at K.R.R.C. in Bremerton, Pistol, AR/Rifle, Shotgun ?

  10. Anyone shooting OLHOT at MGM IRONMAN for 2011 want to commute, I'm staying at the Roadway INN ?

  11. Anyone shooting the 19th Annual Inland Empire 3 Gun that lives near Bremerton ?

  12. What a great "Bearspace" page about Multi-gun. This is my first official year in 3 gun. I just got accepted into the MGM. I wish I started shooting several years ago.

  13. I just got E-mail notifying my entrance into the MGM Ironman Multi-gun June 5th - 7th, Sunday thru Tuesday. Limited Division

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