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Found 14 results

  1. I am wondering if anybody is running MBX tubes/basepads with Grams’ springs and followers. Specifically 140mm tubes for a 2011 to shoot USPSA limited division. I have 4- 9mm STI tubes with TTI pads for my minor pistol that I have run grams in with great success. Looked on here and saw that people have used Grams with MBX tubes but those who are appeared to be using them in big stick 9 major applications. I think I’ve read that the MBX tubes are a touch wider at the transition from double to single and this is my concern. Thanks for any input.
  2. Hello everyone. I am new to competitive shooting and have a question concerning STI mags. I hear the guts of the mags aren't up to par for most shooters and they are changed out. what does everyone use or recomend to change them out to? Currently running STI EDGE and STI EXECUTIVE both in 40cal. Any information would be helpful.
  3. Just wondering how you guys with GMR's are getting your mags to drop freely from your GMR-15's. Relieve & polish inside of magwell on JP seems like the logical solution, but a little like sacrilege. Thinking I would have to remove too much of the plastic bodies to make a difference. I have 1 out of 6 mags that drops freely even when loaded on the range. My mags are Glock 17 with DP extension & Glock 31/33 with TF extension. Big sticks are wider than 17's and that's where they are binding. Have to pull on them to remove. All the 17's drop free when not loaded and inside AC. Only 1 still drops free outside loaded and hot temp.
  4. Just a heads up for anyone out there that is looking at this particular model of gun. Tripp/Wilson mags do not fit this gun. They use proprietary mags manufactured by Mec-Gar. Pretty disappointing that I didn't know at the time of purchase (buyer be ware). Also if you purchase the gun under the current rebate program, they only ship you 9 round mags instead of the regular 10rnd that come with the gun. Also, Techwell grips and Magwells do in fact fit the gun, but the grips are a little to big Width wise so they hang over the front strap. not enough to cause a functional propblem. but it does feel slightly weird. I have pictures and measurement specs if anyone is curious.
  5. Are the 170mm MBX mags the best option for an open pistol or is there a better option?
  6. Bought brand new mags (bone stock 9mm 20 rd) from CZC. All three of them fail to lock into place due to the mag catch notch either being too low or not wide enough (you choose perspective) on the mag body to engage the mag latch. This CZ TS is .40 and as per the information provided here by trusted members who have done the same, I converted to 9mm for 3gun and will shoot "major' for USPSA. The barrel (fitted by myself) is a great fit and functions without issue. The pistol fires flawlessly as long as I hold it in position with my thumb while firing (yeah...i know...not an option!). The first round fires and as the slide returns to battery, it fails to pick up the second round in mag, as the mag (due to chamber pressure/cycling) withdraws from its seated position in the pistol. Has anyone experienced this whether in an actual CZ TS chambered in 9, or during the above stated conversion? Yes: It is a 9mm TS mag No: I have not changed the guts or added a basepad Yes: .40 mags "click" in without issue ALWAYS I ran three mags fully loaded, rapid fire while holding mag in position without even one FTF. Thank you for you help with my problem.
  7. Hey all, I recently picked up a used STI Apeiro as a back up to my SV limited gun. I already have SV magazines, but I am not confident they will work well in my Apeiro as it stands. If I drive the mags home, they get stuck and have to be pulled out the bottom of the magwell. Definitely not dropping free. I have done a good amount of research and have found the difference has to do with the wider taper at the top of SV magazines and the way that the underside of the frame (magwell area) is clearanced for the magazine. What I want to know is precisely what surfaces/edges (photos with arrows or circles would be great) need to be modified and how much. Either a specific dimension, or a guideline such as keep going slowly until X happens. What is actually supposed to constrain the upward movement of a magazine when inserting it? Is it this frame surface I need to modify or is it something else? I am comfortable with most gunsmithing practices, but do not have access to a mill or anything. Could this be done with files/sandpaper/a dremel (very carefully)??? Also, should STI magazines still be compatible with the gun after making these modifications? Thanks in advance, Eli
  8. I am the captain of the Florida State University Pistol Team. We shoot 92s in competitions and last year bought (for way too much) a 22 conversion kit. The mag that came with it isn't very reliable. Now that the kits are back in production I wanted to know if it was worth buying mags at $40 a piece. Is there another option that will work? I found this online http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/7-M92210 I know the guns went boom but do the mags work? Will they fit into a real Beretta? As a side note: Can anyone tell me how long these conversions are good for? We have 8 shooters on the team every semester should I pick up another conversion or just change out parts as need me?
  9. I have 3 brand new STI 140mm 9mm mags I just bought. I pulled them out yesterday to load them for a steel match and they all had a light coating of surface rust. I would think this is not normal considering they are supposed to be stainless steel. I used them a few times for practice and shot one match with them. Never used them in the rain and they have never hit wet ground. I have two older mags that were stored in the same mag pouch and those did not have any rust on them...only the new ones did. Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. Sent an email to Beven on a Sat, He called me on Monday to finish out the order for springs I needed for the following weekend... but life is crazy and my bank card was hacked and I just got off with the back to shut it down (damn), Beven took all this is stride and sent the required springs in time with me having to call him back once I have the new card. Top Notch, Great Springs and followers for SV/STI Mags, if you are running one of these guns give these a try and you will never go back, I know I wont.
  11. Trying to get pros and cons on different 9mm 1911 single stack magazines
  12. I have some mag related questions on my RIA Doublestack. It's the .22TCM/9mm setup. Forget the .22TCM. I will be running almost exclusively 9mm. The idea is I shoot an STI Edge .40 in USPSA but I want to have a high-cap 1911/2011 type setup in 9mm for 3-gun. Power Factor isn't an issue in 3G, and I also don't wanna worry about scratching a $2K+ gun in 3G. The frame appears to be a copy of a Para double-stack frame. I got a bunch of factory RIA mags (which appear to be Para copies as well), which are 17 rounders. They haven't been shot yet, so I can sell or trade if needed. I want to put a magwell on the gun, but the factory mags are flush-fit, so no extensions, base pads, or magwells will work. I didn't think this completely through, I know. Question 1: Are there longer 9mm Para or RIA mags available? If so, how much capacity can I expect? Question 2: I've heard about STI mags used in Para guns. How does that work (a link will suffice). I know my .40 tubes won't work (can't be cheap and easy, right?) Thanks for the help!
  13. Does anyone know if the quick change baseplates from Caspian will fit their standared 19 rd mags? I just picked up a caspian and would like to put bigger baseplates on the mags. Also, does anyone know of anywhere to get larger capacity Caspian mags? thanks
  14. Does anyone happen to have a Template (makeshift or exact) for witness hole placement in an STI 9/38 140mm mag?
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