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Quickdraw Game


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The dice game...

You roll against another cowboy. You call high or low (your total against his). You bet $2 or $5. You can quit at any time. At $39 and 50/50 odds...it's not worth it, unless you get too low to buy a fight. Then, I suppose you could take your chances.

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The dice game is 50/50....just say no.

The knife game is quick and fun, I got a few 12/13 runs, but no perfect runs, best way to make bullet money.

The rifle game seemed to take too long, but with practice does pay better than the knife game.

The horse race minigame was too long and boring for me to try more than twice, not recommended except to satisfy curiosity.

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I've not yet beat that freakin' Zombie dude.

Somebody in this forum can and should - we're shooters for God's sake.

I don't know my high score. Haven't looked. I've confronted senior Zombie four times - and got several good hits - but never beat him.


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