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  1. Tuned 2011 40 mag how to?

    I have issues in a couple MBX mags. If shot to empty (the magazine), the mag won't always drop free. The follower hangs up on something. I've tried removing some material from where the front contacts the feed ramps. Seems when I do this, the follower just goes even farther forward and hangs up on the ramp. Could it be hanging up somewhere else? I contacted Adrian. He said to leave the mag fully loaded for a day or two. I've done that for three days straight a couple different times. It solved the issue for one of my three MBX mags. One still hangs up when empty, and the third mag is hit or miss. I can't get it to reliably drop-free every time, nor to hang up every time. Anyone else have this, or advice how to trouble shoot?
  2. How small can a 2011 grip/trigger get?

    Can you get your hands on some at a match? I was in the same boat recently. So much of these measurements are within small fractions of each other, combined with the differences of shape, within the same dimensions, that various grips can feel drastically different from each other. If at all possible, try to get your hands on as many different grips. Yes, it can be weird asking, but shooters are the nicest people around, and it beats dropping serious coin on something you're not sure about.
  3. Looking to buy new Limited gun?

    Where's your grip screw on the top of the trigger guard???
  4. Two sight pictures will do more for your shooting than guessing what spring will let you engage the trigger as fast as possible
  5. How many limited mags in your bag

    This right here. I regularly use three (one in gun, one for reload, one spare) on my belt, and a barney mag. There's another tuned, ready-to-rock mag in my range bag at all times though
  6. Favorite shoe for shooting

    Even on fault lines? I've tried a couple various cleats, don't remember exactly what (they might have been a Nike baseball cleat and a football cleat). Point is, none of the cleats I've ever tried were worth a damn when placed on any fault line; wood/PVC etc. It's even worse in the morning when there is dew on the fault line. That's been the major thing that's kept me in salomon or some type of rubber soled shoe. I wish I could make cleats work; they tend to be cheaper and have even better grip on dirt/grass/gravel
  7. Help Me decide on a limited pistol!

    I have an edge w a lightened slide, and the reduced grip from xtreme shooters. I had heard a ton about metal grips. When I got to finally shoot a couple (PT and SV), I was less than impressed. I believe it changed the characteristics of the recoil to something else that had become undesirable to me; probably from so many rounds through my plastic grip. What worked/still does for me, and everyone is different, is the lightened slide, reduced plastic grip, and a brass ICE magwell. YMMV Best advice I've read on here is to shoot a ton of different guns if at all possible. It can get very expensive very quickly just buying parts that are hyped and may not deliver what YOU want out of them.
  8. Just starting to load 40cal major

    For STI Edge 5" 180gr Black Bullets 4.3gr Titegroup 1.135" COAL CCI SPP No. 500 mixed range brass chrono's 169-171PF I'm sure there is small room for improvement, but it's a trade off vs what is regularly available in my area. I have no doubts I can shoot tens of thousands of this without worrying that I won't be able to get powder or some other component. Whatever you do, chrono it in any gun you may shoot, and record ambient conditions. Don't want to assume you're good to go on a 110F day, then chrono a late season match at 40F and not make major.
  9. 2011 +1 base pads.

    That's actually the reason I went to exclusively TTI. I had a couple Dawson pads where the slider got messed up. One wouldn't close, and the other actually lost the tiny detention mechanism that kept it closed. Used for less than half of a summer. Dawson would sell me replacement parts, either way, that's not durable enough for me. One of my TTI pads has a barely perceptible dent. But still functions 100% YMMV
  10. GH2 Custom 2011 work

    Just got my Edge back from GH2 (George Huening), and needless to say, it is AMAZING!!!!! Had the slide lightened and tri-topped, and a trigger job done while installing an SV trigger system. It breaks just a hair over 2 lbs. Reset? What's that? It's damn near perfection.
  11. what's in your shooting bag?

    Mags back up ear pro lens wipes towel notebook Slip2k bushing wrench allen wrenches rule book mag brush squib road cleaning kit spare fiber for replacing on the front site spare mag springs and recoil springs timer
  12. STI Edge - Help me get started

    Dawson tool-less, 12lb spring from WIlson (they seem to fit over the guide rod better; make less noise than the Wolff's), and an EGW buffer. I replace buffer whenever it gets chewed up. Replace spring roughly every 3k rounds, or when I remember to do so.
  13. Edge Upgrades

    That's what I did with my Eagle. I also added a steel mainspring housing and a 12.5lb recoil spring. Very good crisp 2lb trigger. Damn thing isn't even fun shooting at the public range under 25yds. Thing shoots itself. I forgot about that - recoil spring. When I got it, I looked at the springs I had, ordered some to fill in the gaps, then went to the range and tested a bunch to see what worked for me, my loads, my grip, etc. Settled on a regular 12 lb spring.
  14. Edge Upgrades

    I had a trigger job done, added a Dawson ICE magwell, and tool-less guide rod. that's about it. You shoot a lot of the local Indy-area matches?