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Another company making a version of the CZ 75


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Like the "Colt" 1911, the design of the old CZ-75 is now in the public domain, meaning anyone can copy it. Great gun designs are often copied; lesser designs are relegated to the scrap heap of history.

Here is yet another copy of the venerable CZ-75:



Among the copies of the CZ - 75 have been:

-Bren 10

-Springfield Armory P9

-Armalite AR-24

-Colt Z-40



-ITM 84S

-IMI Jericho 941/baby desert eagle


-EAA Witness

-Norinco NZ 40

-Star M30

And I am sure there are many other copies. As for the Armscor, I have not read any reports on its performance. But, like the Philippine copies of the 1911, you can rest assured that the design is perfectly sound, even if the exection might leave something to be desired.


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Wasn't the Colt Z40 actually a CZ? As in made by CZ for Colt...

EEA = US importer of Tanfoglio. Not sure if they should be classified as a 'different' gun/manufacturer.

Enough of my nit-picking - nice post, thanks for sharing the info :cheers:

Not nit-picking at all; AND you are right! Colt's gun was made for them by CZ; about 800 were imported before Colt backed out & had severe money issues (they sold off a lot of stuff cheap at that time). Colt's gun had a 1911 grip angle, alloy frame, chromed mags, and was DAO only for the LEO market: here is a picture of the Colt:


AND Tanfoglio is the actual maker of all the guns EAA sells as "witness" in the US. Trivia: they also manufacture the raw slide and frame for the Israel Military Industries (IMI) Jericho 941/baby desert eagle though the final machining is done in the holy land by IMI. The Springfield was also a Tanfoglio product, and the Armalite is made by Huglu - so there is duplication in my list as you note. Good catch on your part!



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JSL(Hereford) Ltd Spitfire

Dornaus and Dixon Bren Ten

IMI Jericho 941


Tanfoglio TZ-75, T-90, and T-95

Norinco NZ-75

Sphinx M2000

Springfield P9

Sarsilmaz M2000

Renato Gamba G90

EAA Witness Elite Gold

Canik55 Pirhana, Shark

Armalite AR-24

thats a lot of clones. really says something about their guns.

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I bet Armscor pistols are in fact Tanfoglio. It looks like a partnership between Eric Grauffel sponsor's.

I also heard once that the first series of IMI Jericho were made by Tanfoglio.

If you go to Armscor's website, and click on their link for the Tanfoglio guns, it takes you directly to Tanfoglio's website...

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