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  1. How has the dry-fire been going? I've been working a lot out of Ben's book as well, and having those par times to work toward has really motivated me - I hadn't been on a timer before this and my sessions were very sporadic. The par time has definitely helped with pushing my speed and helping me to fine-tune my draws and reloads. Have you gotten any live-fire practice in from the drills you were running in dry-fire? And if so, did you see a huge difference in practicing it at home before you headed to the range? I have also been wanting to do this, but haven't caught up with loading ammo and have no practice rounds loaded, yet.
  2. #drypewpewing 1/31/17 95 minutes I felt really good about this session! Reloads felt smoother and more natural, felt alert and seeing my sights faster. Warm Up Draws: slow-mo x5; hands at sides x5, wrists above x5, turn and draw x5, moving forward x10, draw and step left/right x10, draw to SH x5, draw to WH x5. Reloads: slow-mo; upper A, reload lower A; draw reload to SH, reload to WH x5, then did same thing but shot three targets x5; upper A, step reload to lower A x10; load to upper A x30. Short Course Skills Ammo pick up - unloaded firearm, pickup mag and unloaded firearm from table, 2.5 seconds x15, 2.0 x10 Core USPSA Skills BIll Drill, 1.7 seconds x20 El Prez, 4.8 seconds, x10, 4.6 seconds x5 90 degree transitions, 1.7 seconds x10, and more target transitions no par time 180 degree transitions, no par time x10 Reloads (6r6r6), 6.1 seconds x30 Draw to 3 reloads, 6.5 seconds x5, 5.5 seconds x5 Draw to one target (2 shots), 1.1 seconds x10 Learning Drills Draw to index, 0.7 seconds x20 Reload Drills, 1.5 seconds x10, 1.4 seconds x10 Transition component drills, 2.2 seconds x30, 2.0 seconds x10 Field Course Spent some time with shooting on the move, incorporated the 90 and 180 degree transitions Marksmanship Spent some time group shooting at distance, clean trigger presses #physical training 1/31/17 20 minutes? No idea how long it took to do these Lunch break 2 sets x12 push ups (girlie style) 20 situps 2 sets x25 rows with my resistance tubing in the doorjamb 15 with my resistance tubing in the doorjamb - not sure what excercise it is called, but the band was up high and I was pulling down After dryfire 3 sets x6 pushups (arms were tired! couldn't do more than 6 in a row lol) 30 crunches on yoga ball 25 squats 2 sets x20 bicep curl (7 lb weights) shoulder shrugs and stretching
  3. #pewpewing 1/08/17 Winter Wonderland @ Paul Bunyan 7th Production, 57.68% of Production M (ThumblessKorean) I'm going to blame this train-wreck of a match on the off-season + gun malfunctions Stage 1: 62.95% 23A, 7C, 1D, 1M -- I totally knew I miked a target and didn't even make it up BLEH. Had a horrific reload, almost forgot a target, and 180 transition was slow. Stage 2: 63.43% 19A , 4C, 1D -- Slippery stage, need to replace my cleats tread in the front is worn. Light strike BLEH. AVOIDABLE! I am now changing out springs before this stuff happens. Stage 3: 40.2%, 10A, 3B, 3C -- I was feeling good about this stage and then I had a light strike while leaning around the barricade, holding a monkey, shooting strong hand only. Three times. Totally killed my time and dropped my percentage drastically. This is hopefully remedied already with the changing out of springs. Stage 4: 19.79%, 8A, 2C,2M -- SQUIB. Totally killed another stage score. Besides that, I did not have this stage memorized well enough, I messed up the order and think I ended up shooting targets extra times. My press has been giving me grief, need to figure out its issue and fix my press before loading up my 1,000 rounds for Berry's Steel Open.... coming up very soon! Stage 5: 60.32%, 21A, 1C, 1D -- I felt slow on this stage because of all the awkward movement. I'm still not totally comfortable moving uprange, need to practice that more in dry-fire. Called a bad hit and made it up... but didn't really pay attention to the hit and made up a delta with a delta. Need to remember that just throwing lead downrange in the general direction of the target is not going to help. Another messed up reload in this stage. Been practicing getting the same firm grip on the mag each time in dry-fire. Stage 6: 74.92%, 25A -- hard to see the poppers against the white snow! I was happy with this stage. I was going one-for-one on all the steel until the last position when I started thinking about it lol. I overran the last port, thinking it was symmetrical to the other side.,, rehearse better! It was only a few steps, so I did not have my reload completed right away. Stage 7: 36.6% 7A, 1B -- Ah! Pucker Factor. My first "A" class classifier score.... if I had not taken that last "pick-up" shot on the head box.... in Virginia Count.... that I didn't actually need. Instead of ignoring my instincts like I did in stage 1, I hadn't called my first shot, so made it up without thinking, and then remembered as I pulled the trigger that it was VC. Otherwise, it was perfect, though a little conservative. I totally bombed three of my stages, but I see a lot of my weak spots that I need to work on. practice reloads while moving 180 transitions faster, eyes before gun running uprange needs to be more natural don't ignore your instincts call your shots, pick up right away if its worth it, and then don't waste the time - AIM appropriately don't start thinking memorize the stage! visualize everything repeatedly; also program for VC maintenance: replace cleats & fix loading press maintenance: springs replaced - start replacing them before things go wrong practice on swingers
  4. #drypewpewing 1/30/17 15 minutes Tonight I didn't even put on my belt and holster, did all my drills from low-ready. Wanted to focus on getting my eyes on a target and then driving my gun there with sights aligned. I focused on proper grip and aggressive transitions between the targets. I felt the other night that my sights were ending up on the target with my front sight dipped down a bit, so wanted to iron that out a bit. I felt tonight I was seeing my sights quickly and able to meet the targets with almost no adjustment needed. I tried moved around a bit too and aimed at targets from different angles, not just head-on. I also did several arrays and would switch to strong hand or weak hand only on distance poppers and the plate rack from 10 (simulated) yards. Also had a good focus on a clean trigger press for all these drills; noticing the feeling of only my trigger finger engaging. Short but productive session. #physical training The last three months I have been stretching and doing exercises with body weight and light weights to strengthen my back and shoulders, trying to get the pain from an injury (from being rear-ended 2 1/2 years ago) to go away. Started dry-firing January 4. I told my physical therapist that I had started practicing for my sport, and the pain level had increased; I thought it may make everything worse, and wondered whether to back off. But then, I thought to myself - I have two options: I can either (1) do what I did most of 2016, which was attend matches but be too afraid of pain to practice... and not get better, and try and be happy with that level of participation. Or (2) start dry-firing regularly so I can get better, because I don't think I can be happy with my current skill level, and hope it just gets worse before it gets better. Because if I'm going to be in pain anyway, I might as well get something out of it as well. So, I've been dry-firing. On Sunday, I stopped in my tracks around noon because something felt wrong... I realized I had hardly hurt all morning. It was the first day over two years that I almost felt normal. All day Sunday and yesterday, the pain has been a third of what it has been the last six months. I think hour-long sessions in dry-firing and increased movement in that entire right rib/back/shoulder area are helping. I really hope it hasn't been a fluke these past two days. I'm taking it easy on the weights, don't want to add too much, too fast and set myself back, but going to keep on adding activity little by little. I only have the 7 lb weight right now, so I need to get a heavier one for the bicep curls, and some other weights to continue the exercises I was doing at PT. And need to get a foam roller this week, too. I would also like to start yoga back up at the Y. I used to do yoga three times a week before the accident. Last time I tried going, I could hardly move to do any of the exercises. May still be like that, but gotta start somewhere! Did a few things after dry-fire. 50 crunches on my yoga ball 2 sets of 12 push ups (the girlie ones for now) 2 sets of 20 bicep curls (7 lb weight) 25 squats (holding my 7 lb weight) 5 minutes stretching heat pack on my back
  5. Hahaha! Baseball Standards can be brutal! That was one of my first classifiers and I scored an 18% It kicked my butt for a second time around at 35%. But like you - the next time we cross paths, I will totally crush that classifier.
  6. #drypewpewing 1/29/17 40 minutes I didn't feel like dryfiring, but it's my goal to dryfire at least 15 minutes at least 5 days a week (Monday-Sunday). I had already taken two days off, and this was the last day of my dryfire week - so I had to! Warmed up with some draws. I noticed on one of my videos, my thumbs were pointing up a bit, so worked on 3/4 speed draws to really make sure my weak hand grip was good. Started from hands at sides, wrists above, and did a few strong hand and passing to weak hand. Some transitions between targets and also some 90 degree transitions, no timer. Did a few timed things, didn't focus on speed as much as really focusing on my weak hand grip and having my elbows out a bit, instead of tucked in like I have a habit of doing. Core USPSA Skills Practice Reloads, 6.1 second par time, 10 reps El Prez, 5.0 sec, 5 reps; 4.8 sec, 10 reps, also did some off the timer. Really focused on getting all alphas. Reload drills, 1.3 sec, 10 reps, 1.5 sec, 10 reps. Felt like I was really struggling with my reloads tonight. Except my "struggling" today was better than my reloads just a few weeks ago, so I would say that is improvement. Reloading on the move. Had three sets of targets in different spots in the house and set up a barrier of an empty stacked moving box between two of the positions. Was able to practice shooting targets and then reloading while moving in different directions, depending on what set I started on. The most difficult scenario, which was really choppy, was shooting some targets downrange and then having to reload and travel uprange about 6 feet past a barricade to my left and shoot a series of three targets and popper. Figuring out the best spot to reload, and reloading while sorta travelling right and completing the reload so I was ready to shoot when I made it past the barricade..... still needs work. This is from last week I thought was kinda funny because it surprised me....
  7. #drypewpewin 1/27/17 90 minutes Started with the drills in the Stoeger dryfire video, did each one anywhere from 5-15 reps each, depending on how I felt about them. No par time for any of them. Used it as my warm up session. I think I did this for at least 30 minutes. I didn't look at the clock until after some of the timed stuff and it had been an hour. Group shooting at long distance Draws: slow mo, hands at side, wrists above, draw and advance, draw and step left/right, draw to strong, draw to weak, turn and draw. Reloads: slow mo; upper A, reload to lower A; Reload to SH, reload to WH; upper A, step reload to lower A; load to upper A (I think I did 40 reps for this - and then figured out a par time for it later), turn and shoot, reload and kneel; wrists above, draw from kneel. Core USPSA Skills 90 degree transitions, 1.7 seconds, 40 reps Bill Drill, 1.8--1.6 seconds, 30 reps El Prez, 5.5 seconds, 20 reps Reloads (6R6R6), 6.0 (30), 6.2 (10), 6.1 (10), 50 reps Unloaded Start to lower A, 3 seconds (1), 1.5 second (1), 1.6 (10), 1.7 seconds (10), 1.8 seconds (10), 32 reps Looking at my video now, looks a little slow...
  8. I was so tired last night, I decided to just do my range journal entry. I then went to bed earlier than my recent norm, but stayed up reading with my head lamp Bassham's book, "With Winning in Mind." I started it awhile back and am now half way through it. Good stuff! I am more positive this year. Though, I feel somewhat fake when I'm positive; I feel like being down on myself is more "realistic" - but changing that mindset! This quote, I believe attributed to Henry Ford, is something I need to remember: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't.... you're right."
  9. #drypewpewing 01/25/17 75 minutes Last night felt much better. Didn't take me forever to "warm up." Reinforces the fact that I need to be awake for probably four hours before a match so I can be fully awake and alert. About 15 minutes in I felt that I was gripping a lot better; either need to learn to grip tighter right away, or maybe I should add a warm up time before matches. I rarely ever use any time before a match to handle my gun. I started with a few things off of Stoeger's "15 Minute Dry Fire" video on YouTube, which is kind of a funny (deceiving?) title, because the first time I went through it, I spent 45 minutes going through the first half of the exercises. Warm Up (no par time): Group shooting on a light switch from across the living room Draws: slow-mo, from hands at sides, surrender position, turn and draw, draw while moving forward, and backward Reloads: starting in slo-mo and then going up to speed Core USPSA Skills: Bill Drill, started at 1.8 sec, then 1.6, 20 reps 90 degree transitions, 1.6 seconds, 20 reps El Prez, started at 6.0 seconds, realized it was way too long of a timer. Did 10 reps at 5.5, 10 reps at 5.0, then I set it for the goal par time of 3.5 seconds just to see what it felt like. I just wanted to see if I could get it in that time if I tried to aim as best as I could, but didn't care about my hits. I was kinda surprised when I finished very close to the par time. I set the timer to do some more reps and tried to finish in the time. Most runs I couldn't find my front sight, and just point shot the first time over the targets, after the reload I could see my sights and call my shots. I started thinking, "With practice... I could totally do this!" I didn't think before that it was in the realm of possibility for me. Reloads (6R6R6), 10 reps at 6.5 seconds, 15 reps at 6.2 seconds, 10 reps at 6.0, 15 reps at 5.8. Reloads are feeling so much better. The night before felt like such a struggle. I think I was pushing too hard, so last night I backed off the timer and didn't bump it down until I was ready. Someone mentioned my draws were slow, so I tried working on that last night. Focused on standing in my shooting position at my ready position and/or not changing my position when I don't need to. REALLY need to put the new BOSS hanger on my holster, the one I have now is angled out way too far, and against division rules, and have to tilt my wrist out too much to draw. Too much movement going on. Learning Drills: Draw Component Drills, pg 17, to index, 10 yards, 0.7 seconds, 40 reps. I am pushing out toward the target at the beep. So I think I am really aimed up around 0.8 seconds. It's pretty consistent. I think if I bump it up to 0.8, I will get it every time - so either keep it where it's at to try and force me to make it, or maybe do a 0.75, if my timer lets me do hundredths place. Not sure what I need to do to be faster. I'm mostly concerned about consistency, and my grip out of the holster has gotten SO MUCH better. I used to be all over the place, adjusting my grip after the draw, adding seconds to my stage time. So at least that is improving. Draw, (10 yards, engage single target twice) 15 reps at 1.3 seconds, 10 reps at 1.1 seconds, 10 reps at 1.0 seconds Field Course Skills (I didn't set a par time): Shooting while moving, pg 65 Position Exit, pg 73, except I was exiting and concentrating on reloading and then coming in to the new shooting box for Position Entry, pg 69
  10. #drypewpewing 01/24/17 60 minutes Didn't feel like I accomplished anything last night even though I was at it for an hour. I had just woken from a nap, so maybe I was just still out of it a little. Took me about 30 minutes to feel "warmed up" enough to do a decent reload. Didn't get down to the par time I was at just before the weekend. I felt a little frustrated, but kept at it; after the 30 minutes of fumbled magazines, I was doing a lot better. Need to hit my mag release more consistently. Felt like I was fumbling with that, so then didn't get down to my mags as fast. Did some reloads just pointing at wall with no magazine, to practice trying to get down to mags fast. Besides some timed stuff I did several reloads off the timer, and advancing and retreating at targets. Also some reloads leaving positions. I would like to do a longer session of reloads on the move this week and take it easy on static ones. On a positive note, I'm getting callouses on my fingers and they hurt much less I still have a split on one of my fingers that hasn't healed, but it's callous all around it lol Bill Drills, 1.8, 20 reps Reloads (2 w/ 6 shots each), 6.5 sec, 10 Reloads (2 w/ 6 shots each), 6.0 sec, 35 Reloads (3 w/ 2 shots each), 6.5 sec, 10 Reloads (3 w/ 2 shots each), 6.0 sec, 40 Draw, 0.7 sec, 40. Only hit the par a few times. It was mostly around 0.8 seconds. Need to stand in the exact position I will be when I draw, I think, to minimize wasted movement.
  11. #drypewpewing Wanted to catch up on my dryfire notes and put those in my range journal: 01/04/17 30 minutes - Had horrible trigger control at the New Year's match so did some slow fire trigger control at distance and some other stuff. 01/05/17 45 minutes - Started working from Stoeger's "Dry-Fire Training" for a place to start. Started with Core USPSA skills. Bill Drill (pg 39), Par time set at 2.6 seconds, 40 reps. Hands at side, 6 shots, @ 7 yards Reloads (pg 41), Par time set at 8.5 seconds, 40 reps. Hands at side, 6 shots on first target, reload, 6 shots, reload, 6 shots, @ 7 yards. 01/06/17 60 minutes - Did some drills from the Learning Drills section of "Dry-Fire Training". Slowfire Trigger Control (pg 12), no par time. Aiming at blank wall, align sights and press trigger without disturbing alignment. Trigger Control at speed (pg 14), par time 1.2 seconds, 30 reps. Break trigger without disturbing sights. Draw Component Drills (pg 17), par time .7 seconds, 50 reps. Hands at side, at beep draw and aim at target, @ 10 yards. Set the timer at the goal time to try and push my speed a bit. Not quite to the par time, yet. Reload Component Drills (pg 20), par time 1.5 seconds, 57 reps. The goal is 1.0 second, obviously not there, yet. Start with pistol aimed at target, at signal eject magazine from gun and insert new one. Get another sight picture on target @ 10 yards. Transition Component Drills (pg 23), par time 2.2 seconds, 30 reps. Hands at side, at signal engage each target (El Prez setup) with two rounds each. 01/07/17 60 minutes - Core USPSA Skills drills, again Reloads (pg 41), par time 8.5, 7.5, 7.0 seconds, 30 reps. El Prez (pg 43), par time 6.0 seconds, 10 reps. One-handed shooting SHO (pg 45), par time 3.0, 2.7 seconds, 30 reps. 2 rounds on each target (on El Prez setup). Plate rack drills (pg 47), par time 3.0 seconds, 30 reps. Plates @ 10 yards. 90 degree transitions (pg 51), par time 2.0, 1.6 seconds, 30 reps @ about 7 yards from each target. Engage each target twice. I alternated which target I started with. I tried to do this in "speed mode" so my hits were a little sloppy, but I concentrated on calling each of my sloppy hits. 01/08/17 Match at Paul Bunyan. Rehearse stage better, including programming mind for Virginia Count Don't ignore instincts, pick up shots and don't think about it Call every shot Practice swingers - timing and not having to shoot once per pass 01/09/17 60 minutes - Back to Core USPSA skills drills Bill Drill, par time 1.6 seconds, 98 reps. I was getting it probably 1.8 seconds, not quite down to 1.6. But the grip on my draw is getting more consistent. Reloads, par time 7.0 seconds, 20 reps. 90 degree transitions, par time 1.6 seconds, 40 reps. Too fast for me, but pushes my speed. If I point shoot I can make it. With misses and deltas, I'm a little too slow. El Prez, par time 6.0 seconds, 10 reps. I was beating the timer by at least 1.0 second. Plate rack drills SHO & WHO, par time 3.0 seconds, 30 reps. Trigger control long distance, no par time, 20 plus reps WORK ON: grip harder with off hand, get a good grip before leaving the holster, eyes before gun, trigger press with finger only, reloads need lots of work. 01/10/17 50 minutes Bill Drills, par time 1.6 seconds, 70 reps. Got a few within the par time! Plate Rack drills, par time 3.0 seconds, 20 reps. First plate alignment was difficult. Reloads, par time 7.0 seconds, 20 reps. Draw with 2 reloads (not in dry-fire book), par time 4.5 seconds, 30 reps. Draw to target, two shots, reload, two shots, reload, two shots. @ 7 yards. One-handed shooting SHO par time 2.7, 2.2 seconds, 20 reps; WHO par time 2.8 seconds, 20 reps. Slow-mo Reloads/Reloads with no par time. 01/11/17 Falling Plate Match and Dryfire several draw to one shot dryfire, and live fire transitions between targets grip was poor tonight. Hands were getting tired 01/12-01/15 Rest Days: Birthday! And had niece and nephew for the weekend. I think I also dryfired on the 12th, but can't remember now. 01/16/17 30 minutes Core USPSA Skills drills BIll Drills, 1.6 sec, 30 reps One handed shooting, 2.8 sec, 10 reps Plate rack drills, 3.0 sec, 10 reps Reloads, 7.0 sec, 10 reps Draw with 3 reloads (not in dry-fire book), 7.0 sec, 20 reps 01/17/17 60 minutes Draw to one shot, 1.1 sec, 20 reps Draw with 3 reloads, 7.0 sec, 30 reps Draw with 3 reloads, 7.0 down to 6.0 sec, 40 reps Bill Drill, 1.8 sec, 30 01/18/17 60 minutes Warm Up: Slo-mo draw, draw; slo-mo reloads, reloads Bill Drill, 1.8 sec, 20 reps Plate rack, 3.0 sec, 20 reps Draw with 3 reloads, 6.0 sec, 50 reps Draw with 3 reloads, 5.5 sec, 50 reps 01/19/17 135 minutes Warm Up (No Timer) 60 minutes Was just going to be a warm up, but ended up being an hour lol Some of these I actually counted the reps, but for other drills I just did and then estimated. Dryfire on light swith. Start at 5 feet, move across room. Focus on nice clean trigger pull. Add draw. 30 reps Draws, a few slo-mo Draws, hands up, 10 reps Draws, hands at sides, 25 reps Drawing and moving forward, 25+ reps Drawing and moving left/right, 15+ reps Draw to strong hand, 10 reps Draw to weak hand, 10 reps Turn and draw, 10 reps Slow-mo reloads, 5 reps Draw, Upper A, reload, lower A, 10 reps Draw, upper A, step to reload to lower A (backing up), 15+ reps Load to upper A, 7 yards, 20 reps Turn and shoot, load, kneel, 10 reps Draw from kneel, wrists above shoulders, 7 reps USPSA Core Skills 75 minutes 90 degree transitions, 1.6 sec, 30 reps Bill Drill, 1.6 sec, 60 reps Draw to One Shot, 1.1 sec, 10 reps Draw with 3 reloads, 5.5 sec, 10 reps Draw with 3 reloads, 7.0--6.0 sec, 110 reps Draw with 3 reloads, 6--5.5 sec, 22 reps Ended the night with some long distance trigger control WORK ON: More aggressive mag slap, consistent grip on magazine before pulling from pouch, good trigger press. 01/20/17 30 minutes Warmed up with some trigger control and some shooting on the move. Advancing on targets and retreating, shooting as I passed targets. Paid attention to having little bounce in the sights, level when I shot. Reloads, 7.0 sec, 10 reps Reloads, 6.0 sec, 30 reps Draw with 3 reloads, 5.5 sec, 10 reps Trigger pull practice Transitions Attached pistol light and tested it out for tomorrow's night match 01/21/17 Night Match!! 01/22/17 Rest Day! 01/23/17 40 minutes First cleaned my gun and changed out my recoil spring, striker spring, and rebound spring. Draw, two shots on upper A, 1.5--1.3 sec seconds, 30 reps, @ 5 yards. Could set par time a little lower. Draw, par time 0.7 sec, 80 reps. Draw and get a good sight picture on target @ 10 yards.(don't pull trigger). Started getting it up on target with a good sight picture in time, but many of the times my support hand would have a poor grip. Reload drills, par time 1.5--1.3 seconds, 60 reps. Start with pistol aimed at target @ 10 yards. At signal reload and get another sigh picture. Having a hard time with mag release AND loading mag into magwell. When I get one, I mess up the other. Getting my mag up to the magwell before the beep, but then messing up the insertion. Also practiced some of the reps starting without map to concentrate more on slapping the mag out of the pouch quickly. 90 degree transitions, no par time set. Practiced shooting a target and then reloading leaving the position, and shooting another target several feet away. Did it reloading left and then reloading going to the right. Draw and shot while advancing and retreating, about 25 reps. WORK ON: On a fast draw, really need to concentrate on getting a proper grip with my support hand as well. My grip out of the holster is feeling much more consistent than in the past, though My mag release is so STIFF. If I push up on the mag and then try the release, it is a smooth release, otherwise it is so hard to push.... look into if this can be fixed.
  12. #springs Changed all my mag springs out! One of them was rusty... need to take my mags apart after a rainy match and dry them all out from now on. The rest were a few inches shorter than my new ones and were looking pretty shabby, and that was after 9 months. I don't know if they would last a full year since they were starting to feel not right. It would be convenient to just have to change them out at the beginning of the year, but if they need it every nine months, they would start causing issues in time for Production Nationals Striker and rebound springs are getting changed out tonight., but I don't know if I should change out my recoil spring - it makes the gun feel different when it's brand new. It feels like I spent three months getting used to it last time I changed it out. Hmmmm.... I think that was for Area 1 2015, actually. Because I cut my hand racking my slide with the different weight. I used it for two months, then put my old spring back in because I didn't like the feel. Then was having issues, so threw that one away and put the 14# back in. And that's the one that is in my gun now....
  13. #pewpewing What a fun experience! I've shot a stage kinda in the dark before a few times when our Tuesday night match during the summer ran a little late - but nothing like this. I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure how I was going to aim. It was definitely difficult to find my front sight for the stages that I needed it to aim. Others were close enough to just point shoot. REHEARSE MY STAGE MORE.... it was a "fun" match, but every match is a competition. On Stage 1, I was so focused on turning my pistol light on, and worrying about how I was going to reload in the dark and aim in the dark, that I totally forgot a mag change and went to slide lock, needing one more round at the target. Standing reload. Ugh. Such a newbie mistake. KEEP CALM ON PAR TIME... once again, I need to not freak out the last third of my time. I just need to keep calm, front sight, trigger press. Even though I freaked out at the end, I did pretty good. It was my only stage win in Production and I was 74.49% of the Limited GM overall stage winner. I left 3 on the plate rack because it was REALLY hard to find my front sight. In the video they look really bright, but they had a lot of black on them that was really hard to pick up with just black sights. Maybe I'll shoot CO next time. DON'T IGNORE MY INSTINCTS! And just do what I need to do in my make ready; quit worrying about other people. On the last stage at 'make ready' I put my mag in, racked it... then took my mag out to look at it and try and see if it was fully loaded because it felt light. I was a little self conscious about how long I was taking because we had limited time to finish the stage.... so put it back in without really looking at it very hard. The pistol array that I was starting with was 5 targets. I went to slide lock at 9 shots! Was very confused lol Had to do a standing reload for 1 shot. MOVE FASTA! One of my stages was just slow. So slow, We only had B and C class shooters in Production that night, and if I wasn't so dang slow on that stage, and hadn't had my two stupid standing reloads, I would've had the Production win. Oh well... good motivation to really work on being faster and eliminating those stupid mistakes. Kinda lame music and my camera was having trouble focusing in the dark with the lights... but here's my recap for the Night Match.
  14. Ya, true! Pretty soon, we'll just be scouring and emulating 300 GB of his match footage!