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New to site and USPSA (with pics)


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Looks like it's between the Limcat and the ghost the ghost is looking pretty good @ $125 + shipping.

Between those two I'd take the Limcat over the Ghost. The Ghost is a good holster, no doubt, but I didn't find it as adjustable as the Limcat and a lot less than the Ribas. I also worry about the locking lever on the Ghost...it doesn't take much to disengage it. Looks like Chuck at SC has the Limcats in stock for $180. After what we spend on guns and ammo I'd still pay the extra $70 for the Ribas and if I wasn't happy (not likely), sell it for nearly the new price since they're often not available and then buy one of the other two.

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Hey there was a guy selling a safariland 012 over in the EE at arfcom i saw a few nights ago. i forget what he wanted for it but it was brand new. he won it and has no need for it.

Just figured id give you a heads up.

Im actually shooting my first USPSA match this weekend and im really excited about it. I shot IDPA last weekend and it was alot of fun so im excited as hell.

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Well our local USPSA shooting starts next Sunday and I still have not found a holster. Looks like one of the guys has a rig I can barrow till I find one. I'm thinking I'll wait till I come across a used guba ribas or limcat.

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