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It's DONE! Yes, MY Open blaster!


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Long story short, after making sure the wifey had a working blaster ( I bought her a Brazos), I took her old frame and had it redone and a new top end built so I could have my OWN OPEN blaster now. I'm very excited.

One of our resident Enos forum members built it for me. ( Thanks again Brian H!)

Here are some pics:

1. HCGpic2thumb.jpg


2. HCGpic1thumb.jpg


3. HappyGun2thumb.jpg


4. HappyGun1thumb.jpg



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Now I need some mags........ hmmm.......... ;) ;) Thanks for compliments Howard! Brian always has done nice work....I just managed to coax him out of semi-retirement.

Details, for those who want them: 38 super (of course), setup for ME as a Southpaw. :)


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Who else here thinks Mike should man up, and go to an indoor range and sight it in, so he can shoot it at the Waco match tomorrow??? :lol:

As bad as I've been shooting lately, I could probably NOT sight it in and people wouldn't even notice the difference!! :surprise::blink: :blink:

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