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  1. Kensight sells a LPA/Bomar rear sight cut, is this what you're looking for?
  2. From another forum, something I thought was worth repeating so we can all find a lesson in a tragic event: "If you drop a gun, let it go. It's a hard instinct to suppress - but it helps to have thought long and hard about it BEFORE it happens to you."
  3. Dibs on the DW Mayhem! I'll offer $2K!
  4. Not to mention the trolling is magnificent!
  5. Found it, page 6 here: Mike Foley, President- USPSA classification system improvements and updates • Presentation by President (attached to minutes at posting) • Motion to adopt changes to classification system as presented, (presentation document to be included in minutes). Matches to be used as a classifier, Level 2 or above, requires 3GM’s finishing 90% or above, and minimum 50 competitors in the division. Match classification bump, Level 2 or above, requires 3GM’s finishing 90% or above, minimum 50 competitors in the division, and competitor is required to finish 5% above current class ceiling. Effective February 1, 2017 – by Area 7, 2nd by Area 1 o Roll call vote requested by President § A1, A2, A3, A4(proxy), A5, A6, A7, Pres – Yes § A8 - No o Motion carried • There was a lengthy discussion to eliminate multiple re-entry classifiers in a single division in a single match, limiting the re-entry to a maximum of one. This part of the discussion was moved to the February BOD meeting in the interest of time.
  6. I'm assuming there is some interpretation in how the classification rules are written around major match bumps. Anyone have any insight how the preface pages are applied to the implementation of classification updates? I'm not seeing enough detail in the rulebook preface (only one paragraph) and the classification course book needs some obvious updates. January-2017 BOD meeting, Slide 10 reads (including matching indentations): Recommended changes to major match bump Currently, a review must be requested, and performed manually. Change to auto adjudication by system for national matches, clarify Nationals in registration system. Per rule book, 95% or higher at Nationals will result in a bump to GM No change recommended. Per rule book, competitor MAY get a bump based on performance at a major match Change to 3 GM’s required in a division placing 90% or greater. Change to auto adjudication by system for level 2 and above, remove manual review. Change to require 50 competitors per division. Change to require competitor to place 5% or higher above current class ceiling. Not a rule change, but requires the preface on pages ii and iii of the current rulebook to be modified or removed. Feb 2014 Handgun Rules, page V (not II or III) 2014 Handgun Rules.pdf Your performance in larger matches and tournaments may also be used to help establish classification. Placement in a major event with a score above your assigned class percentage may result in your being promoted to a higher class, even if your current average is lower. Winning first or second in class at an Area Championship or Major Tournament AND shooting into the next higher class may result in promotion (except to Grand Master); winning High Overall in an Area Championship may promote you to Grand Master class. In addition, if you score 95% or higher at a USPSA national championship, you will be immediately moved to Grand Master class for that division National Classification Course Book, 4th Edition (updated in 2013) [needs some obvious updates...] See Page 8 for "Scores From Major Matches", copy/pasted below A shooter’s performance in larger matches and tournaments may also be used to help establish a classification. In order for overall scores from a Level II or Level III match to be entered as a classifier, the match director must submit an Application for Level II or Level III match with the “Results for Classification” check box marked. Please note that there is no guarantee that the overall results will be used. As a minimum requirement, the results and competitor list will be reviewed at the USPSA office to determine whether enough top shooters completed the match and performed at a level high enough to be considered a national standard. If the match is determined to have satisfied all of the requirements, the final score of the match may be entered as a classification score for each shooter. Each division is evaluated based on this criteria so it may be possible for scores from one division to be used while the other division is not. Level II and Level III matches also may contain classification stages taken from the National Classification Course Book; however, the match director does need to submit the classification report which is generated by the EzWinScore program. Stats officers can program EzWinScore to calculate the correct activity fees for the various levels of USPSA matches when setting up the match on the computer. Select Setup - Match Info, then select the appropriate match type from the drop-down list. Fees for classifier stages are established when the stage is defined. Beginning with EzWinScore version 2.00, classifier files have been pre-defined for you. When defining a stage, set the Classifier drop-down list to Yes to display an additional listing of all authorized classifier stages. If the classifier stage you want to shoot is not listed, it is no longer authorized for use. In addition, if the competitor shoots an Area Championship or major tournament and wins first or second in a class higher than his or her current classification, the member may be promoted to that higher class, except for Grand Master.
  7. One local-ish GM (just placed second in limited at Area 5) mentioned he uses 165gr to cycle the slide faster and be a little cheaper in the 30K rounds he shot last year.
  8. I saw it mentioned in the January 2017 BOD minutes. Not sure how that should formally flow into the rules. Here's a link to the presentation, see slides 8-11: 101.pdf
  9. Try using a 1 gallon ziploc bag, spray the inside of the bag, then dump in a few handfuls of brass. Roll them around for 10 seconds or so and they get coated very well with a nice thin layer. Easy pour into the casefeeder or case bin.
  10. I think he meant over-sized slide to frame hand fitting (like what CZC does to their CTS model). I know my stock TS cannot do this like my TSO - less than an inch of slide into the frame holds the slide in place. Based on the tighter lockup I've experienced with the TSO barrel, I believe the TSO barrel is hand fitting to each slide too (not that it takes much to do that in the CZ design) but the bushing may be from a "box" of TS bushings.
  11. I haven't tried it but I'm curious as well. 230gr at 800fps is only 184PF, pretty standard for factory loads from what I've seen
  12. 180gr Xtreme RNFP 1.125" 4.5gr WST 170PF at 50 degrees
  13. I've shot CO a handful of times with a CZ P09 and Springer dovetail mounted Burris FF3. I enjoyed it more than expected! The red dot feels like cheating. Shot some very tight shots I wouldn't have attempted before. My alpha hit ratio jumped and shooting minor points became more of a game to keep pace with limited major guys. Sent a slide to get milled - I'm sold on it that much. It's such a great tool to teach new shooters. It'll be there for me when my eyes can't focus on the front sight anymore.
  14. Dan Wesson
  15. Looking at page 9 of the SDB setup manual - I think this should fix it for you. "Install the washer (#14033) and the wingnut (#13799). With your left hand, move the operating handle (#20114) to the priming position; press the operating handle firmly forward and with your right hand adjust the wingnut until the spring is partially compressed."