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  1. The extra weight of the sidesaddle and screwing it to the receiver can cause issues with cycling in the M2. A velcro attached sidesaddle with elastic loops were preferred back in the day. Here's an old thread that covers that: http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/94683-benny-benelli-m2-cycling-problems-suggestions/ That said sidesaddles are much slower to load than quad or even load two's. Loading two from a caddy is easy to learn and will be much faster than loading from a sidesaddle.
  2. Yes it shows up without being logged into Facebook. Try opening a link in a private window if you want to check if it’s available to the public.
  3. Completely disagree with the points for all day matches. You do spend a huge amount of time sitting around. Even if you're resetting it's still 2 hours on average between times you shoot. I get bored, stiff, and lose focus. I'll often help other squads reset just so I have something to do and keep limber. If the weather is less than ideal then you're stuck in the rain/heat/cold/bugs for twice as long. If you want to stay at the range all day and talk to your friends at a half day match do it. Get there early and BS with the morning squads if you want or stay late to hang out
  4. Stage descriptions are up on their Facebook page. I don't see any stages that require a slung rifle, all are either staged in barrel or starting with rifle.
  5. Full is the only choke I have never used in a match. Diffusion, C, IC, LM, and M are what I typically use. If you're only getting a couple LM and Diffusion as they don't come with the gun. I use Briley chokes they work well.
  6. I put the shells on the caddies in order of when I'm going to load them. I weak hand quad load so my first load will be the first caddy in front of my left hip. From there I work moving to the next caddie to the right. Some caddies may be all bird or all slugs and other caddies half and half depending on the stage. I work out a plan to shoot the targets in a certain order and load them as they are on my belt. For make ups I keep slugs in a caddie behind my left hip and extra birdshot by my right hip most of the time. This may vary depending on if it's a primarily slug stage. I don't have
  7. I use the MGM auto poppers most of the time when I practice. Just set them on the ground and they pop right back up when you hit them. Also have some angle iron targets, they're really cheap to make but require reset.
  8. Yes a proper grip and some strength are the most important things. The CoC grippers are what you want and the below video gives a good overview of grip technique.
  9. Your options are pretty much PSC, which is SE of town or The Impactzone which is West of town. PSChas nice facilities for a variety of different shooting sports along with a half dozen or so bays for practical style shooting. They're inexpensive but they also have a very long waiting list to join. It is run by a board of directors and hosts IDPA, USPSA, occasional 3 Gun matches, and other shooting sports. The Impactzone is a little further from town and has more expensive membership fees. It has 12 bays of various sizes and a serviceable rifle range. Membership has been reduced the last
  10. The only round of skeet I've ever shot was with my 21"M2. Before RM3G last year I went to the shotgun range to get some practice for that crazy shotgun stage. The guy in charge there was great. He had no problem with my shotgun, took the time to teach me all the rules, gave me tips, critiqued me a little, and threw a few extra birds on the stations I was having problems all for $6.
  11. Did it today I think in 5.15 with 2 C's in Production. Stepped left as I drew for the first two targets, then reload on the way down squatting to the right side of the low port, two more targets then cross step as I rose up to see the last two.
  12. Shot this one yesterday in production for 70 points in 8.55 seconds. Comes out to a 8.187 HF for 98.3% according to the calculator.
  13. Hi Jason. I shoot with you sometimes at the impact zone. Wanted to ask you a question about the ar15.com match at rockcastle coming up. thanks.

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