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  1. The thought entered my mind on those coatings because I had some laying around or so I thought. I have not ended up doing this because on further consideration I decided I didn't want the shine that would bring to the grip finish. Really the big thing for me was the ease of cleaning but I've had to clean this grip a couple of times after matches and it's not bad at all. As you stated the Si02 coating will not be very durable in this application due to friction/abrasion and various solvents. I'm opting to keep it in the bead blast finish for the time being and I re-blast
  2. Thanks Greg! That's what I wanted to hear.
  3. When applicable, the grip safety may be disabled provided that the primary safety as described in is operable. Production and Carry Optics division handguns are explicitly excluded from this rule (See Appendices D4 and D7, item 22.1).
  4. +1 on this I load to 1.19 in .40 and had to open my front mag lips up so that the round presents the projectile tip higher and strikes the feed ramp in the proper position. I confirmed 100% running with my MBX mags yesterday after that modification. You can use a black sharpie to color the feed ramp to determine where your rounds are hitting.
  5. I've found that the feed lips on these Gen 1 MBX .40 cal mags were Front .385 and Rear .390. I've opened up the front to be .397 and is definitely much better when hand feeding with no recoil system. Will see if it can run a full mag without a failure to feed today. One thing I've learned on these 2011 platforms is that EVERYTHING requires tuning, no exceptions.... YMMV
  6. Yeah no doubt! I've got a MBX gen 2 that should be in tuesday and we'll see how it runs but would really love to be able to fix my gen 1's.
  7. I’m having the same issue with MBX gen 1 140 mm mags when full. If I only load 1 round or a few rounds it won’t hang on the feed ramp. OAL doesn’t seem to matter as I’ve loaded them down to 1.125 and same problem.
  8. Greg how do you feel the accuracy of the G2 unit has been for you? I've read a lot of reviews that report inconsistent velocities. Have you compared it side by side (or inline) with your old CED? Would also be interested in any other users feedback. I love the app capability but if the unit doesn't give accurate readings it's a no go.
  9. "Make Ready" you can find it in the App Store. They have a lite version for free only caveat is it doesn't have range commands and start delay.
  10. I've seen a lot of DLC/PVD and cerakote it seems. Also looks like some just leaving it raw. Anodizing is only for aluminum or titanium and wouldn't apply to a steel grip. I've been evaluating what I'm going to do with mine and it occurred to me that I had a product I had used on some wheels for one of my vehicles. This product is called 22PLE and is a "glass coating" that bonds to the wheels surface and protects from corrosion and make brake dust cleanup a breeze. My experience with that was that it worked VERY well as advertised, though not particularly cheap. These "glass coating
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