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  1. Much appreciated. I still feel like an indicator knob would be awesome!
  2. @Tanfastic I sent my measure back to them earlier and got it back in early JAN, has it been revised again? Do you have a picture of the adjustment lock fitting?
  3. I was wondering, has anyone come up with an improved powder knob for the Evo powder assembly? Something bigger with adjustment indications rather than just the singular arrow? Also, what do you use to prevent the knob from slipping after several hundred throws? I tried using a lock washer but even that doesn't hold after a while. This guy looks awesome, for example for the Dillon folks - https://usa-shop.armanov.com/product/clickable-dillon-precision-powder-thrower-adjustment-knob-assembly-50-clicks/.
  4. What are the dimensions of the footprint for the RF100?
  5. Just wanted to comment on die selection as that has had a major influence on the performance of my evo and on powder throw consistency. I am now setup as follows: MA deprimer Redding Carbide Sizer MA Swage Redding Premium Expander Powder Drop Empty Bullet Dropper w\ Armanov seating helper Redding Micro Adjust Seater Redding Micro Adjust Taper Crimp The lyman universal expander that MK7 sent with the Evo just could not get consistent pressure on the powder thrower or consistent seat with the 135gr RN Bayous I am loading. Everything else has been trial and error.
  6. Just to confirm, there is no walking of stages the day before, correct?
  7. Anyone know a round count for the production match?
  8. Good point as I have seen that on other scales in the past too! I've verified against throws from a Prometheus G2 and have a separate c1 10g weight - that was when I first got the FX120 - haven't done that in awhile since on an Auto Trickler the throws always match the G2. Suffice to say I've never not trusted the scale :P.
  9. Yeah, I have - have a 100g class 0 weight from Troemner and use forceps to handle it. That was a result of initially not believing the crazy swings in throw I was getting before the lower assembly was replaced. Scale reads perfectly every time. I've gone so far as to re-calibrate it before every session just to ensure that my logs are accurate.
  10. So, I only have one press haha (technically a second in a Redding Big Boss II) - that said, not having the ability to have a dedicated head for processing are y'all saying I should process on one pass, then load the rest of the dies and load? Just trying to determine optimal process since it seems that tumbling is best done decapped to clean the primer pocket. Unsure if folks in my situation unload their tool head or not. Maybe one day I'll get a second setup just for this!
  11. Man, the more you know! That's definitely happened to me but I figured it had to do with the brass being out of spec - never suspected anything else. I very early suspected the plastic hopper was an issue because of the severe static I was getting. After going back and forth with support, I got frustrated and sent my hopper and funnel to Ward at Dramworx and he created a new perfectly fit pyrex hopper. Could not have been happier with the improvement. Didn't solve the problem at the end of the day that was ultimately due to the measure's issues. We seem to be pretty identical in process Tanfastic... I measure every 10 rounds on my FX120i. Call me paranoid but my variance still averages +- .32gr which has caused me to experience several light throws as well. Currently loading 9 minor, 135 bayou RN on 3.6 gr of N320 at 1.12'' OAL through my S2. Because of this, I have refused to use the ammo at matches as of yet - just fulfilling my practice needs for the time being and Syntech is my match load. For the same reason that the variance is yet unexplained, the throw on the case vs direct to a pan is unexplained, and honestly, OAL variance is not what I believe it should be. Posted here asking about the acceptability of said variances and it seems to be the opinion that it should not be acceptable. So, until we have answers as I said, I am just using it to practice.
  12. Was not aware of the feeder spring "flipper", mine is one of the printed parts.
  13. Yeah, the plastic shim was replaced with a machined part, chamber profile was changed, and interior dropper sleeve was lengthened. I was one of the first evo's to customers and reported issues early on about severe inconsistencies in the drop. @RGA, I load 9 and have had cases jam up in the top of the feeder's funnel three times per my logs. Another oddity that is yet unexplained but that MK7 is aware of. If I set my powder measure to throw a load directly into a scale pan, then have it throw a measure into a case on the station, I get a completely different throw. This is with full swing on the throw bar as verified on video. I can't make sense of it!
  14. Looking at getting a tumbler from STM and was curious, when processing brass on the Evo, or any progressive, to deprime, do you remove the dies from all the other stations or what is the best way to go about that?
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