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  1. Best 3 Gun pistol? 9mm or .40?

    This. The STI DVC 3-gun pistol comes in one caliber, 9 mm. Unless you are planning on using it for limited major, 9 mm is the only logical choice
  2. I guess Trump, not Rubio, has the small hands
  3. Open Gun Design Questions

    Why weak side??
  4. 9 Major Case Rupture

    I know. I'm stuck at jury duty reading every post out of sheer boredom
  5. 9 Major Case Rupture

  6. Dillon prices

    Just order from Dillon
  7. Buy an Arredondo micrometer for your powder bar and a Redding competition seating die. You can accurately change your powder drop and COL in seconds
  8. What thumb rest is this?

    Thank you
  9. What thumb rest is this?

    Saw this thumb rest when looking for a new holster. Looks interesting. Anyone know what it is or use it?
  10. Anyone tried these bullets? HS Bullets

    Do they have a Forum discount code like ACME?
  11. USPSA Limited Major what gear to get?

    This is a common sentiment that I really don't understand or agree with. If your goal is to make M, that can be accomplished with any platform. If you are already acknowledging that there are better guns (for you) than the Glock, why not upgrade , if finances allow, to make your progress easier. Practice is still paramount but C/D shooters will benefit from nice triggers, better balanced guns, etc. I am not advocating every new competitive shooter buying $6000 Limited gun but the theory of "Buy once, cry once" makes sense to me. If you love Glocks, no reason not to upgrade one--sights, trigger, stipple. However, the price point to enter the world of steel framed Limited guns is not that much more expensive. You can buy a CZ TS or Tanfo Elite Limited for ~1100 (less if used). There are some nice deals right here on the Forum
  12. Best coating for Open 2011

    That has been my (limited) experience as well. 25K rounds through my STI in hot/humid climate. Shows some holster wear but no rust
  13. Best coating for Open 2011

    I am confused. Not saying it can't happen but do you really see a lot of hardchromed pistols with rust assuming reasonable care??
  14. USPSA Limited Major what gear to get?

    Any decent Limited gun can be sold down the road for a small loss if your tastes change. Think of it as a lease/rental.
  15. USPSA Limited Major what gear to get?

    What's your budget?