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Found 16 results

  1. Anyone have one of the new STI DVC Classic single stacks? I see there are some for sale, but I haven't seen any reviews by anyone yet. Thanks.
  2. Hello to all of you. I'll be getting a new STI DVC open. It will be 9mm and I plan to shoot 9mm major. I have experience reloading, but not 9mm major. I'm looking for suggestions as far as OAL, powder and qty to begin loading major for this gun. I'm planning on using 124gr round nose RMR bullets. My first approach was going to be using the maximum suggested powder qty found in reputable reloading books for 9mm + 1gr. Any recomendations are welcome.
  3. New to the forum. Just picked up a STI DVC Limited in 40 to shoot USPSA. Shot predominantly production that last couple years but made the jump to Limited. Zero'd the gun and chrono'd to make 170 PF. The gun came stock with a 14 lb. recoil spring. Can i go with a lighter recoil spring and still have reliability? Any suggestions on what weight recoil spring? I amend to the 2011 platform so unsure of hat i can and cannot do....also anybody use shot-buffs in their guns? Thanks for the help.
  4. Ok gents to solve a debate that I've read before but just happened to have the tools to solve. The difference in weight between an open CK Arms Hardcore, and CK Arms Thunder, slides. And I threw my STI DVC limited in for fun. Here is what I got: Hardcore: 11.4oz 326g Thunder: 11.2oz 319g DVC-L: 12.3oz 353g All of these are 9mm, not that it would matter, measured on the same scale. Same day/time. These slides were not stripped so they had firing pins/block, extractor etc. Installed. So as equal as I could easily make it. And excuse me if my grams to oz isn't exact I just read the scale.
  5. Hello everyone, I just got my STI dvc open 9mm major and this is my first time loading major. Any recommendations of what bullet/brand should I use? RN or JHP? does anyone have an experience with this gun and has a good load data info? I searched the form and been reading the 9mm load recommendations and I just want to see if someone has an experience with the specific gun! Thanks
  6. Looks like STI has released a limited edition DVC Limited with an island barrel.
  7. I just got my new STI dvc open and looking for a race holster. I'm currently looking at double alpha's new alpha-X holster or the JR Ginovation. Any suggestions from you guys? I would be using this for USPSA matches
  8. Hi all! I recently got a brand new DVC Limited 40. I have around 700 rounds through it and found that my front sight moves freely 1/8" during the last stage of a Steel match Saturday. I have heard opinions of "loctite, due to not being able to drift it all the way off the slide by hand" and "replace with an oversize sight" I haven't drifted it off yet, but do have the brass punches to do so... I thought I'd throw a line out for opinions from the guys that have walked this path before me. Any help would be much appreciated! Mike "baldpriest"
  9. WTB a dvc open on 9 major. This will be my first open gun, any suggestions on where I could get one at a decent price? Or is there a better option?
  10. Hey guys, Looking for opinions on the DVC Open in 9 Major specifically. I have read some negative things in the past that seem to be worked out by now, but haven't really seen any recent reviews. Just wondering if you all thought it was worth the price, or if there was another pistol that was comparable in price, or better to save up for something else. Thanks!
  11. Been working on getting the set of 6 brand new MBX 155mm mags to work in my new STI DVC Open gun with a Phoenix Trinity grip fitted, and having a lot of trouble getting them to work. The first issue was the grip screw(s) spacer/nut rubbing against the mag tube just before the mag reached the fully inserted point. In order to have the mag catch snap into place you had to really SMACK the base plate...HARD. This took some investigation since at first I blamed the positioning of the mag catch inlet on the mag...then the mag catch itself. Both of which I worked on for a number of hours to no avail. Thats when I gave up and began looking for another culprit and discovered the lightest of markings on either side of the mag tube and realized they aligned with the grip screw spacer/nut. The spacer/nut already has a taper on the lower half to provide relief for the stock STI mags ( which work perfectly by the way, but I only have one and needed more mags so decided to try the MBX units since they receive such glowing comments...), and after 5 minutes with a file the MBX mags snapped easily up into place, and released at the tap of the button! Great. Except I was working with the slide removed the whole time. Put the top back on and inserted a full mag to check 'reloadability'...which is fine. Except now the mags don't want to drop out. AND the slide drags so bad it won't go fully into battery without a push, even on an empty mag. I seems like the MBX comes up just a little higher in the well than the STI units and the lips rub on the inside of the slide...is it possible this is the problem? I'm not sure what to do, I don't want to start 're-curving' the mag lips to clear the slide. Kinda frustrated after the $890.00 hit for 6 MBX 155mm mags. Anyone been there, fixed that???
  12. Hi guys, I have searched around... maybe not enough, but anyways. I shoot my STI DVC Limited 40 in both USPSA and 3Gun. What is your Sight In distance for 2011 Limited with stock adjustable sights? What is your method of sighting in? Off the bags or free hand? It has been awhile since I checked my zero, but yesterday at the local fun match when I had to shoot upper panel only at 15 yards all my shots were going 3 inches low in the black and it took me some time to figure out because I could not see the hits. I later looked at the target and group was tight, but about 3 inch low. I think I have zeroed it at 25 yards but it was sometime ago and I am thinking that it either changed or I was pulling shots.
  13. Hey guys, New to the forum and hoping yall could help me decide on a limited pistol. I am selling my SCAR 16 to fund my USPSA addiction and would like to get a nice STI in .40 to put a lot of time and training into. I plan on ordering from Atlas Gunworks, they seem to be knowledgeable, do great tune/trigger jobs, and have good pricing. My choice is between A.- STI DVC Limited with a Atlas tune and trigger job- keeps the plastic grip Option B- STI Edge with metal Phoenix trinity grip, tune and trigger job. My understanding is that includes a magwell and a tool-less guide rod Ive been reading that the DVC is super snappy and a bit finnicky due to the slide lightening, and felt recoil is alot greater when compared to a heavier edge. I'm not a rockstar shooter but can hold my own, and I plan on getting better with this gun. Im coming from shooting production with longslide glocks/M&P's also. Does the metal grip make a huge difference, which would yall choose. Thanks in Advance!
  14. I called Safariland and Bladetech and both say they don't have a holster for the STI DVC Limited 9 with level II retention. I recently ordered and I'm trying to find something with a thumb drive or some other level II retention. I LOVE the idea of the 579 GLS Pro from Safariland with the Middle finger release, but they don't make it for the DVC. I need Level II because the crazy things they have us doing along with the Battle Rattle's I compete in make it easy for a Level I to fail. Thanks for your help!
  15. I was perusing the interwebs, as one does, and happened upon a DVC 9mm on Gunbroker for what seems like a pretty good deal (I am not the seller, nor do I have any connection to the seller) and I figured I should pass it on to the Benos-verse. 3295.00, only 100 rounds through it according to the ad. Here it is, hopefully someone can swipe it up. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=512024196
  16. I have loaded many 10Ks of 9mm for my 1911s but before I try to find what works best in my new DVC limited 9, I thought I would ask whether anyone has any guidance on what generally works best as a starting point. Basically my question is whether there is anything special about the STI 2011s (this is a 5" titanium nitrided barrel) that I should be aware of. Also, how many rounds should I put through it before I trust my experiments on what works? (I figure it will loosen up or smooth out just a bit as I start shooting it) Some questions running through my mind: What range of power factors will cycle with the standard spring? What overall length feeds best? And what range should I stay within? Does it get pickier with lower power factor? What bullet shape feeds best? Probably round nose/ball but I thought I'd ask just in case. Does lead vs. plated vs coated vs FMJ matter to the cycling or to the barrel? Do some bullet weights work better than others in the 115-147 gr range? The answer may just be - it's just a 9 like every other one, so shoot whatever you like and find that works, but I have heard at least that they are sensitive to OAL so in the interest of saving time and components finding my load, please share what you know about loading for these. Thanks! Jim
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