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  1. Do you have a pic of what your gun looks like with the 9" extension? thanks
  2. Im going to be getting a precision rifle soon, and i am wanting some suggestions on a good rifle. I do not have a huge budget, but i can go higher if needed, it will just take me longer to save the money. right now i am looking at the Bergara HMR in 6.5 Creedmoor. What would you all recommend for a rifle in following price ranges? under $1000, $1001-$2000, and under $2500. These price ranges are for the rifle only as i already have a Leupold scope lined up.
  3. I always would focus on the target. My groups would open up if i focus on the dot.
  4. I have had ATEI do all my milling. they are very very good.
  5. jarozzy

    Which one?

    fruit cake so you can pass it on the next year A descent gift that is a surprise, or a awesome gift that you picked out
  6. jarozzy

    Which one?

    Well-marbled grilled,smoked,or broiled?
  7. jarozzy

    Which one?

    Now trails, three years ago street, but i figured out the hard way deer and street bikes don't mix. So i say again Trails Sand Dunes or Mountains?
  8. Unfortunately it is .40 . I did not see any rules about caliber in the original bylaws on the first post, i chose .40 because of price.
  9. I would like to put my application in please. USPSA # A69366. I am a 27 year old new shooter, please note that being in the younger generation the pull for a 2011 wide body gun in very strong. But i decided to buck my generational norm and go with a Single Stack. Now this is not because i had a 1911 SS before i shot my first match, it is because 1911 SS just rocks . I shot my first match with a borrowed glock in production, and shot my second match with a borrowed STI Trojan. I am still unclassified but i am working on it, i should be in the C range. I like SS so much that the other day
  10. Ok my third match, but this was my first in a year and with my gun. I am unclassified. I shoot a sti Trojan in 40 so I shot SS and L10. I decided to shoot l10 first go "warm up" shot hf of 4.1739 I am very happy with that, I was hoping to be in the C range. On my SS round I did not do so well hf of .1757 I had a good time but some penalties. So looks like my SS classification will be low at first.
  11. .40 STI Trojan, got it from Dawsons Precision, had them put a ambi saftey, and a i believe S&A magwell. I am running 4 Tripp cobra 10mm 10rnd system mags, and 2 Tripp cobra 10mm 9rnd mags.
  12. Wow this thread is probably the most valuable I have found
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