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  1. $1100 bucks for a scope?? if im gonna drop that much cash on a glass, it would definitely be an ACOG ta11! otherwise check out the burris AR332. good reviews! Just my 2 cents.
  2. Got a 22 inch 930 barrel on my JM and marred my bolt!..be careful with other barrels. they are not compatible. mossberg did repair it but Im still down with no gun for about a month. I think you will still do work on the lift gate. but you will be good to go.
  3. Major match all factory black hills...plinking, walmart stuff but I stay away from wolf.
  4. Thanks, lots of feedback in youtube and it seems to breakdown carbon stuff that builds up. gonna try some since I have $25 bucks to experiment on my toyz...
  5. yup same here...I had my wife bring 11lbs of ammo last World shoot in Greece.
  6. Just came across with this stuff and seems that it works more like ION bond where you heat the metal and it soaks in in the molecular level? anybody try one?
  7. if they all work..i say its good to go.
  8. FYI mine measured 1.148 so its Mil spec. Hope this helps someone also.
  9. Check out LOKI..got the stag 3g mainly for the lifetime warranty but now considering Loki as a back up rifle. Loki is like SV of ARs..check it.
  10. Walk up to a cop and dont be suprised to be shot!
  11. Thanks for the reply this is awesome thanks!
  12. Trying to buy a new stock but dont know what I have. Please help.
  13. Cool!! got my Stag 3g tricked out also...welcome to 3gun baby!
  14. I have both..I like 24 instead. Gives accurate for slugs..longer barrel.
  15. Thinkin of getting a bubble put on the scope, dont know what the size mount is anyone?
  16. I also believe in speed meaning in movement!..accuracy(trigger control) will catch up later on. Watch out for bad habits. I would suggest to take a GM shooting coarse and learn the right way the first time!
  17. Just want to know if someone has a promag .223 and can compare to see if it will take the Nordic extension rds kit? seems like its a cheaper way to get a 60rd mag?
  18. Cmore supports the sport, so i'll stick with it. Having that price stag is preety steep also! just my 2 cents.
  19. Couldn't wait and fixed this myself...at the end of the barrel, there is a square notch that goes in the reciever. took a file and filed away to make it straight, but now got to weld it so that its snug!
  20. Bad ass kid!! amazing when you shoot as young as 7yrs old..you really mold into a great shooter.. go KC! so happy for him.
  21. had to fit my barrel to the reciever as my barrel is cant to the right side. Instead of me sending it put to mossberg, i just went ahead and filed the square notched at the bottom end of the barrel till it lined up. now that it is, went out and shot the gun but poi shifted. just need to weld and make sure it fits snuggly. hope this helps some of you.
  22. Congrats to KC!, I hope he gets compensated for doing so. In today's job market, I would pick to whomever will pay me if I was them all of us have BILLS!!
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