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  1. tattooo

    "Graduating" to an open gun?

    Oh o.k....gotcha
  2. tattooo

    "Graduating" to an open gun?

    Why not shoot factory .40 major instead of 9 minor ?
  3. tattooo

    New USPSA Division Proposal

    OP, what do your fellow team Walther shooters think of your proposal ?
  4. tattooo

    Hello from Seattle!

  5. tattooo

    Bought one!

    Great price....you will love it.. ..enjoy
  6. tattooo

    Hello from Italy

    Welcome brother
  7. tattooo

    To Ambi or not to Ambi? That is the question

    Yep it is not " required "
  8. tattooo

    To Ambi or not to Ambi? That is the question

    If you mean " have to " as in a ambi safety is a required piece of equiptment I am almost positive that is incorrect. Hopefully others who know the rules can chime in.
  9. You don't need to come up with your own posts, you can chime in on other posts and answer questions. New member introductions do not count toward your post count.
  10. tattooo

    Peaky Blinders

    I got hooked on it myself
  11. tattooo

    Hello from Sunny Florida

  12. tattooo

    Tanfo Limited

    Yep and he knows his Tanfos
  13. tattooo

    DAA for Mag pouches and holster?

    You can go also go with DAA's more affordable Racer line....function is exactly the same and they hold up great
  14. tattooo


    O.k good info....thanks
  15. tattooo

    EAA/Tanfoglio Elite Gold Open Gun?

    Ok, thought you were talking about CZ vs Tanfo