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  1. CMC drop in trigger fitting?

    Cock the hammer, hold it all the way back and the safety should go in. You will probably have to wiggle the safety a bit and possibly let up slightly on the hammer. Hope this helps if not, I would send it back, CMC will make it right.
  2. STI Trojan is killing me with feed jams

    Please do not take this the wrong way but if the gun truly does run "at the range" and not at the match then it is a user induced failure. A gun doesn't know it is at a match but you do. Could you be changing your grip under match pressure? maybe limp wrist.
  3. Weak shell ejection causing stovepipes?

    You are changing the recoil spring to shoot 9mm right?
  4. Widebody 1911 Resource Page 2014

    This is not entirely accurate. I have both their 2011 railed frame in 9mm as well as the 22TCM/9mm combo gun. These do not use either para or STI/SVI mags. I've tried both and neither fit. It's a custom mag (at least in their 9mm). The mag is a Mec-Gar body. They use different basepads for each, and I think the railed/tactical model uses a Dawson pad. I use para mags in mine and it works just fine so maybe we are looking at poor QC or tolerance stacking.
  5. Check to make sure you haven't got gunk in your seating die. I am assuming that you didn't tumble the new brass but did the once fired could be a build up of residue from your media. doesn't take much to equal .005"
  6. Varget in Stock - 8 pounders - Benchmark too

    Thanks for the hook up!!!!!!
  7. MAGPUL ANGLED GRIP ATTACHMENT W/O rail "mystery part"?

    Yeah I just mounted a short rail section and the AFG to that. works well. I can't tell from the picture if that is what was done there but you really can't tell their is a rail section under mine.
  8. Some of my favorite carbine handling. Sucker Punch. They did a pretty good job IMHO
  9. les baer 1.5 inch guarantee...

    All firearms lose accuracy with use. I chose to start with the most accurate I could buy and let it degrade from here. You can never have too accurate a gun. Love my LB's
  10. Para 14-45 assistance

    Sell it and buy a used S_I Open gun.
  11. People that don't return shopping carts

    Agree. Cart return areas are nothing but a ploy by the market to enlist the public to police the carts that they normally have their employees recover. Give a kid a break and leave your cart. I park mine next to cars that I think are driven by people who like to return carts so they have something to complain about on BrianEnos.com. Watched a lady parked drivers side next to the cart rack unload her cart into the trunk and then push it passenger side away from the rack, place it there in a parking spot and return to the drivers side and get in. I guess she wanted the extra exercise of pushing her cart to the far side of her car and returning.
  12. RIA Double Stack 9mm Questions

    I bought a bunch of Para P-18 mags from CDNN that have the Para extended base pads. They work great and hold 20 rounds. I am really don't know of other options other than modifying STI mags.
  13. They're back!

  14. AR Build Help

    In that case you need to ensure the trigger moves freely in the trigger slot. I had to open up the slot on a lower I had when I installed a CMC trigger. The trigger was wider and it caused enough binding that it didn't allow the trigger spring to reset the trigger but it would reset like you said. Take your upper back off. take the lower only and with one hand prevent the hammer from over traveling and pull and HOLD the trigger. Next recock the hammer and release the trigger to see if the trigger will reset. if it doesn't push the trigger back forward and see if it resets if it does your trigger is binding and you have to find the cause.
  15. AR Build Help

    Also I find I have a lot less problems when I run my ARs really wet,(especially new ones).Lube everything really well and try again.