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  1. Anyone here shoot a Kolar?

    A little late to this thread. I have three Kolar shotguns. Two are two barrel skeet guns with sub-gauge tubes, the third is a 32" sporting gun. All have high adjustable ribs. I love them and I shoot them better than other shotguns I have owned. I started the O/U craze with a Beretta 682. Next was a Perazzi that I shot very well, but was not set up for adjustable chokes. I bought the 32" Kolar and from the beginning I shot it much better. Added another Kolar skeet gun. The most counterproductive thing I did was switch back a forth between the Kolar and the Perazzi. The ergonomics are much different. Traded the Perazzi for the third Kolar. The Kolars come with offset stocks with a heel that casts out. I had my factory stocks altered for me at the factory. Customer service is outstanding. You cannot go wrong. Good shooting. Mike
  2. SVI the Rolls Royce of 1911's?

    I bought my first SVI from a distributor online without ever shooting or even handling one in person. I just went with the opinions of other shooters. So after I left the gun shop when I picked up the gun, I was already planning to get my next! Now i have some. They are indeed that good. Mike
  3. The Redding comp seater will be of assistance in getting your bullet seated straight. It captures the tip of the bullet at the beginning of the seating function with a spring loaded sleeve. Standard seating dies impinge on the bullet tip at the end of the seating function,when it is too late if the bullet is seated crooked. A bullet seated crooked may not pass the plunk test. The first Redding comp seater I used was in .45 auto and it made a big difference. It took out unexplained flyers for the lead bullets I was loading. I use the Redding die for loading .40 for two SVI AET barrels and have gone as long as 1.220" OAL with out a problem.
  4. Limcat vs SV

    This is an SVI pic and mine is identical except for the last digit of the serial number. Perfect representation.
  5. Limcat vs SV

    I have to take issue with some adverse comments regarding SVI. I have 5 SVI pistols and each is better than the next. Mine are in 9mm, .40 caliber, 10mm and one open gun in .38 SC. I have had zero malfunctions and zero complaints. Accuracy is great. Questions I have had concerning load data or a build sheet were responded to by SVI in a timely manner. When I clean my SVI's, I inspect each as I do with any firearm. I am continually amazed as to the fine workmanship, so much that comments to the contrary lack credibility. My guess with the slide with the chip missing by the extractor in post #85 is that an after market firing pin stop was misfit when installed. Just a guess. My only problem with SVI is coming up with the scratch to buy more! But I will. Mike
  6. Best bullet profile for a 9mm Open Gun

    I just bought a case of Montana Gold 9mm 124 grain JHP, 3,750 bullets for $360, shipped. That is 9.6 cents apiece.
  7. I use a Dillon 550B and I exclusively use Redding dies. As for the sizer, they resize .001" to .002" tighter than a Dillon, which is better for lead bullets. The Competition seater with the micrometer adjustment is just superb. The difference this die makes is that the spring loaded seating plug holds the bullet in line during the seating operation for a straighter and more accurate loaded round. I noted the improvement when loading an H&G style 185 grain SWC .45 caliber bullet. It eliminated the fliers. I do not use a Dillon lock ring with the .45 Competition seater because I do have to remove it periodically to clean out the bullet lube left behind from lead bullets. A Redding lock ring allows return to back to original setting. I use Redding dies for .45, .44 magnum, .40 S&W, 9mm and now .38 super comp. Good Shooting. Mike
  8. Fiber optic sight recomendation.

    Dawson has an amazing selection of sight heights and widths to dial your point of impact right in.
  9. I have both and the SV might be a little brighter of the two. But if you get solvent or degreaser on either fiber optic, it will become dull in short order.
  10. SVI Barrels

    Both of my .40 caliber SVI's are new this year and both have AET barrels. Neither have fluted chambers, which I consider a plus for brass longevity. Both shoot great.
  11. There were several things I had done to improve primer seating with my 550. I purchased and installed a roller bearing from Unitek which allows me to tighten the shell plate more than I could without it and still be able to rotate the shell plate easily. I got the Dillon roller handle and I used an oil on the ram instead of slide glide grease. And be sure to use a good grease like Mil Comm's TW25B under the center of the shell plate that will not migrate elsewhere. Good luck and good shooting. Mike
  12. Tightening a front sight

    Try 609 Loctite. It is a wicking compound that will seep into the small space between the sight base and slide dovetail. It is not as forever like the red locktite, but you will need Kroil too loosen it if you ever go to replace it. Mike
  13. How many presses do you have?

    I have six. RCBS Partner Press Redding Ultra Mag RFD Custom BR Single Stage Two Arbor Presses One Dillon 500B with three caliber conversions Thanks. Mike