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  1. Ya, true! Pretty soon, we'll just be scouring and emulating 300 GB of his match footage!
  2. Dang! That is A LOT of match footage Ya! I should definitely study up
  3. Haha great now both hands can hurt lol My right hand the left side of my palm hurts and is growing a callous (maybe then it will hurt less), the left side of my knuckle on my middle finger where it rubs under the trigger guard has a blister and a growing callous, and the skin on the back of my ring finger is rubbing off from my support hand gripping it. I'm thinking of just wrapping some medical tape around those two fingers for dryfire, but wondering if the tape would just get in the way and lessen the chance of it developing a callous?
  4. Oh, thank you! I know I have a long ways to go, but I'm happy to see some improvement. Ah! That makes sense! Maybe that's why last night's practice went better than the one videoed. The night I videoed I felt like I was only getting the right placement on my mag before pulling it out a quarter of the time. It was almost guaranteed that if I didn't pull it right, I was going to screw up the reload. I hit the side of the magwell more times than not. But last night, I was really focusing on my grip for everything and was pulling mags out a lot more consistently. I must have been faster at slapping it out because it felt like my gun was moving less, was a little higher in front of my face, and allowed for easier entry of my mag. I had way more successful reloads last night. I will try and videotape again so I can see if my magazine slapping has gotten any more aggressive and have overall improved, and to see where I'm "parking" my gun. I will really concentrate on being more aggressive in getting my magazine out. Last week I was trying to move really fast and whacked my palm so hard on my mag I could hardly concentrate because it continued to hurt. After about 3 sets of draws and reloads later, I ended up "throwing" my gun right out of my holster, for my first dropped gun ever. I figured that was a good time to go to bed. Thank you so much for your comments! I'm looking forward to minimizing all my wasted movements!
  5. Since I have so much to work on I basically started at the beginning lol... I'm dryfiring good trigger presses - I liked the lightswitch idea, so have been shooting at that from across the living room during my warm up drills. This week I've been working on my reload - my reload gives me the most grief, so I started with that. Watched match footage, mostly of Groeffel and Stoeger. Besides the things below that I put on my YouTube video from my reload practice, I think I do better with holding the gun a bit higher than I was. Also with tonight's practice, like I said in another response, I seemed to be hitting the mag release much better, didn't have to flip my gun nearly as much, and had much less movement in that arm. Reloads seemed to be a lot smoother and way more consistent than last night's session. I've been concentrating on:1. Consistent, good grip out of the holster2. Getting my hand down to my mags faster3. Getting a consistent grip on mag before I pull it out of the pouch... I'm struggling with this one. Trying to get the heel of my hand on the basepad each time, and my index finger down the side. Helps with getting it into the magwell4. Looking at the magwell and getting a clean entry. After a stage, sometimes I don't even remember looking at my magwell, but I must be. Anyway, in dryfire I'm making it a point to. 5. Regaining a tight grip back on gun - this one has been hard and very inconsistent. A lot of times it's crooked, not high enough, and too loose. I think I need to bend my arms a little more, I think I am extending too far - my elbows starting hurting.
  6. I have so many things I need to improve lol, it did feel overwhelming. I think video will be very helpful. I've kinda did that the past few days with my reloads, and then a friend sent me a link so I could watch Grauffel's reloads, and I also watched Stoeger's reloads - stationary and during matches. As I practiced I started to notice little things that I could change, and reasons why I always screwed up my reload, and then started to focus on changing how I did those things. I'm still trying to find the best place to hold it out front, like in front of my face more, or dropped down a bit. Tonight's practice, I was holding it a little higher than last nights, and was angled a little differently and I messed up way less. My grip out of the holster improved a ton tonight - it felt the same almost every time. I noticed in my video from last night, that I was moving my arm a lot, I do have to flip my gun to reach the mag release, but tonight it seemed easier to reach and didn't have to move my hand off my grip as much, and there was much less movement in my arm. I also felt like I was extending my arms too much because my elbows started to hurt lol I wish I had video taped tonight's because it felt like they went much smoother than last night's practice:
  7. Just after the first of the year, after my horrible match, I started dryfiring daily. I have Stoeger's dryfire and lifefire practice books, and I like Bassham's book for the "mental management." I shoot with a few Master class regulary, and they usualy have some good critique for me in how to improve. I count on them to let me know what to do better lol. Yes, I definitely don't want to be practicing the wrong thing!
  8. It was good! He helped refine grip and not only told you how to hold it for a better grip, but showed you how it was better. He went over the draw, too. Even GM shooters got something out of the grip and draw segment. He had some drills that helped with shot calling, shooting faster/accurate. It was a 2-day class, but having a 3rd day would have been awesome to have some more time shooting on the move, entry/exit stuff. I really wished I had taken notes after each day so I could remember the drills to do at home. It's really after you go home and have all that information sink in, and then get to practicing that it will really help make a difference in your shooting. I would like to get back to another class, and definitely take notes next time.
  9. Ya, I was laughing so hard at myself! Thank you! I know I'll get my "A" when I'm ready and my shooting is more consistent, but I was sure kicking myself, too! My match scores haven't quite caught up with my stand and shoot scores anyway. :/ I've been dryfiring everyday for the past few weeks, so starting to get better with the stuff I usually screw up at a match. I think I may get that "A" in the near future. After Area 1.... lol
  10. If you do fire more shots it's a penalty per shot fired. If any of those extra shots happen to land on the target - it's a penalty per extra hit You really can't mess up on VC! lol
  11. Ya, IDPA requires that you load to capacity, unless it specifies a number of rounds to load. But in USPSA you don't "have" to load up to capacity (and like Bsand said, if you go over, you'll be bumped to Open), but it's a good idea just to load everything the same all the time, and carry the same amount of mags all the time, no matter what the stage calls for.
  12. Haha! That reminds me of when I shot a stage that required three rounds per target and I wrote the number "3" at the base of my thumb where I could see it when I was holding my gun... just so I wouldn't forget once the buzzer went off and wiped my memory.
  13. #pewpewing I had fun this match! This was last month's outlaw charity match. The 37 competitors that braved the cold donated $1300 and a handful of toys for Toys for Tots. Par time kicked my butt! I gotta get used to not freaking out on par time. Just need to shoot one-for-one and not worry about the time. Don't rush!! #problemos Have been having some problems with my press (Dillon 650). Need to check under my shell plate or something. I had my FIRST squib. Something sounded and felt weird - I had my electronic muffs, so it was hard to tell how it exactly sounded. The RO didn't stop me right away, so I dropped my mag and racked my slide, then my slide wouldn't go all the way forward, I had had a feeling it might be a squib. So... got a few mikes/FTE's on that stage. Had a few light strikes Time to change my striker spring and rebound spring. Ordered mag springs to change out all my springs in my mags. I couldn't find in my accounts when I had changed them out last and then I was just scrolling through my range journal and saw that it was last April, so this'll be perfect timing to refresh everything. I think I will change my striker and rebound spring every 6 months though. Those seem to wear out a lot faster and give me light strikes, which I HATE.
  14. I was thinking this. I wasn't sure about approximately how many rounds you should go through before changing the springs - so thought maybe at the beginning of the year every year would be a good time to replace all my mag springs. I remember last year having a TON of feeding/ejection issues or something that was VERY frustrating, and finally changed out my mag springs. I don't want to wait until there is a problem.
  15. If you start thinking during the course of fire, it'll slow you down. Plan everything during your walkthrough and program it in your head by going through it mentally over and over.