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area2 open shot major?


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I noticed that on the results, saul kirsh and others shot MAJOR on this match?? what that that mean?

does it mean that if your power factor was 175 your scoring was higher that the 165 pf open shooters?

can some one please explain?

Major is 165 and above, I shot minor however and the scoring was different, a=5, b=3, c=3, d=1. It sucked and it cost me a class win and a bump in class.

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I my power factor was 171? and yet my scoring says MAJOR NO. while Saul kirsh says MAJOR YES?

what does it mean? you can check it out on uspsa area2 results.



I could not understand what you were asking! Now I do! You are mixing 2 columns together! PF is the header for the column that says either MAJOR or MINOR. The next "YES/NO"is the answer to the question "Are you a LADY"! Scroll down to Lisa Munson and you will see what I mean! the Yes on Saul's line is saying he is a Foreign entry.

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