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  1. Scope help

    Check your zero stop first. If it's not your zero stop then count the clicks. Make sure it's in spec and that it's not damaged. If it is vortex will fix it.
  2. Rings for Bergara LRP

    I've used a lot of rings but my favorites have been vortex/seekins rings. They are on almost all of my rifles. Just bought my first set of ARC rings that a lot of guys have stitched too. They are nice but are about $60 more. You should be fine with vortex medium rings on a 50mm bell. That should give you clearance to run caps if you choose.
  3. Scope help

    Definitely sounds like the zero stop.
  4. Mantis X, thoughts?

    Has anyone used mantis-x? I used to be a good handgun shooter now I'm a decent handgun shooter at most due ti predominantly shooting rifles now. Looking to build back my skills and was curious if anyone has used this and if it helped or is worth the money
  5. Muzzle break for TikkaT3x CTR 6.5 Creedmoor

    Area 419 hellfire or patriot valley mad scientist. The 419 is louder but works better. Have both and would buy both again.
  6. Seekins SP10 308

    I bought a 16" 308 two years ago in the swfa black Friday sale. Just picked up a 6.5 version. Both are awesome. Worth every penny at full price.
  7. Scope choices

    Not familiar with the cmore but I'm s huge fan of the razor. For the price it's hard to beat. I've seen them go used for 8-900 and with the unconditional life time warranty you don't ever have to worry
  8. Anyone shot a 3Gun LR course?

    My guess is it will be pretty similar to PRS but I haven't shot one yet. If you go to the 3 gun nation LR page there are different divisions so you can run what ever you feel more comfortable with. Not sure you mag range on your .308 but I'm usually around 12x typically in most PRS matches.
  9. Why

    Could you expand on what you are basing the "same results" on. While the shooter makes the difference in curious to know how you are comparing the two.
  10. Why no love for the P09?

    I've wanted to like these for awhile but the grip just feels off to me.
  11. best 22 rimfire scope for precision rifle trainer

    I've pretty much always run the SWFA 3-15 ffp scopes on my training rifles. They are cheap and work.
  12. CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

    Another vote for CGW. I've had them on a few cz's.
  13. What CZ

    I love my shadow 2.
  14. Hard case for PRS rifle

    Personally I use and boyts h51 hard case with eberlestock drag bags. Makes for versitle combo of you changes your rifles a lot and not having foam cut for each.
  15. New 2011 need opinions

    Just throwing this out there. Went through a similar exercise. Ended up with a ck arms hardcore. Absolutely love it. First 2011 for 3 gun. The poly grip ones are like 2800ish. The metal grip is like 3200ish. I've only played with a dvc limited and it was nice. But the trigger on the ck is better for the same money. But they don't come with a mag.