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  1. I picked up a Grey Ghost Precision Version 1 full-size slide and now I'm optics hunting. Currently I'm looking at Rome3 Max, Romeo3 XL, and the FTP Alpha 3. Has anyone mounted any of these on a Grey Ghost slide and which optics plate did you use? I'm pretty sure all 3 mount the same but have slightly different body length.
  2. jasmap

    P320 X5 Legion Mags

    Thanks. I run Mec-Gar in my CZ and they're always quality. I'll avoid the Pro mags and stick with Sig / Mec-Gar mags. I haven't used ETS mags but I also heard they suck.
  3. jasmap

    P320 X5 Legion Mags

    I'm not familiar with which mags normally run the best in the X5 Legion. Which brand are you guys using and is there a difference in reliability between companies for the 17 rounders and the 21 rounders?
  4. He'll likely not go the Wilson route but thanks for the input. I'll give him the info on the semi-curved AC trigger. Much appreciated.
  5. I have a friend looking at buying a P320 X5 Legion. He has smaller hands. Is there a reach reduction available for the Legion? If not, is there a trigger, curved or flat, that has the shortest reach between them?
  6. That's wild. You not being able to install the Eemann Tech pretravel screw with the Eemann Tech UT sounds like you either received one of the pieces miscut or a design flaw from Eemann Tech.
  7. That helped. Thanks!
  8. Good info gentlemen. Thank you. I have CGW springs all around but still have the stock S2 disconnector also. I think I'm going to go with the Eemann Ultimate trigger. Did either of you or anyone else try the Eemann with a reach reduction kit? I'm guessing it's not necessary.
  9. Does anyone have any experience with the Eemann Tech Ultimate Trigger (DA/SA) for the CZ? It's not the flat trigger. It looks more like an 85 trigger but has an overtravel screw and a pretravel screw both. If it's good then it'd be adjustable forward and back both and might be perfect for those of us with hands that aren't giant but aren't small hands. Here's the link to it. https://dealer.eemann-tech.com/en/et-cz-75/6079-eemann-tech-ultimate-trigger-for-cz-shadow-2000000060798.html
  10. Thanks y'all. I doubt I'll do much more than I had in mind and/or similar to what you guys have done.
  11. I forgot to mention I'll just be running the S2 Orange in Production. That was good info rowdyb.
  12. I got lucky and found an S2 Orange for a really good deal. I should have it in hand next week. I'm in no rush to do anything to it since I haven't shot it yet but I'm pretty positive I'll make a few small changes. I'm definitely getting LOK thin grips. They suit me better than anything else I've seen. Next I'm probably getting some stuff from CGW. An extended firing pin & firing pin spring, the music wire 11.5# hammer spring, reduced power trigger return spring, and a floating trigger pin. There's a few other small things I may eventually consider like a reach reduction, Dawson front sight, etc... Besides this short list is there anything else you guys would add?
  13. Yeah, if the dot is tracking nicely that's job #1, no doubt. Just figured I'd add a little bit of data for reference purposes. Have you noticed any fireballs? I got a few, but can't recall which exact load it was...and they were totally random. I haven't tried it in my Millennium gun yet. It wasn't terrible, but I'd sort of laugh when it happened. I think it was with the lower PF loads, so it might be something about incomplete burning at lower pressures. Hey, it'll keep the RO farther away so they're less likely to notice if you do something wrong I haven't noticed the fireball yet but I have seen it in other people's guns. I am sure it will show up soon enough. Thanks for your help!
  14. 10.0gr of 3N38 at 1.235" with a WSR and MG 121gr IFP was 178PF in my Bedell shorty. The same load, but with a MG 115gr CMJ was 169PF...almost exactly the same velocity with both bullets. The same load with a MG 115gr JHP was 170PF...slightly more case volume used by the JHP bumped the pressure and velocity a touch. So, I backed down to 9.5gr and got 170PF with the 121gr IFP. You should make PF pretty easily with what you have now. R, Thanks for the info Bart. I tried less powder 1st but the dot just wasn't tracking as well as I wanted it to. When I tried 10.2 it was working my comp great and I knew I was there.
  15. I know this is an old thread but I was searching for loads with 3N38 and found this one the other day. I have been running 4756 in the full-size Open gun I used to have and I liked it but I am now shooting my Cameron shorty in .38SuperComp and I wanted to try something new. I loaded up a few test rounds with different powder charges and took it to the range. I settled on a load with 10.2 grains 3N38, 1.235 OAL, Win SRP, and a Montana Gold 121 IFP. The dot tracked GREAT and it was working the comp perfectly. I started much lower for safety reasons and worked up. There were no signs of pressure and it shot fantastic. I have to chrono it but I am positive it'll make it. I'll be using this load in Yuma next week at the Yuma Matchmasters Charity Match.
  16. That is awesome. I want to be you for just one day.
  17. Who built that mag? It sure is pretty.
  18. August, Rick is soooo old he'll forget by then.
  19. That looks beautiful Alan. Jojo did a great job on it. I also like the mount and the slide racker.
  20. Did you post this just to hurt me? To make me jealous of your reloading room? Well it worked. That's a great setup!
  21. I still think the blue one is one of the best looking Open guns I have ever seen.
  22. Short shorts... the history of the world is replete with fashion hiccups. Ah, shooting in short shorts ain't nothing..... ....compared to this! There are a few things in my life I wish my eyes had never seen. This is on the list.
  23. Rick, the hard chrome made your badass gun into a BAMF!
  24. This is a very good idea. I had thought about doing this but just didn't jump on it.
  25. Well I'm sorry to hear that about your Dad but you were right...and a good son. And hey there are plenty of 1911's waiting to be done. I'm about to say "yes" on a deal for a Dan Wesson 10mm that was worked over by Harrison (the trigger, etc) and Chuck Rogers (the pretty). I'll post it when/if it happens. Ordering one would be fun - but second hand they are cheapER... I have seen their work in person and it is amazing. You are getting a shooter.
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