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Bringing my Dad to a match


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Got my 62 year old dad to go to a match with me Saturday in Waco (my first USPSA match in over a year). He did not shoot (hasn't fired a round in about 20+yrs) but he had a hoot watching. Even though he didn't have to, he was taping targets and setting steel most of the day.

At one point near the end of the match, after watching the squad shoot "Around Both Sides Standards" he commented "You have to be a well rounded shooter to do well at this stuff. They pretty much test all your skills." He was generally impressed with the skills most of the shooters possessed.

Dad probably got asked 10 times if he was going to shoot next time. He probably won't, but he did have a good time. It was kinda cool sharing my hobby with him, especially since he is the one that started me on this path so many years ago. I have very vague memories of shooting a PPK knock off Dad owned 35+ years ago. I was hooked on shooting from that point on.

Thanks to Steve and Mike and Jakob and Paul and the rest of the squad #4 for making Dad feel welcome. :cheers:

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That is awesome. I started bringing my Dad(63) to our Thursday shoots about 7 months ago. They are non sanctioned matches with a large contingent of older shooters. He is totally hooked. We have some really good time together.

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