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  1. Fastest Bill Drill

    It's not hard to replicate. When I'm practicing or at least shooting some what regularly. Why do you doubt it with a production gun? Have you shot a tuned CZ trigger in SA? Reset, break and travel is very similar to any of my Limcat or SV open or limited guns with 1.5lb triggers.
  2. Fastest Bill Drill

    Sub .10 splits is possible with a production gun. I've hit .08-.09's in matches with a CZ. But personal best of 1.26 bill drill. So again, it is possible, but it's probably not repeatable, and most likely not on command.
  3. Not according to the RO's on that stage, the walls were as constructed. A 6'7" shooter on my squad shot over the top of the walls.
  4. I didn't use them either as the fastest way was going prone on your weak side, or shooting over the tops of the walls if your 6'7".
  5. I have shot a match or 2 and the first thing I thought was.......the shooting area is the top of platform and even pointed it out others in the squad. Maybe I'm just a noob. You didn't think it odd that stairs that are clearly within a shooting area, are marked out of bounds, yet the top of the stairs were in?
  6. I will agree another rear fault line would have made it more clear, I am sorry with bright florescent orange painted lines that look like ALL the other fault lines in the match were not clear enough. Will do better next time by being more clear, maybe flashing purple LED fault lines. Lee I don't see a reason to be a xxxx about it. Anyone who looked at that stage, would agree, that the fault lines on top of the stairs appeared to be defining the top as out of bounds.
  7. Fastest Bill Drill

    It's not impossible, but repeatable? It would be tough
  8. Has anyone else been approved yet? I registered and paid early on the 29th and still haven't been approved into the match.
  9. Mine was delivered Monday the 9th and I still haven't received a confirmation email.
  10. ZEV G19 Trilobite

    They're having caspian build the slide? The frame is a lone wolf timberwolf, yet they're billing it as Salient built "ground up". The Trilo is a nice gun Trace!
  11. JJFU Damascus 1911

    Ainters gonna ain't!
  12. Mike, How much do you charge to do a 1/2" crooked ball cut?
  13. World Shoot Dinner Dress Code

    No jeans, but cargo pants are allowed, lol wut?