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  1. rougeqc21

    Favorite Podcasts

    Bringing this back from the dead - what new podcasts are you all listening to?
  2. rougeqc21


    I will second the visualization thought here. I have been shooting competitively a year (14 matches) and still, at times, suffer from this issue as well. The best way for me to reconcile this has been to first of all, not worry about forgetting targets and alleviating that anxiety, and two, rehearsing my stage plan as many times before my actual run as possible. At some point I have to decide not to audible in any changes because that is where things go bananas for me.
  3. rougeqc21

    Super Blake Drill

    Those are very helpful tips, thanks. Also, that is a blazing run!
  4. rougeqc21

    Super Blake Drill

    I suppose the nuance of the question is, during the press, are your sights in motion? I infer the answer to that is yes, just want to make sure I am practicing this properly if the timing of your swing is a component of the drill as well.
  5. rougeqc21

    Super Blake Drill

    Are you coming to a full stop on each target with such low split times or moving continuously?
  6. rougeqc21


    Shot it this past weekend. Production shooting an S2. Went for the bodies first, then high torso. 6.97 Seconds 7-A, 1-B, 4-C 7.1736 HF 78%
  7. rougeqc21

    4" Groups at 25 Yards

    I have found that working 25 yard groups has tremendously helped my confidence on partials. Haven't really worked distance at speed yet but again, the work is paying off in the rest of my game.
  8. rougeqc21

    Footwear options for 2018

    I had been wearing the La Sportiva Mutants but the toe box was a bit too narrow. Switched over to the Altra King MT 1.5 and will never look back. Extremely grippy in all conditions, no heel rise, and ultra wide toe box. Also, they have sizing for 14 feet.
  9. I purposely squad with the local ballers to learn and ask as many questions as I can, without being annoying... Haha. At first, I definitely tried to shoot 120% of my skill and the wheels would come off on the regular. Can control that a lot better and now will take cues from stage plans and adapt on the fly leading to better results. Am also the type that wants to have a north star for development and those guys definitely provide that by way of performance.
  10. rougeqc21

    Faster reloading?

    Repetition in dryfire is what I have found to help more than anything. Getting used to your hands moving fast so that match speed, fast is not all of a sudden a new thing. Working against unrealistic time standards given my current skill just as an emphasis to move fast. And maintaining a strong visual index on the magwell.
  11. rougeqc21

    SP01 Tac with S2 Mag Release

    Called CZ and they said the part has to be fit most likely. Removed 3 thou of material and then polished it and the issue is resolved! Just wanted to update everyone.
  12. rougeqc21

    Favorite Match Ammo for Shadow 2 - factory and / or yours

    I have been running blue lakes 147s with a lot of success. Have 3 cases of 150gr syntech coming in... If it is too long, it will go to the Beretta. Couldn't find much in the way of folks mentioning Federal's 150s in respect to the S2.
  13. rougeqc21

    SP01 Tac with S2 Mag Release

    Hey folks, Replaced the mag release on my SP01 Tac this evening with a Shadow2 mag release from CZ. It feels like the mags are rubbing on the release, or right near that area and some drop free and some don't. If I mic the tubes there are some width variations and it is the wider of the mags that stick. But, I also noticed that some of the material from the release portrudes over the rest of the inside of the frame, specifically below the release on the front inside facing portion of the well. Any of you had to polish this down to sit flush? Also have an S2 and the part definitely sits under the frame in that pistol.
  14. rougeqc21

    P320 Full Size Recoil Spring

    Appreciate the info, Jeff!
  15. rougeqc21

    P320 Full Size Recoil Spring

    Some good variety in poundage here, haha. Any of y'all have an approximate idea on how far ejection is going? Maybe 2 feet is normal on these pistols... My S2 & 92 slings em 6ish feet is why I am curious.