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  1. Can close the case here. It was a pressure issue.
  2. Yes is get a hundredth or so of variation in the mixed brass sampling I am using to load. I am more curious around WHY that induces the failure when I still am well off the lands with both loads. Am I simply getting faster peak pressure on the longer load and seeing a piston effect from the case strong enough that the ejector cannot maintain control?
  3. What I don't understand is why the change in length creates this extraction issue that is wholly not related to the extractor or spring. Why does the OAL with this bullet impart this issue when, in the plunk test I conducted, the bullet is not interacting with the lands.
  4. So, I ran into a string of issues with my two Shadows 2s. The issue presented as follows: Shot fired > Case failure to extract > Double feed created Problem load: PD 124gn JHP 4.1gn VV N320 OAL 1.110'' Primer at .005'' Crimp at ~.001'' I have run about 7k of these PDs without issue so I did not suspect the gun - also given that this is my match gun and I replace parts on it proactively like a maniac. What had changed was the OAL, but even then only +.005''. I wanted a little less FPS and didn't want to change the charge . Well, I came home and my autistic tendencies took over. Some good friends let me run their loaded Zero 147gn JHPs (at 1.130'') and the gun in same state ran perfectly - this focused me into the load. I did though, swap the extractor since Nats are close as a 'why not'. The old one was 100% clean and the extractor spring also less than a month old. Today I loaded up 150 rounds using the same recipe but to 1.095'' OAL and they ran perfectly. Curiosity bested me and I loaded a mag of the longer rounds and sure enough the demons reared their heads again. So, I feel conclusively that I know the what here, but I do not fully understand the why. Ramp on the barrel is flawless, followers are in good shape. Both lengths plunk properly (I put the barrel in a vice, drop the round in and test that I can freely rotate it). The ask here is what is the why. Why does the longer round induce that failure mode with this bullet? Other relevant info: 1.140'' is on the lands 1.139'' will rotate freely when dropped into the chamber Video of failure happening: https://youtu.be/1V1Zxx5LD0c
  5. The last issue I had seem to be related to some crud haven't gotten underneath the shell plate. I'm having a different issue now where it seems like the shell plate indexing lags as the toolhead approaches the top of the stroke and then it kind of clicks into place and slightly over rotates before returning to zero. Any experience with this?
  6. @tanks It definitely would - it is more a, it should work, type thing since the port is there on the alarm. So, that is what I am using right now is the primer counter but I am looking forward to the software upgrade in the future!
  7. Got my Evolution humming yesterday and 3 times, when loading at 2500/3000 RPH, the tool head would complete a full cycle but, the shell-plate would not rotate. On the cycle thereafter, it would rotate and the PowderSense station would stop things because it detected a double charge. Anyone encounter this at higher speeds and know how to diagnose? Currently decapping and sizing while loading Stacked priming and manual powder measure Index Speed - 1 Top Dwell - 2 Bottom Dwell - 2 Bottom Slowdown - 2nd hash mark after MIN
  8. Hey folks, Have something of a mystery here... I am sizing on my Mark7 press with a redding Ti-Carbide sizer die. It is leaving these bizarre marks on random pieces of brass and I have not been able to deduce why. I am not decapping on the sizer so the central decapping stem is not present on the die. Checked the interior body of the sizing sleeve and it looks clean and mark free. Ideas?
  9. Gave Mk7 a call, for those of us that have the Rev with stacked priming, the software package does not have the PrimerSense 'feature' enabled in the code. So, they are working on that and should have something out before the end of the week. Allays my confusion as to why I did not see the option to enable it, only the 'Primer Orientation Sensor'. Thanks for following up, @Tanfastic
  10. Those of you with a Rev or Evo Pro & Stacked Priming, what port does the pigtail for the low primer alarm connect to? Can't find any reference to it in the manual? -- Alex
  11. Are the dates for LOCAP locked in then - such that it is safe to book flights around 03NOV is day1 and 05NOV is final shoot day?
  12. Much appreciated. I still feel like an indicator knob would be awesome!
  13. @Tanfastic I sent my measure back to them earlier and got it back in early JAN, has it been revised again? Do you have a picture of the adjustment lock fitting?
  14. I was wondering, has anyone come up with an improved powder knob for the Evo powder assembly? Something bigger with adjustment indications rather than just the singular arrow? Also, what do you use to prevent the knob from slipping after several hundred throws? I tried using a lock washer but even that doesn't hold after a while. This guy looks awesome, for example for the Dillon folks - https://usa-shop.armanov.com/product/clickable-dillon-precision-powder-thrower-adjustment-knob-assembly-50-clicks/.
  15. What are the dimensions of the footprint for the RF100?
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