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  1. #pewpewing #dryfire Second Place at Custer - I lost to my B class competition! Next time.... I've been practicing exits and walking lower. I haven't quite gotten back into the habit of every day dryfire, but have been getting better. It's easier to get lower and keep my sights steadier as I walk, whereas before I thought I was walking low, but my sights were bouncing all over and on video I looked completely upright. in practice it's getting better, but it hasn't translated into when I'm actually shooting stages. With more practice it'll become my new norm! I've been getting a little better at shooting earlier - that has been happening during matches. The little improvements have been encouraging and I know I can make greater strides with more dedication in dryfire. This last update my percentage went up to 70% in Production, so I'm nearing A class. I am getting a little more consistent, but still have a ways to go before I will be competitive in the next class.
  2. The first stage on Tuesdays nights are sometimes rough. I get to the match minutes before we start shooting. I didn't exactly have this stage plan down; my make ready turned out to be REALLY long and I still felt unprepared for this stage. I was even bumped down in the shooting order a few times until I was the penultimate shooter. I finally shot the stage thinking the number two plate could only be seen from the left side, and was expecting to have that one plate left when I ended - alas, it was not.
  3. I thought about doing that - holding my mag like that. But I don't like trying things I haven't really dry fired. I've tried it a few times before stages, but haven't actually practiced it while actually shooting. Last time I held a flashlight at Production nationals it went horrible lol I should dry fry with holding a mag for situations where I'm just shooting some close targets and need a mag change nearby the barrel. save time on stuffing those stupid mag pouches
  4. Haha that's so true. There was this stage I shot last year and everyone was shooting it the exact same way. I ended up shooting it different and cut across in a straight line outside the shooting area in front of a series of barrels instead of following the curved path behind them all, ended up being way faster and much less awkward. Sometimes people see a stage a different way, so I like to see and consider all the different ways of shooting it. Plus it will help me to view stages in different ways in the future. I usually pick a plan that is the most efficient but also the easiest for me to execute i.e. it feels better or will be easier to remember. The soft cover stage (Clutch) at Oregon State I was going back and forth on how to shoot it lol, finally just picked one, and did it. I felt like it wasn't the quickest way, but the easiest for me to do it. Ended up getting 8th in Production on it (which is good for me lol). The stage in the original post was shot in a lot of different ways by the squad. And it was one of those stages that I could not decide on how to shoot it the best.
  5. 5/27/17 - 5/28/17 2017 Oregon State Championship Production -14th Place 2nd B Class High Lady Overall 83 of 222 Work on Need to work on getting into awkward positions faster Reloads. Reloads when facing different angles/when moving. Reloading before I leave a position Call shots on swingers, and trust my shooting - don't take unneeded pickups Get lower - continue to work on walking with bent legs Find cause for malfunctions when my slide is catching the case (new ejector?) Call shots, don't rush! Grip. Why is so hard in matches to get this right? Trigger freeze... bleh... what am I doing? Stop thinking Positives Getting better at looking at the positives.... I'm screwing up less! I mean... I am continuing to advance in my gun handling fundamentals and shot calling that is helping me to shoot faster and more accurately No stage plan screw ups! I mean... I am planning my stages, visualizing them better, and then shooting them according to plan. The stage with the soft cover took me FOREVER to decide on how to shoot it... I finally just made myself pick a plan, decide that it wasn't the "best, most effecient" plan, but it didn't matter - that I was going to execute it as well as I could. On that stage, ended up 8th Production, 1st B, and 75.75% of stage winner, and 63rd overall of 220 shooters. Staying calm on things that are intimidating to me lol and not screwing up just because I was worried about something. The drop turner stage, I thought I wasn't going to have enough time to shoot the activator, shoot the mini popper and then shoot the drop turner before it disappeared. I shot it according to plan with time to spare. I guess I don't recognize what I'm capable of shooting and just assume I will fail because I'm not a good enough shooter. Clearing malfs. Getting pretty good with that (unfortunately? lol)
  6. 5-16-17 #pewpewing 9th overall of 25, 72.94% of Open Master Last gun I shot was the Open gun, so stage one I was kinda looking at my red fiber and spraying bullets. Messed up reload on classifier.... last time it was 79% this time 70% Been having trigger freeze quite a bit.. not sure what I'm doing under the table stage, NickBlasta told me beforehand that it would be hard to see, so focus. He was right lol, had to focus after some missed shots shooting through softcover was fun! Need to pretend it's not there at all 5-21-17 #pewpewing I was 3rd Production, 29th of 108 overall. I was pretty happy with the first stage of the day. I'm getting a little more comfortable with starting to move away from the targets while shooting them. Still need to get lower and more stable so I can keep shooting without delay. Tried getting reloads done before entering position, still needs lots of work, but not waiting on my reloads as nearly as I used to be. Steel shots were really ON today 100 yard prone.... sucked. Need to drop faster. Need to aim. Zebra paper... need to focus on those a little better and remember that the target is way smaller... like shooting a steel plate or head shot. I am not aiming appropriately More practice kicking out of leans. Need to get lower here, too. Need to always through my checklist for walk-through. One stage I didn't locate all my targets and half-way through shooters looked at the round count and realized I was short on targets.... finally saw a target I missed and had to change my stage plan!
  7. 5/13/17 Classifier Match Got to shoot five classifiers and 1 field course at the match. Had a really long day, as we shot the whole match with one gun, and then whoever wanted to shoot another gun reshot the match with the other. Shot from 10 AM - 5 PM. #Open Classification! I borrowed an open gun, which I shot once last year, to get classified in Open. I could find the dot if I was looking straight. Not so much on the leaning or the WEAK HAND. That was funny. But I'm classified now! Initial classification was 56.1259% #PCC Classification I also borrowed a PCC from a friend to get classified! Initial classification was 51.5041% Ouch.
  8. Congrats on the HOA at Oregon! Nice shootin'!
  9. #classifier 5-2-17 FIRST "A CLASS" CLASSIFIER! I wasn't super impressed with my performance, but it got me a 79.75% classifier score! My first A class score... FINALLY! I started with a bad draw, so my paper was a little slow, and my transitions between the two papers needed to be quicker, but I was really happy with my steel! Had fun on this one, and I was really excited once I saw the result lol Skills to focus on in dry fire this week: + Back to the basics with a consistent draw & index + Make sure I don't let up on a strong support hand grip. It hasn't been tired or sore so I know I've been cheating myself! + Push speed with 90° & 180° transitions - use the timer!
  10. I've actually noticed that as well; we have mostly whites and Asians who shoot, and I wondered why there weren't more African Americans interested in competition - numbers more in tune with the demographics of the area. My guess is that there isn't as much of a heritage of gun ownership, a lot due to our history of racism. It wasn't that long ago that gun ownership was made difficult for the African American population. In 1956, Martin Luther King Jr. applied for a permit for concealed carry permit in a "may issue" state and was denied, even though he was receiving death threats. While he was able to own guns, I think it was made more difficult and not a positive experience. With the past hurdles and prejudice many black families may just not have owned guns and didn't pass that culture of gun ownership on to their kids. In a recent Pew Research Center survey, only 19% of blacks said they had a pistol, rifle, or shotgun in the home, compared to 41% of whites. And when African Americans make up 12.6% of the population in America, and only a small percentage of that number owns a gun to begin with, and then there are only 25,000 USPSA members.... the numbers are going to naturally be small. In another Pew study, 54% of African Americans believed that guns could prevent them from being a victim of crime; so I think that more people are seeing the positive side of gun ownership, like through the work of Colion Noir, and gun ownership is on the rise... and then so will participation in USPSA! That's just my guess, though.
  11. My average ( the one live fire session I've done this year) was 1.07, hands at sides, alpha to 7 yards with plastic Production gun. My fastest was .93. I'm a mid-B class Production shooter who needs to practice lol
  12. I think at 0:27, I would have shot the right target first since it becomes obstructed as you move forward, and the left one doesn't... so you kinda had to lean to get it instead of continuing forward.
  13. Just curious... are the half targets a legal target presentation? In USPSA if you cut a target, I don't think you can use the other piece as a separate target, and was just wondering if IPSC allowed it in their rules. I think you could be more aggressive in transitioning from target to target, like at 0:26 and again at 0:35. I think you could snap over a little faster; it looks a little leisurely. I have a problem with "urgency" as well, and have been getting better with dryfire. I've been pushing my 90 degree and 180 degree transitions in dryfire, and it is translating to faster movement in matches, though I still have a long way to go! Your run looked solid, though!
  14. Haha, I totally agree! ^^^^^ I would say, yeah, don't "try" to do well at a classifier, just treat it like any other stage. Don't "hero or zero" it - you already figured that out. Don't worry about classing up at all. Don't think about being "stuck," it's like negative reinforcement to screw up your mental game when you get to a classifier. I just think: "I am becoming an A class shooter by following my training schedule." Then I leave it in the hands of my performance. If I'm not shooting A class classifiers, then I am not consistent enough, yet, to be A class. So, there is really nothing to worry about. I don't need to worry about when I will become A class, because it will just happen when I'm ready. BUT FOR YOU: You can request USPSA to count the scores they dropped because they were "too high". It's a super simple process, someone I shoot with just did it a few weeks ago, and it doesn't take that long to get them counted. You also don't shoot that many matches. Look up an average M class shooter, and their classifiers look very similar - wildly inconsistent. Their classifier percentage for the match score are usually pretty consistent with their match performance, because most of the other M's and GM's aren't hundoing their classifiers, either. I made B class, am around 68% right now, but my classifier scores look just like yours. You are a better shooter than I am -- you will be out of C class very soon, I don't think you will have to worry about it. And when you finally make B... all your mediocre scores won't count anymore and you'll be on your way to make M. Another thing, I think it should be more acceptable for people to reshoot a classifier. I don't mean EVERY time or keep reshooting it until you get the score you want, but I think, in your case -- when you are clearly stuck in a class below your ability and only shoot once or twice a month, and then you mentally screw up the classifier and waste another match opportunity to be classified at your current level of ability -- I think it would be reasonable to pay for a re-shoot.