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  1. Miamisburg Sportsmens Club will be having its July match on SUnday July 20th. Setup on Saturday at 1600, Sunday at 0800.
  2. Miamisburg Sportmens Club will be having our monthly match on June 15th at 10 am. Registration starts at 0900 Setup is on Saturday June 14th at 1600. Sunday setup is at 0800.
  3. Match will be held on Sunday as scheduled. (1000, registration at 0930) Setup will be on Saturday the 17th at 1600 and again on Sunday at 0800. Planning on a 40rnd stage just to change things up a bit.
  4. Hello Shooters Miamisburg Sportsmens Club will be having our April match on April 20th at 10am. Yes it's Easter.... Yes, we are still shooting. Registration starts at 0915 Setup will start on Sunday at 0730 Plan on having 3 outdoor stages and 2 indoor stages depending on setup help.
  5. I have the Inov8 Roclites. Good all around shoe in sand/grass/gravel/indoors.
  6. MSC will be having a 6 stage classifier match on Sunday March 16th. We will be shooting all 6 stages indoors. Setup starts at 0800, shooting starts at 1000. $18 for MSC members $20 for non-MSC members. It might be a longer day than usual due to changing setups. We will be there at 0800 to begin setup and prebuild the arrays. We are planning on: 99-11 el pres 99-13 quicky II 99-48 tight squeeze 13-01 disaster factor 13-04 the roscoe rattle 13-08 more disaster factor
  7. Due to the extreme cold and crappy forecast there will be no match on Monday Jan 27th. We may be indoors but the vent fans take us to sub-zero. Not safe or fun. See ya’s next week.
  8. Hello Shooters! Miamisburg Sportsmens Club will be having our January USPSA match on Sunday, January 19th. Registration starts about 9:15. Shooting starts about 10:00 Volunteers needed to help set up We will be setting up on Sunday at 8 AM
  9. Exactly. I have a Ruger 38/357 Blackhawk Convertible that shoots 9mm. Just swap cylinders. The 9mm cylinder in machine to headspace inside.
  10. Miamisburg Indoor League - Due to the subzero temps and dumping of snow that is forecasted, there will no Monday Indoor League match on Monday 1/6/14
  11. The last two times I've flown I got selected for TSA-Precheck. It seems to be a throwback to the old way of going through Security.keep your belt and shoes on, no unpacking your electronics and some other stuff, Both times I set off some explosive detector and got the private room pat down. The first time was returning from A2 and had my hands swabbed. That set off the detector. The second time was flying from Dayton, walked through the metal detector and my shoes alerted. I had worn the same shoes at the indoor range the night before. They x-rayed my shoes and swabbed them again, came back clean. Swabbed my hands and they came back clean. From my 2 experiences, I'll say if you're selected for TSA Pre-Check, don't wear anything you've been shooting in unless you have time to kill. YMMV.
  12. Which models are made in Ga?
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