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  1. Extra shots on a stop plate in ICORE

    Want to blow your mind? Start talking about par time stages and total time scoring! LOL!
  2. Extra shots on a stop plate in ICORE

    That's it. Write good stage descriptions and all of these problems go away.
  3. Extra shots on a stop plate in ICORE

    ICORE has two types of courses of fire. Shots Limited or Shots Unlimited. It doesn't have any rules specifically governing steel challenge type stages. It has rules (6.6.10. Failure to hit a Stop Plate and Covering FTE's on a steel-only stage) that apply to steel challenge type stages, but doesn't have a rule governing what a steel challenge stage is. Find an example in the rules that allows throwing out the worst string. You won't. That being said, the BOD didn't want to enact rules to govern steel challenge type stages. The idea is to give Match Directors total control over them. You won't find a rule that says hitting the stop plate ends the string. You will find a rule that allows shooters to fire right up to the issuance of "If clear, close cylinder,holster". So what happens if a shooter missed a plate but hit the stop plate afterwards? Did the string stop when the stop plate was hit or can he take a makeup shot prior to "If clear, close cylinder, holster"? That's why the wording of Chapter 2 that covers the stage being explained by a complete written stage description is so important to these stages. I hope this explains my rationale more completely.
  4. Extra shots on a stop plate in ICORE

    Emphasis on written stage description. There are no other rules governing steel challenge type stages in ICORE. Match Directors have a free hand determining when the clock stops. They can choose when the plate is hit initially or at last shot.
  5. Extra shots on a stop plate in ICORE

    Earlier this year, proposed rule changes were brought before the board to codify Steel Challenge type stages and par time stages. The rule book has penalties that cover overtime shots and failure to hit a stop plate. It was decided not to adopt these changes so as to give Match Directors flexibility in stage design. Review Capter 2 " The course of fire will be explained to the shooters by a complete written description of the course of fire and/or a walk through from the Range Officer." 4.3. Requires stages and their descriptions must be set up clearly. Make things easy to understand. It is up to the Match Director to specify in the Written Stage Briefing when the time stops.
  6. 2017 IRC

    So far, Ruger is the Title Match Sponsor, Hogue, Apex, and Proarms are signed up as match sponsors. TK Custom is a stage sponsor and Dillon is an event sponsor. More to come!
  7. Drive the roll pin out from top to bottom, but it is not necessary to completely remove it. Just drive it out enough for the mag release to come out. Keep some pressure on the release when you drive the pin out so it doesn't bind up. When i reinstalled it, I put a 3/32" drill bit in from the top to help line up the release when I drove the roll pin back up from the bottom. again, keep some pressure on the release to make re-installation easier.
  8. The magwell funnel is from Taccom.
  9. Took less than 30 minutes to install. Used red locktite on the screws. Ground off the tips of the screws that protruded from the back side of the paddle. Easy peasey.
  10. 2017 IRC

    Registration is open for the 2017 International Revolver Championship. Go the Matchsignup.org to sign up.
  11. Take one round and drop it into each hole one at a time to see if there is a dimensional problem. Might be just one is a tad undersized.
  12. Hogue Big Butt grips in Classic division?

    Hogue Big Butts are perfectly legal in Classic Division.
  13. Definitely 3/32". Drive out from top to bottom but not necessary to remove it completely.
  14. What's your favorite load for the cz tactical Sport .40???

    180 gr Blue Bullet, 4.4 gr 320, 1.125" OAL. Chrono'ed at the Florida Open at 170.8 PF.
  15. Cz 75 Tactical Sport unknown recoil spring weight

    Look on the Cajun gunworks web site under technical support. Great explanation on springs and how to pick them. They are load specific. I'm using a 13 lb main spring. My 180 gr Blue Bullets over 4.4 gr of 320 eject out about 7 feet. I use a 15 lb hammer spring. I tried a 13 lb but had light strikes. This is in my Tactical Sport.