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  1. Believe it or not, I still haven't gotten to it, osw. Sorry. I haven't had time to do any reloading at all or pretty much almost any shooting over the past couple of months. Uggghhh...I'm hoping things slow down after this week since the semester is over then, so I will finally get a chance to breathe. Maybe then I can finally do some reloading and testing.
  2. You are quite welcome sir. They were probably too big, so that is why they wouldn't load. I resized them smaller and they loaded just fine. No biggie. Happy to help.
  3. Here are pics of the KMS Squared light on my Hornady LnL. Ya, ya...don't crucify me for the light surface rust on my shell plate. It's killing me, but I haven't loaded in a couple of months and our rental house sucks arse, so the windows are horrid. There is no where I can keep it in the house that the humidity or air won't get to it. Ugggh... :-/ You're supposed to be looking at the light anyway. LOL! :-P
  4. Here are the two pics of StuckInMS's lamp that he has.
  5. Plus, just looking at your paused video...your ram looks kind of dry. Maybe it is just the light and how the video is, but does it have a thin coat of oil or grease on the ram? If not, that may be part of the issue too.
  6. Slvr, It's hard for me to tell at work because I have too much noise to really "listen" on the video to hear if anything sounds like it is binding. However, as Paul mentioned, also check the wire. Also, I used Brian's Slide Glide on my press since day one and haven't had an issue. I figured that is what it is made for...moving parts. I put a thin coat on. I didn't gob it on or anything, but just enough for a thin layer to work and I haven't had an issue since it was new. I also put some under the shell plate. Also, make sure to check the ballbearing under the shell plate as well. Make sure there isn't an issue with it. Again, I didn't get a chance to hear/see the video, but I do know those can be one of the parts to bind if they are too tight or get dry with no lube or have grit in them. Then it will seemed to bind. Also, there is a zircon (I think that is what it's called...I'm having a brain fart) fitting...grease fitting on the lower portion of the ram. Maybe you need to apply some grease to the inside with a grease gun? Maybe yours dried up and ran out? Mine is fairly new, so I don't need to do that yet, but I don't know how old your press is. Maybe you need to regrease the inside. Maybe that is causing some binding or tightness as well? Just throwing out some thoughts before I can watch the video once I get home in a quiet environment with some real speakers/headphones. Mat
  7. I had the Inline Fab light as well and KMS blows it out of the water. I actually couldn't even tell my Inline Fab light was still on (I was going to try and use both since I had both) once I installed the KMS light. Seriously. If I would have known about them initially, I would have gone with them. So, if anyone is on the fence between the two, I would certainly go with the KMS light. However, Stuck's clamp on LED light is nice too. He did send me a pic. I forgot to frickin' upload it here. I've been so darn busy with classes and everything. Now that I have "remembered", I will dig up the email and pic and post it here for him, so people can see what he is talking about. I'll do that when I get home this afternoon. But I definitely can't complain about the KMS light. I also think it is cool that KMS Squared created a user name to log into this post. Thumbs up for that. As of now, I don't have any concerns or issues. I think you guys did an awesome job at getting bright light down onto the Hornady plate and I can see way better than I have with any other "on press" option that I have seen for the Hornady press. Like I said in a previous post...kudos to you guys.
  8. I would agree with you, meaning that the Pro Chrono is used by lots and is a very good chrono. I wouldn't have hesitated to get either. I just found my Balistic Precision Kit for a deal and it has worked very well for me with both pistols and crossbows. I admit that I haven't used it indoors at all, so I don't know how it would work that way. I did try the LED lighting on a pretty cloudy/overcast day one day at the outdoor range and it worked flawlessly. Now, do I have another chrono to compare it to? Nope. This is my first and only one. So, could it be off? Yup, it could and I wouldn't know it. Of course if it was off by a lot, then I'm sure I would know and figure it out. But if it was off by 10 or even 20 fps, I may not know except for what I would "expect" my loads to be while building them and comparing to them to what others say here on a similar build along with what the build manuals say. At the time I didn't have the money to go the Pro Chrono with the bluetooth setup. If it would have even come with a cable (such as the Caldwell), I honestly would have probably gotten the Pro Chrono just by all the references here. But, as far as I read or was aware, you didn't have that option with the Pro Chrono like you do with the Caldwell and to pay $60 extra when I could just pay maybe $8 (if I didn't have one lying around the house anyway) for a 15 foot cable to do the exact same thing is nuts in my opinion. That's the only reason I didn't go with the Pro Chrono instead. I didn't really care about the LED lighting or the tripod that came with my Caldwell "kit", but I did get those extras cheaper than I did for the Pro Chrono itself. So, I just thought it being a better deal. It sucks that your friend had issues and had to send it back 2-3 times. That's not cool. However, I do feel that situations like that can happen with any type of device, no matter who manufactures it. I've had it happen to things that others have said were perfect. Just luck of the draw. But I am glad you are happy with your Pro Chrono and that doesn't mean I might not look into one sometime in the future either. If the right deal comes up or someone has one on sale or what not, I just might jump on it and may like it better or the app better or something and may just continue using it and keep my Caldwell as a backup...who knows. But it's always good to hear info from everyone.
  9. I would also have to agree that mine has worked as advertised since I got it. I have even used it with crossbow arrows going across it with great success as well. No issues with it. I even tried it with the LED lights on top as well while I have been outdoors and gray overcast skies and it worked just as well. I probably didn't need to use them, but I thought I would try them out just for the heck of it. I admit that I haven't tried it in an indoor range at all, but I did get mine to work inside the house with a NERF gun. LOL! (when I first bought it to see if it would work) So, I figure that if it will work there, it should work at an indoor range as well. LOL!
  10. Mike - Interesting...I never thought about trying it on its side. Hmmm... Oh and for those curious on the G2, here is the link to the info on it: https://www.btibrands.com/product/ballistic-precision-chronograph-g2/ I happened to just buy the normal Ballistic Precision Kit (with the tripod and lit bars and all that jazz) for a great price before seeing the G2 or I would have said the heck with it and tried that instead, but I can't complain about my normal one. It works very well. I have even used it with my crossbow arrows to measure that and dial them in. Like I said, it works well with a multitude of uses.
  11. Question is...where do you people put your clothes now? (picturing a corner of the room with clothes thrown onto a chair or something) LOL!!!!
  12. Honestly, the pattern I see here from everyone is "indoor shooting". that seems to be jacking up everyone's lead blood level from what everyone is posting. It seems those that have stopped shooting or RO/MD'ing indoors that their blood level has gone down. So, that should tell you something right there about indoor ranges. I don't even think the best ones can get the air clean and filtered enough, let alone the ones that are smoky inside and such. So, just judging by what others have mentioned in this thread, I think you would be good to go and okay as long as you didn't do any indoor shooting (or at least consistently). I'll bet then your levels would most likely be in the normal range unless you are doing something truly funky like sucking on a lead bullet or something. LOL
  13. Very cool! I like it for the small amount of space it takes up. I just wish I even had that small amount of space to use! Uggghhh! :-/ So, I envy you just for even that much space, but looks pretty darn cool and rock solid.
  14. Well...you could do this with it: https://youtu.be/gXceYzhCWcs https://youtu.be/ekxFbCO0fx8
  15. Thanks, kalaur. I appreciate it. Sorry, I know I'm getting back to this thread super late. Been busy as heck the past month and haven't had time to do anything reloading related. But thank you for the info. I ended up getting a Hornady taper crimp die to match the other die set that was already Hornady, but haven't had a chance to do anything with it. So, hopefully sometime soon I'll get a chance since the semester is going to be ending in a couple of weeks and I will be on break until mid-Jan when the Spring semester starts.
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