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  1. I shot my first couple matches with and AR-15 in 6.5 Grendel and while I didn't do well, that was mostly my fault for being a newbie with rifles. But I'm getting better with experience and knowing what to practice. 2 of the 3 local matches in my area don't go past 600 yds, which shouldn't be a problem technically for any reasonably accurate rifle. The trick and the education comes in learning to shoot in various positions and conditions. That's why we're doing it, to learn.
  2. Al Capizzo

    Romeo 1

    I know a number of people who have used an adapter mount that fits in the rear sight dovetail and they don't seem to have issues with it. I tried it for a while but didn't care for it. I had my slide milled for the dot. All that is just to say you might as well try a dovetail mount and see if it works out. If you don't like it isn't that great an investment, and possibly you could sell it. I would definitely look for a dot with dimensions close to those of the Romeo 1 so you could use it in the slide cut out if you want to.
  3. I thought if your holster was not in the position required for whatever division you're shooting in, you were moved to Open division for that match. A friend had more than the maximum 2" between inner belt and gun and was told if they didn't fix it before the start signal they would get a zero for that stage, then be given a chance to fix it. Is that how it works?
  4. After posting my question above I used my Google machine, turns out there are dozens (or more) templates available for cutting your preferred grippy solution.
  5. Just by coincidence, I milled a G35 slide for a JPoint dot and it has a notch in the rear which lines up with my front sight. However, I have never once, ever, actually used it. Today's dots a very reliable, just change the battery once in a while.
  6. Any Glock Gen3 patterns available on the net someplace?
  7. I'm hardly an expert as the P320 was the first striker gun I've owned. I did use a 13 lb spring for a while but always felt it was a little to light. Of course I don't have any way to empirically back that up, but I know if I moved the gun forward quickly there was a little feeling of the slide moving backwards. I'd PM someone like Alma Cole or Yong Lee, who have a ton of competition experience with these guns.
  8. For $30 somethin' bucks it's pretty hard to beat the TTI system.
  9. There is probably some sort of tolerance stack up issues going on with all the reports of "works 100% in this gun, but not in that gun." I tried 2 different .40 mags for a G35 and couldn't even get them in the gun without almost pounding them in. This was with the mags unloaded. But I also have 3 of their G17 mags for the same G35 with KKM 9mm barrel and these worked perfectly. I will say that ETS was great to deal with when I had issues with the .40 mags. Sent me a prepaid label to print and return the mags, and when one went missing in the mail they just said, "No problem".
  10. Al Capizzo

    P320 RX

    I would expect it to work out just fine. I've run a JPoint slide mounted on two guns now, and they're certainly older tech than the Sig dot.
  11. Al Capizzo

    P320 RX

    Interesting, Trace. I've been shooting a P320 with a dovetail mounted dot for about a year and I just sold it and bought a G34. I just could never quite bond with that Sig. Of course this is the first Glock I've ever owned, so we'll see how that goes. I'm only about 30 years late for the G-party!
  12. Springer Precision. Good stuff! http://shop.springerprecision.com/category.sc?categoryId=56
  13. A friend of mine is running a C-more STS on their G17, that is a NICE dot. I'm shooting a Jpoint 8 MOA dot on a rear site dovetail mounted P320 and I'm happy with it. Zero issues in about 6500 rounds.
  14. Huh, I can see it in a full size gun, but why the compact I wonder?
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