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  1. Very nice. Hope you see you (and that sweet blaster) at a match! Might need to show off that thing at a few of the other local clubs...
  2. If you have a slide already fit, send that along with the frame. Ideally you'd fit the slide after the frame chroming. I think they bead blast the sharp edges so the chrome sticks better. Plating is pretty thick so I'm assuming it'd cover minor tooling marks. I've only had them hard chrome a cast steel CZ frame for me, matte finish, and it's holding up very well.
  3. Vogel's final time at 204.84, next closest shooter is 264.58. I don't think I counted more than 10 shooters under the 300 second mark. +1 second penalty really spread out the scores... From what I'm reading above, the late coordination to the match didn't bring all the top shooters either. But the +1 second penalty totally changes the game dynamic.
  4. Looks like Production shooters should have an opportunity for a "match bump" in their classification!
  5. You'll see that CZ seems to have a cycle for their steel framed guns arriving in the US. This year has been less predictable than the last two with support for new product lines and one-off items (ie, steel frame short rail manual safety) in the mix.
  6. Niiice! Minus getting the account and verifying my email...but worth doing! Thanks, Robot!
  7. I had the same exact failure on my crank arm at around 12K rounds. They sent new arms for both sides PLUS the brass sockets (upgrades from the delrin sockets). I do notice the upper left socket is looser than the other 4, so I wonder if that had something to do with it. That and I had a batch of tough primer pockets once... Glad Dillon has their great warranty!
  8. Good comparison on the slide differences. The Czechmate is still on my wish list!
  9. FYI - until Springer Precision gets their website updated, I'll add a product description here to save some confusion for others. Product: Springer Precision CZ Kensight Docter/Burris/Venom Mount Description: This is a one piece aluminum sight base for the CZ 75 Czechmate and Tactical Sports pistols (LPA type sight cut). It uses the rear dovetail to mount the sight to your slide. Hard anodized for a long service life, we also added polymer tipped set screws fore and aft to our mount to make the sight mount much more stable than other designs. *NOTE from Stuart at CZC: remember the TSO has a higher slide profile than theCzechmate. The CM is tri-top and does not have the rib like the TSO does. so depending on how close the mount is to the slide on the CM, it may not clear the TSO slide.
  10. Kydex: Red Hill Tactical is the only one I know that has a TSO mold Race holsters: DAA has a TSO specific block (alpha x is getting good reviews), Ghost SP01 block works (I have The One and it is secure but wiggles and has worn paint off the trigger guard to bare metal)
  11. All those basepads will work with the Czechmate mag well. I've used CZC 140mm basepads and their +10 spring/follower kits with no issues on all of my 9 TS mags.
  12. I've got a RHT (double layer on a boss hangar) I'd be willing to part with if someone can't wait the 30 days. Send me a PM.
  13. The new rule change to "Reliable Open" made me get off the fence. Dovetail mount and Burris FF3 on order for my P09. I'll hold on mag extensions for a bit since it's also my production gun. Now can we change the division name??
  14. CX4, yes, it's legal
  15. +1 for RHT, here's some samples with the TSO, one has a boss hangar. Purddy.