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  1. Do you have a pic of what your gun looks like with the 9" extension? thanks
  2. Im going to be getting a precision rifle soon, and i am wanting some suggestions on a good rifle. I do not have a huge budget, but i can go higher if needed, it will just take me longer to save the money. right now i am looking at the Bergara HMR in 6.5 Creedmoor. What would you all recommend for a rifle in following price ranges? under $1000, $1001-$2000, and under $2500. These price ranges are for the rifle only as i already have a Leupold scope lined up.
  3. I always would focus on the target. My groups would open up if i focus on the dot.
  4. I made the switch to PCC and have recently switched back. Has anyone else had the following problem. I found that my slower precision shots where not as good with the MRD then with irons, but my faster shots had smaller tighter groups and more accurate with the MRD vs irons. An example is when i do the FAST drill i would usually drop one shot off the 3X5 card and my shots on the A zone would be nice and tight with the RMD, whereas with irons i would have better shot placement on the 3X5 card but my A zone shots would be all over the place. I am faster with the MRD but i have to slow way down to get the precision shots, so slow that i am actually faster with the irons, yet with irons i have a greater chance at making worse shots.
  5. I have had ATEI do all my milling. they are very very good.
  6. jarozzy

    G19 with RMR

    Thanks Explosiveo for the answer. Sorry i used the wrong terminology not saying "Division". It has been several years since i shot a USPSA match, and yes it was USPSA, at that time the CO division was not a division, my last match was in 2012. I used to shoot Limited, SS and Open. In the CO division what is the most prominent gun used? Why use a Docter or Delta pro vs the RMR? On my current gun I already have an RMR on it, but i have a few other guns i want to get milled for red dot.
  7. jarozzy

    G19 with RMR

    I haven't shot a match in a while, due to having kids and my local matches changed from shooting on Saturdays to shooting on Sundays. The last match i shoot the carry optic class was not created yet. Since then i have started carrying a G19 with a RMR daily and have the itch to go to a match and start shooting again. Does anyone shoot a G19 in the carry optic class? Also does the longer barrel length of larger guns (i.e. longer sight radius) make a difference with the mini red dots? Thanks
  8. This morning we did Murph hero WOD, dressed as super heroes to honor a real life super hero.
  9. That looks like fun (in a horrible sorta way). I may have to try it this week. I'll let you know if I live! If you are like me only 170lbs then throwing around 135lbs is not always the easiest, especially when you get tired. Our strongest guy was able to do it in 9:21.
  10. My CF gym started a new WOD we call Moose,(you will know why the name the next day). You all should try, it is flat out one of the hardest things i have done in my life. 3 Deadlifts 6 Power Cleans 9 Squat cleans 12 front squats 15 Thrusters RX is 135lbs Done in a spin cycle (3; 3-6; 3-6-9; 3-6-9-12; 3-6-9-12-15) with a 20 min time cut off (I was 5 thrusters away from finishing) Since i started CF my shooting has improved greatly. Last weekend i won my first stage ever, and ended up second of 25 shooters in the match. Before i was was never in the top 50% overall. I think there is something to being in shape and USPSA shooting.
  11. Yes it was sitting out before we chono'd, but it was not sitting out long i would say 20-30 min at the most.
  12. This weekend was the Missouri Fall Classic in Rolla Mo. It started a 8am and the temp was around 30-35 degrees in the morning and then 50 in the afternoon, my squad was first on the chono. Me and another shooter were shooting open with the same load except for the bullet make, mine was MG 124gn with 8.1gn of HS6, both of our loads did not make major he got 162PF and i got 163.7pf. The other guy shot this load at double tap this summer and chonoed 175 (I think) it was around 100 degrees. I did mine at home with a PF of 170 at 75 degrees. The only difference I can think of is the temp. Will colder temps affect HS6 this much, could we have made major if we chonoed later in the day at 50 degrees vs 30. I would like to hear what others have to say before I start changing things, as this was my first match with an open gun, and still learning.
  13. I joined a Crossfit gym today. This was my third workout, the owner let me participate in a few workouts to give me a feel for free. I have done anything since i was done with college swimming 5 years ago. So i am in rally bad shape, from my first workout i could not walk correct had to use my arms to get off a chair. After my second workout, legs still extremely sore, i could not feel my arms so getting out of a chair or my wife's car was a sight. But today i was able to get the RX (recommendation) on the WODs. with a time of 18.6 min. 2X through 20 toes to bar 15 wall balls 20 HDPU (pushups that you raise you hands off the ground at the bottom of the push up) 15 weighted lunges each leg (45lbs) 20 box jumps (32 inches) 15 kettle bells (55lbs) I probably will not be able to sit up tomorrow, this was a killer on the abs.
  14. Hey guys i finally got my open gun from the gunsmith that built it, Jeff Cockrum of C-Rums LLC. It took a while because STI had a back log on a few parts, but the actual build, once he got the parts was only 6 weeks. I have not shot it yet, but i am looking forward to it. Tell me what you think. This is first open gun, so before i jump into the deep end is there any advice that would have been nice to know when you started?
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