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  1. Quicker transitions

    Yep, great video +1
  2. Matches in the Philly Area

    Not sure about Philly but in NJ check Oldbridge rifle & pistol club, Quinton sportsman and Central jersey rifle and pistol club....they all hd monthly matches of USPSA and 3 Gun

    I'm sure the OP won't mind from 2015
  4. You can see them, just can't post
  5. Remington double stack

    Thanks for the update
  6. Punisher on Netflix

    Going to have to check Daredevil out.
  7. You didn't know there was a classified section [emoji848]
  8. Punisher on Netflix

    Was a great season, sucks that its over....I got hooked
  9. Is shooting a 2011 only for the wealthy?

    Have you given the Tanfoglio's a look ?....great platforms for the money
  10. Remington double stack

    Pretty sure the bankruptcy is just so they can hose shareholders and not go under.
  11. Red necks and geeks!

    They have an advantage, they get to shoot and practice all year round, cold states get downgraded to dry fire or indoor range practice during the winter months.
  12. Recommend 22 pistol for young shooter

    Ruger SR 22 for the win
  13. Poor Prior Planning Provides...a forgotten holster

    Helpful saying [emoji106]
  14. Farts

    Just puked in my mouth