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Found 16 results

  1. Thinking about changing out the stock recoil spring on my 40 cal Edge with a 12 lb one to keep the muzzle from nosediving so much. Any thoughts? Thanks, Darrell
  2. Hello, I am considering purchasing an STI Edge (9mm Luger). I have carried a Glock 19 for years and have no trouble carrying it concealed. What are your thoughts about carrying the STI Edge concealed? I know that there is a size and weight difference compared to the Glock. Just wanted to see if any of you have experience carrying the Edge and what advice you have. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, So I know that my next purchase will be an STI 2011 pistol. Just trying to make my choice between the Edge, Eagle, or Tactical. Caliber is 9mm Luger. The firearm will be just for fun...not really planning to do any competitive shooting. I know I would be happy with any one of these, but I am looking to you all who own one of these for some advice/insight. Thanks in advance! Darrell
  4. When I use the Microsoft Edge browser I can't enter anything into the text section on either post replies or new posts. It does allow me to enter tags & titles. Any ideas (other than using a different browser) ? Not only is it the default browser for Windows 10 but other than this problem on this site it works better than Internet Explorer. Thanks in advance.
  5. I just purchased a STI Edge 40 S&W Competition Ready Pistol from Dawson. I would like to reload for USPSA Limited division and would prefer to not reinvent the wheel. What have others found to be an optimum reload for competition and accuracy? I would be interested to know what people are shooting in terms of bullet weight/brand/typd, powder mfg/type/weight, C.O.L. etc.) Thanks to everyone in advance for your advice.
  6. Hey guys, New to the forum and hoping yall could help me decide on a limited pistol. I am selling my SCAR 16 to fund my USPSA addiction and would like to get a nice STI in .40 to put a lot of time and training into. I plan on ordering from Atlas Gunworks, they seem to be knowledgeable, do great tune/trigger jobs, and have good pricing. My choice is between A.- STI DVC Limited with a Atlas tune and trigger job- keeps the plastic grip Option B- STI Edge with metal Phoenix trinity grip, tune and trigger job. My understanding is that includes a magwell and a tool-less guide rod Ive been reading that the DVC is super snappy and a bit finnicky due to the slide lightening, and felt recoil is alot greater when compared to a heavier edge. I'm not a rockstar shooter but can hold my own, and I plan on getting better with this gun. Im coming from shooting production with longslide glocks/M&P's also. Does the metal grip make a huge difference, which would yall choose. Thanks in Advance!
  7. I have someone local to me that is selling two different pistols both in 40 S&W. I am unaware of the count down the tube. One is a Eagle that has a 5 and 6 inch slide and 4 mags and has a trigger job from unknown source (also looks like a aftermarket trigger). The 6 inch slide looks like it was cut for some reason, maybe you could fill me in on why. Asking $2000 or The other is a Edge that is blued. I would guess all factory parts with no trigger job and one mag for $1500 (firm). Has some holster wear This will be my first 1911/2011 style handgun as I am moving away from Glock. Trust me I would love to have a 2k+ custom gun but seriously can't afford one at the moment while in school. If you have a 2011 you are looking to get rid of that is sub $2k that comes with more than one magazine please PM. I know there is reasonable prices I have seen a few go for $1,400 or less.
  8. I have an STI Edge Limited gun running .40 major... I've always rounded off the radius of the edge of the firing pin stop that contacts the hammer. My reasoning was that this would smooth out the action of the slide and get the gun to shoot faster... Lately, I've been reading that my extra radiusing of the firing pin stop allows the slide to contain more energy, which causes more muzzle flip - a bad thing. I'm curious about the general consensus regarding the firing pin stop radius on Edge limited guns... I'm currently using the standard STI Edge firing pin stop (radiused), but would be open to another brand if better.
  9. Hello, I have a fairly new Edge in .40. I've been running the same ammo, 165 grain reman round nose flat points, since new. The problem is almost every mag it fails to properly eject a spent round or it won't load the next round completely. The chamber doesn't fully close on the next round and I need to drop the mag to clear it. I've got about 250 rounds through it so far. I have an M&P that I never have trouble with so I don't know how to start diagnosing this. Any suggestions are appreciated and thank you.
  10. I've had my Edge for about a month now and just cant get over how sharp the front and rear serrations are. I bought my edge from Dawson's, its one of their CRP packages and its hard chromed. I absolutely love the gun but need some help with the serrations. What's the best thing I can do to take the sharp edge off the front and rear serrations? I still want to be able to get a good grip on them just don't want them taking skin off. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.
  11. Please be patient i'm new to the 2011 platforms and don't really understand or see the difference between the two besides the finish.
  12. I want to install an Infinity trigger with different length trigger inserts in my STI Edge .40 S&W. Main reason for the Infinity trigger is to use the long flat trigger insert because I have long fingers. My fingers are too long for the standard plastic trigger that came with my Edge. Have to admit that I also like the look of the Infinity triggers. What is the procedure for widening the trigger area on an Edge's grip? I haven't removed the trigger from my Edge yet, but it looks like the trigger rides in a polymer channel. What's the best way to widen this channel to fit the Infinity trigger? It seems like a more delicate job than just filing it out with a metal file. How much wider is the Infinity trigger? It couldn't be too much wider than the original STI trigger because the trigger guard isn't much wider than the trigger itself. I've searched for articles on this installation, but haven't found any that explain the operation. Any thoughts, ideas, or links would help.
  13. Just did the $0.25 polish job with a dremel and although everything feels smoother the trigger won't reset consistently when manually racking the slide. This happens every other time I rack the slide. I'm very new to Glocks (Sig guy normally) so I'm not sure what part of the trigger assembly isn't grabbing. Did I overpolish something? Does the safety plunger grab the top of the trigger bar when the slide comes forward or is it the striker?
  14. Hello All, My much anticipated STI Edge CRP in .40 arrived at my local fun store today from the great folks at Dawson Precision. They truly are team Awesome, by the way. To put it simply, I think I'm in love. After shooting a Para P16-40 for a few months, going to handling an STI that is mine, and no one elses, is like going from an SUV to a sports car. The slide to frame fit is just amazing. I can't imagine how the true custom 2011 style guns match up if this is a factory gun. Wow. Also, one of you could have warned me. I loaded up some mags with my handloads to see if they hand cycle in my new precious, and they did, but the gun was also marked as mine...by taking skin off of my left hand thumb. It looks like I tried to load some razor blades in a magazine, and there are deposits of skin in the slide serrations. Seriously. They don't call it the Edge for nothing. DIdn't even notice it for a while, thanks to my calloused thumbs, but WOW. Talk about sharp machining. Overall, I'm so glad I have tomorrow off of work so I can go to the range and put this puppy through its paces. Thanks for all of your input and knowledge that led me down this path. My wallet is still sore from the beating it received, but it will recover. -John
  15. I have a new Edge in .40, 126mm mags with Grams Spring/Follower Kit 11 Coil and Arrendondo +1 international pads, everything is new. The problem: Won't feed Federal 155gr JHP, which I have a lot of. It does feed if I rack the slide manually, but I need to do this every round. It also FTFs 180gr FMJ about 40% of the time. What happens is that the nose of the cartridge gets hung up on the bottom of the feed ramp. What I've tried: I lightly polished the feed ramp with 600 grit sandpaper (pushing with an eraser), it feels and looks smoother but not much else, I didn't go too long so maybe I should try a bit more? I don't want to mess up the ramp's geometry though. Should I try bending the follower up a bit? I've read about this too. I know this gun prefers ammo loaded long, but I can't reload right now and it's tough to find long loaded ammo. I'd like to get this running 100% on factory ammo. Thanks for any suggestions, I've been all over the forums and feel like I've read everything. I guess the bottom line is, should I try bending a spring/follower up? Should I polish the ramp more? I guess I'm more comfortable with bending a spring than damaging a feedramp. Thanks
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