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  1. You ended up being the lucky one! lol Right after that stage we ended up waiting an hour to shoot and another hour and half shooting the stage because of activators malfunctioning, two squads backed up behind us, and finishing at 5 PM I'm glad you took it well and treated yourself. Great squadding with you today and hope to see you on the range again soon
  2. Hehe, thanks! Ya! There's some people *ahem* NickBlasta.... who are always in my way haha
  3. I think going through a walk-through slo-mo is a good idea so you can focus on the things you need to and commit it to memory better. I think if it's a proper walk-through it should be no faster than the actual live-fire time? But wouldn't matter if it was slower? My walk-through was faster... so I think it pointed out that I wasn't paying attention to the things I needed to pay attention to. That I'm rushing through it and just getting into position, going through most of the motions, but not paying attention to how much care I will need to take on targets past 12 yards, or paying attention to what part of the target I'm aiming at on partials. Maybe?
  4. I almost forgot to do it.... but managed to turn it on before one of my runs. I kinda screwed up the run in the last position because my ejection port was directly below the port window lol so I cut the part of my racking out the spent casing, and then again when I went to slidelock, because I somehow lost a few rounds in the process. In the YouTube comments I explain a little about the video. I think I was overall slow ALL day, so I think I'm going to record my walk-through again next week so I can compare better between the two. I can't tell if I was not visualizing partials and distance targets well enough in the walk-through.... or I was spending too much time in the live fire. I kind of had a weak off-hand grip all day and really poor trigger control. Better sleep this week and shorter, focused dry-fire sessions.
  5. On your third video at 0:51 - what are you doing with your finger on your support hand up until your reload? Did you hurt your finger or did you just have a bad grip?
  6. I've been working on this, too! I feel like I'm lower than I am lol
  7. Haha! Yes! I had Andrew's phone and had to videotape that! So funny.
  8. Thanks! And yes, I've had LOTS of practice with malfs! Now I can deal with almost anything without it surprising me too much. The thing that surprises me the most is the times when I somehow didn't load my mags to 10, or my Barney mag to 11. Going to slidelock early confuses me more than anything! Luckily, that's an easy thing to avoid forever. Most of my malfs were related to not cleaning my gun and maintaining my springs, or not chamber checking my ammo. And recently, my press has been giving me heartache - need to fix that. I've working on keeping up on everything so I can have a smooth match. All that time and money goes to waste when my gun/ammo isn't functioning. But you are right, the gun doesn't fit my hand all that well and the mag release is a butt. I'm hoping that once I exercise my right hand more, I will have less problems - that hand and thumb have issues from a surgery years ago. My grip is WAY better now that I discovered Pro-Grip and Dry Hands and the like. I couldn't live without it. I am getting a CZ 75 SP-01 - not a Shadow, unfortunately - but it may fit my hand better. If I could just bring myself to skip some majors, I could save for another gun, maybe a Limited gun but missing out on great matches is hard to bring myself to do! YES!!! I love my squaddies! they are the best group of shooters and friends and makes shooting even more of a joy Thanks for the comments! And hopefully we'll all have some really good shooting (or some really funny mess-ups) for some fun match videos this season
  9. Thanks. I'm pretty good at finding all my flaws lol I took your advice awhile back and have been trying to find the positives. I was pleased with about 3 things in this match - I did mention those things when I was talking about each stage, so a little improvement on the positives, I guess I always forget to not use "not"... I mean.... I will remember to phrase goals in the positive! 1. Ya! I was joking because I missed the catch on about 5 of the 6 stages when I stared at the sun. 2. Swingers.... so. I used to be not confident on swingers at all. Then I realized I could hit them just fine. Open Nats, swingers all over and they were fine - kinda slow moving, and pretty open, but still. Did fine on them and they didn't make me nervous. For some reason I was thinking I was out of practice and wouldn't be able to hit anything... maybe the no-shoot was scaring me off. Does that make sense? - If I don't think I can do something, I end up not aiming appropriately, which totally doesn't make sense and I don't know why I do it. Like I defeat myself before I even try? Same with pickup shots. I'm getting much better at calling my shots and taking an immediate pickup, but there are times where I hesitate.... and then just throw lead down range, which ends up wasting my time getting a horrible hit, and I was probably better off not doing a pickup because I probably just made up a delta with another delta. If I know I need a pickup shot, I need to aim like I should have in the first place. I will work on aiming and calling my shots and be confident that I can hit anything! 3. Panicking.... I am much better at keeping calm, but still have some improvement in this area. lol At Berry's Steel Open this year, I did much better at staying calm at the last third of the Par Time stages. Last year I could feel the timer about to go off and would start spraying bullets all over and miss a ton of points. I only freaked out once, I think - on the last two plates of the death star. Here it is at 01:15 Yes! ^^ everything you wrote on walk through and anchors I have been better-ish on walk throughs, but I don't think I'm paying enough attention to the details. I find the spot I want in some positions, but not always in ALL the positions, cause I don't think I need to, and those are the positions I end up screwing up or overstepping, or edging into. Ah! That is a really cool idea. I think I will try this on Sunday! Thanks for all your input! I've been excited about learning more and practicing.... I'm really looking forward to shooting better this year
  10. #pewpewing 2-25-17 Dundee in Oregon Skills to work on: 1. Flip & catch in the sun 2. Swingers 3. Not panicking 4. Not looking at foot or fault line after stepping over it 5. TRIGGER CONTROL.... I've backslid Stage 1: Stage plan was efficient, eliminated as many transitions as possible. Best 5 on each target, Virginia Count. String 1 - Freestyle 3 shots, reload, 3 shots; String 2 - SHO 3 shots, reload, 3 shots; String 3 - WHO 3 shots. I decided to do the freestyle by shooting the left target twice and the middle one once, then reloading and shooting the right target twice and middle one once. That eliminated all my transitions between targets for the following strings with SHO and WHO. For SHO, I could then shoot the right target three times, reload and shoot the middle target 3 times. WHO I shot the left target 3 times. Stage plan was good, but execution sucked. The three targets were left to right: 2A, 2C, 1D / 2A, 1C, 2D / 2A, 2C, 1M. Had better hits with my weak hand lol. Stage 2: My only good stage! All alphas, except for one delta - the target I picked up the shot on because I fired a little early. I could see my front sight low and left, wasn't quite ready, yet. I think I was a little thrown off and didn't aim my second shot, and then aimed my pickup - 1A, 2D on that target. Reload was decent on this stage, though I was trying to complete it faster. I kinda started walking to the right and wasted a bunch of movement and then walked backward a few steps before completing. Going around the corner could have been better. 17A, 1D Stage 3: I was so S L O W on this stage. Then I panicked on the swinger. I need to get some more live fire practice in! All this time away from the range has made me scared of targets and hesitant. 12A, 5B (left partial 1A,2B; right partial 3B), 5C, 3D, 1M (A, D, M on the left swinger). Stage 4: 90 degree transitions were a little quicker than my old normal. Why didn't I walk forward on the second stacked target array?! ugh I was going in that port anyway. Wasted so much time. i think if I shot this again, I would have avoided going in that area and shot the steel from the back. I was trying to make it simple so it would run smoothly, but it ended up feeling really slow. Didn't help that I overstepped the fault line and then looked down when all I had to do was pull my foot back and not stop aiming. bleh. 29A, 3C Stage 5: Picked up my gun funky and had thumb all weird and didn't fix it, got AC's on both those targets. Kinda slow on the pickup as well; didn't look urgent when I watched the video. I liked my first reload, I kept my gun up and got aiming quicker than normal on the small targets I was coming in on. Was aimed before I stopped! This is an improvement for me as I usually am posted up before finishing aiming at the target. I stayed lower than usual, too, just started working on that in dryfire. Sometimes in public I start walking lower for practice and then realize I must look weird. After the tiny target array my 90 degree-ish transition to the other cute arrays looked more urgent then normal, so I was happy about that. Splits didn't sound too bad, either, on those arrays. Walking up to the next array wasn't steady enough and first hit was a delta, and on the one right after, I meant to shoot the top target first, and then back up while shooting the open target. (Sorry, NickBlasta! I failed!) I started with the open and then started thinking, "Dang, I did that backward!" Need to stop thinking during stages! Last four targets, splits were really slow. 21A, 2B, 3C, 2D Stage 6: Classifier. Grip was bad. Reload was bad. And SLOW. 56% on the classifier. Joked on the video whether I could get bumped back down to C class (where I belong?) ugh. 8A, 4C, 14.78 seconds, 3.5183 HF. Placement: Production: 6th Place -- 77.82% of Production A Overall: 30th of 74 -- 55.21% of Open GM
  11. #drypewpewing 2/22/17 45 minutes A few timed things Bill Drill, 1.6 seconds, 20 reps Reloads, 5.9 seconds, 10 reps Then spent most of my time off the timer. Tried to get my support hand in a consistent position on the draw to make my draw more consistent. Seems like my hand wanders a bit, or meets with my gun at different levels going to the target. Practiced more reloads, El Prez, and then reloads on the move were the focus. Reloading stepping right and left, and reloading while running around the corner both to the right and left. Trying to get the reload finished as quick as possible and be ready to shoot coming into position. Focused on accuracy more than speed, seeing my sights, getting all alphas. Felt like I was going the same speed as on the timer, but watching the video, I look slow. #pewpewing this weekend Excited to shoot this weekend in Dundee! Not looking forward to waking up at 3 AM to get there ;/ Haven't shot a USPSA match in forever. Looking forward to this season.
  12. #drypewpewing 2/21/17 30 minutes Focused on reloads, they were feeling a little rusty after the week off from dry-fire. The days leading up to the Berry's match, though I wasn't dryfiring, it let my elbows and forearms stop hurting -- so it was productive, I suppose. I think I will add a few exercises in from other threads about helping with "tennis shooters' elbow". I got some light weights to continue with the exercises I was doing in physical therapy for my back. The pain is finally tolerable and am hopeful I may feel "normal" again someday. Reloading on the move.... I have this bad habit of reloading with the same cadence as I'm walking or moving to another position. I may have mentioned this before. Still a problem. I end up taking the entire distance, or close to it, to complete my reload. Maybe my subconscious it telling me I have that much time to do my reload, why do it now... might be the procrastinator in me. Need to "refine & repetition" that out of me. I am focusing on that this week in dry-fire. I would like to get a live-fire session in this week as well, working on reloads on the move and some marksmanship to balance out the "speed mode" in dry-fire. Reminder of my main goals for this season: Dry-fire at least 15 minutes a day (5-6 days a week) Live-fire 400 rounds a month (one or more sessions) Meet or exceed my goals! And remember: "I am becoming an 'A class' shooter by sticking to my training schedule."
  13. #drypewpewing 2/20/17 30 minutes Felt so good to get back to dryfiring tonight! Had to cut it a little short after a manhattan, whiskey sour, and some gentleman's brew. Draws felt solid, indexing good, turn and draws for El Prez were getting a little iffy, then the reloads were getting a little slow. I think I'll put the cocktails off tomorrow night.
  14. #pewpewing Had an aweome time at Berry's Steel Open near St. George, Ut! I was better at a few things. I was really disappointed unitl I compared it to last year, and could see definite improvement. Super excited about continuing dryfiring this year and seeing matches go better. I'm only 7% away from A class, but I feel I should be in B class for awhile longer. Not where I want to be right now skill-wise. Ugh. Getting better, though.
  15. #livefire February 4, 2017 ~200 rounds I didn't really think about writing stuff down, so here's the things I did manage to record: Groups at 25 yards, headshots at 25 yards, A zone headshot at 7 yards Bill Drill (7 yards) Alphas, 1 close charlie: 2.22 seconds Fastest time: 1.92 seconds (charlie/deltas included blah) Alphas (slow!): 2.60 seconds Fastest split: 0.13 Draw to One shot (alpha at 7 yards) Average: 1.07 seconds Fastest: 0.93 seconds Into the berm with sights alighned: 0.83 seconds Call it and leave it drill. Reload on the move x10, steel reload as I move to next position to shoot paper Skills to Work on: Support hand grip was poor. Need to really focus on a good, tight grip in dryfire. Getting lazy with it. Gun up and ready to shoot when I enter position #dryfire February 6, 2017 15 minutes Arms and elbows had been SORE. Decided to rest up a bit before the Berry's Steel Open later in the week.