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  1. The extra weight of the sidesaddle and screwing it to the receiver can cause issues with cycling in the M2. A velcro attached sidesaddle with elastic loops were preferred back in the day. Here's an old thread that covers that: http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/94683-benny-benelli-m2-cycling-problems-suggestions/ That said sidesaddles are much slower to load than quad or even load two's. Loading two from a caddy is easy to learn and will be much faster than loading from a sidesaddle.
  2. Yes it shows up without being logged into Facebook. Try opening a link in a private window if you want to check if it’s available to the public.
  3. I shoot 3-Gun but practice pistol twice as much as the long guns to keep sharp. Pistols skills go away the fastest, have to keep on it if you want to be competitive.
  4. Completely disagree with the points for all day matches. You do spend a huge amount of time sitting around. Even if you're resetting it's still 2 hours on average between times you shoot. I get bored, stiff, and lose focus. I'll often help other squads reset just so I have something to do and keep limber. If the weather is less than ideal then you're stuck in the rain/heat/cold/bugs for twice as long. If you want to stay at the range all day and talk to your friends at a half day match do it. Get there early and BS with the morning squads if you want or stay late to hang out with the afternoon guys, nothing is stopping you. I do that sometimes, with half day matches you have your choice if you want to spend the entire day at the range or go do something else. As for food vendors, it's not even necessary to have food vendors at half day matches. Saves the MD the trouble of lining one up and competitors have time to eat at the restaurant of their choice, they're not at the mercy of whatever food truck shows up. I almost never eat match food during the day anyway. If I'm going to be there all day I want a light lunch so I've got to pack something. I'm a lot more likely to go visit vendors and do side shoots at half day matches. At all day matches I don't know how long the wait to shoot is going to be until I get to the stage. Sometimes there's no wait and your squad is ready to go and other times there are two squads stacked up ahead of you. I'm not likely to get back in my car and drive back to the vendor area at that point. Half day matches if I shoot in the morning, once I'm done I go check out the vendors and side shoots. I've got a wife and kids so I don't get to come to matches days before or stay late. Oftentimes half day matches are the only time I get to go out and decide what I want to do on my own. I go to museums, go see a movie, eat at the restaurant I want, shop, have a drink, sight see, or watch TV in my hotel room in peace and quiet.
  5. Stage descriptions are up on their Facebook page. I don't see any stages that require a slung rifle, all are either staged in barrel or starting with rifle.
  6. Not under USPSA PCC Rules. See Appendix D8 line 6. Must have stock attached and be capable of being fired from shoulder position. **Note: Sig Brace and any variant thereof is not allowed** https://uspsa.org/document_library/rules/2016/PCC Appendix D8_Sep2016.pdf No mention of braces under 3 Gun Nation Rules. I would assume it's allowed but it could also be argued that it's a pistol not a carbine. http://3gunnation.com/rules
  7. jtielke


    Full is the only choke I have never used in a match. Diffusion, C, IC, LM, and M are what I typically use. If you're only getting a couple LM and Diffusion as they don't come with the gun. I use Briley chokes they work well.
  8. I have a mini-split A/C unit for that room that has a dehumidification mode. It drains outside.
  9. I cut a slot into the part that spins with a Dremel. That way I could hold it in place with a flathead screwdriver. Makes it easy if you ever need to disassemble it again.
  10. Check out MGM's plate rack in a bucket. It isn't much more than the freestanding plates and includes hangers and brackets. Falling steel is fun but for practicing static or self resetting steel is a lot less work. I'd go with the static unless you have a lot of free time to shoot. https://mgmtargets.com/plate-racks-dueling-trees/steel-challenge-plate-rack
  11. Swarovski BRT reticle lines up with certain 223 loads.
  12. 1. Let the primers run out, stop the brass feeder a bit before that so I don't have to clear as many out of the tube. 2. You can crank the handle 12 times after the primer buzzer goes off before you actually run out of primers. I stop new brass from going in when the last primer is seated. 3. Leave the powder in the funnel if I'm going to be reloading the same load in the near future. Clean out if not. I reload in a climate controlled space, my plan would differ if you reload in a humid garage.
  13. I have melted one of the long thin ones putting it into the chamber of a regular AR after a long stage. Since then I've always just put the chamber flag going down into the magwell instead of actually into the chamber with that style of flag.
  14. Completely missed this registration. Putting it in the mail right now, hopefully will get there by the 8th. Hated missing last year but had a new baby born in July.
  15. I like the MGM auto poppers. The sportsman series are cheap and really easy to set up. Just toss them on the ground and they knock down to indicate hits. If you just want a round steel circle there are tons of places that make those for cheap. Only downside is getting a stand and setting them up each time.
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